It's 'Michael Clayton' in space.

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The Star Wars spin-off movie Rogue One told the story of the Rebel spies who stole the crucial plans to the Death Star. That was (spoiler alert) the end of Cassian Andor’s story, but the new two-season Disney+ series reveals how it began.

Andor reunites Rogue One writer Tony Gilroy with Diego Luna, who reprises his role as Cassian from the film. Kyle Soller, Stellan Skarsgård, Fiona Shaw, Genevieve O’Reilly, Forest Whitaker, and more star in this expertly written and hard-edged drama, which is refreshingly free of fan service and light on Easter eggs.

  1. Episode 12 Rix Road
    Andor Season-Finale Recap: Foregone Conclusions If this episode flirts with turning the details of rebellion into inspirational platitudes, at least the series has shown its work.
  2. Episode 11 Daughter of Ferrix
    Andor Recap: The Old Ways Hold Us It’s a check-in extravaganza with appearances from just about every major character we know is still alive (and one who isn’t).
  3. Episode 10 One Way Out
    Andor Recap: Sink or Swim “I’d rather die trying to take them down than die giving them what they want.”
  4. Episode 9 Nobody’s Listening!
    Andor Recap: Never More Than 12 Cassian’s time in an Imperial prison is shaping up to be one of the show’s most electrifying arcs … no pun intended.
  5. Episode 8 Narkina 5
    Andor Recap: Doing Time The Star Wars galaxy has never looked so dystopian.
  6. Episode 7 Announcement
    Andor Recap: Benevolent and Useless Irritations The Empire is bringing the hammer down after last week’s Aldhani heist, but Cassian just wants to find somewhere to lie low. Good luck with that.
  7. Episode 6 The Eye
    Andor Recap: An Eye for a Heist Finally, Star Wars gives us a real heist!
  8. Episode 5 The Axe Forgets
    Andor Recap: Waiting Is the Hardest Part “The day before is always hard. Too much time to worry.”
  9. Episode 4 Aldhani
    Andor Recap: Health-care Providers Welcome to Andor, season one, phase two.
  10. Episode 3 Reckoning
    Andor Recap: Heavy Metal Cassian says farewell to Ferrix.
  11. Episode 2 That Would Be Me
    Andor Recap: Walking With Purpose “It just got worse for Cassian Andor, and he doesn’t realize it yet” has already become a go-to plot device in this series.
  12. Episode 1 Kassa
    Andor Series-Premiere Recap: A Prequel for Prequel-Haters We know how Cassian Andor’s story ends. It begins in a brothel on Morlana One.
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  6. music notes
    How Nicholas Britell Made Star Wars Sound Nothing Like Star WarsThe Andor composer created an individual soundscape for each episode of the 12-part first season.
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    Diego Luna Shot Andor’s Prison Break on His Last Day of Filming“The cameras were there, the cables and everything, and we jumped. The stunt performers did one by themselves. Then we heard ‘Wrap her up!’”
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