Becoming Elizabeth

  1. Episode 8 To Death We Must Stoop
    Becoming Elizabeth Season-Finale Recap: The King Is (Almost) Dead Mary is so close to the throne. And yet …
  2. Episode 7 To Laugh, To Lie, To Flatter, To Face
    Becoming Elizabeth Recap: England Will Burn “In short, we are to make England great … again.”
  3. Episode 6 What Cannot Be Cured
    Becoming Elizabeth Recap: Bye, Tom We’re all in on the amazing Tudor sibling content.
  4. Episode 5 Necessity Compels Me To Plague You
    Becoming Elizabeth Recap: The Poor Odds of Thomas Seymour Thomas is up to a lot of dumb and awful things this week.
  5. Episode 4 Lighten Our Darkness
    Becoming Elizabeth Recap: That Girl is Dead Catherine and Elizabeth could have thrown Thomas in a ditch and lived together when they had the chance.
  6. Episode 3 Either Learn Or Be Silent
  7. Episode 2 You Cannot Keep the Birds from Flying Over Your Head
    Becoming Elizabeth Recap: We Are Tudors Religious fanaticism is genuinely awful, but in the context of this show, it brings so much tension and is great.
  8. Episode 1 Keep Your Knife Bright
    Becoming Elizabeth Series-Premiere Recap: Succession, Tudor Style Henry VIII is dead and Elizabeth is now an orphan and political pawn. It’s all bonkers and worrisome.

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