1. Episode 8 Chapter Eight: Know Your Truth
    Barry Season-Finale Recap: The Curtain Call Is passivity the real answer to Barry’s prayers?
  2. Episode 7 Chapter Seven: Loud, Fast and Keep Going
    Barry Recap: The Queen Is Dead Following his instinct for self-preservation, Barry does the unthinkable.
  3. Episode 6 Chapter Six: Listen With Your Ears, React With Your Face
    Barry Recap: The Unsafe Choice When risks don’t yield rewards, the outcome can be disastrous. Especially when you’re dealing with a madman like Taylor.
  4. Episode 5 Chapter Five: Do Your Job
    Barry Recap: Shakespeare’s Whiff Barry finally makes the right choice, even though it spells near-certain doom.
  5. Episode 4 Chapter Four: Commit … To You
    Barry Recap: The Love Song of Gene M. Cousineau Henry Winkler totally owns this episode.
  6. Episode 4 Chapter Four: Commit … To You
    Barry Recap: The Love Song of Gene M. Cousineau Henry Winkler totally owns this episode.
  7. Episode 3 Chapter Three: Make the Unsafe Choice
    Barry Recap: You Don’t Have to Do This Love is hard work, and so is booking a network-TV gig.
  8. Episode 2 Chapter Two: Use It
    Barry Recap: The Chechens Are Coming Whether you’re a contract killer, a gangster, or a cop, everyone’s gotta work in Barry.
  9. Episode 1 Chapter One: Make Your Mark
    Barry Series-Premiere Recap: A Good, Solid Hobby “Make Your Mark” is a screamingly funny start to Bill Hader’s black comedy.
  1. Episode 8 starting now
    Barry Season-Finale Recap: This Has to Stop In the season finale, Barry’s quest for forgiveness gives way to his instinct for self-preservation one last time.
  2. Episode 7 candy asses
    Barry Recap: A Good Guy A thrilling penultimate episode is also one of introspection as Barry comes face-to-face with what he’s done and whom he’s hurt.
  3. Episode 6 710N
    Barry Recap: Abide By The Signs Despite the darkness explored this season, Barry continues to produce more laugh-out-loud moments than most current comedies.
  4. Episode 5 Crazytimesh*tshow
    Barry Recap: F– –k the Algorithm A solid but disjointed episode unveils an array of ghosts from the past.
  5. Episode 4 all the sauces
    Barry Recap: Justice Is Still Attainable If Barry does want to genuinely atone for what he’s done, what does that look like?
  6. Episode 3 ben mendelsohn
    Barry Recap: Whatever You Think I Did Finding forgiveness in Hollywood might be harder for Barry than booking a role on Laws of Humanity.
  7. Episode 2 limonada
    Barry Recap: Do You Love Me? Barry’s uncontrollable rage and desire to be loved continue to intertwine in disturbing ways.
  8. Episode 1 forgiving jeff
    Barry Season-Premiere Recap: Forgiveness Has to Be Earned HBO’s lovable hitman is back and looking for sweet, sweet forgiveness.
  1. Episode 8 wow
    Barry Series-Finale Recap: Sound and Fury Thanks to Hollywood, Barry becomes the hero he always dreamed of, but it’s far from the happy ending he envisioned.
  2. Episode 7 a nice meal
    Barry Recap: A Sympathetic Soul Everyone gives in to their worst impulses as their last chances for redemption come to an end.
  3. Episode 6 the wizard
    Barry Recap: Justified Killings It takes a deft hand to keep Barry so funny while it is most terrifying.
  4. Episode 5 tricky legacies
    Barry Recap: God’s Land Eight years later, Barry still thinks he’s the hero of this story.
  5. Episode 4 it takes a psycho
    Barry Recap: Knowing Too Much With Barry on the loose, all Gene, Fuches, Hank, and Sally can do is crumble as they wait to see who he’s coming for first.
  6. Episode 3 you’re charming
    Barry Recap: Stage Fever You know you’re a bad friend when NoHo Hank turns on you.
  7. Episode 2 bestest place on the earth
    Barry Recap: Integrity Will anyone in Barry successfully leave behind the worst version of themselves?
  8. Episode 1 yikes
    Barry Season-Premiere Recap: Cop Killer Barry, now in jail and utterly abandoned by (nearly) everyone, has hit rock bottom. Well, rock bottom for now.

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