Lee Sung Jin’s limited Netflix series Beef uses that gesture to fling us straight into the trenches of modern American malaise, with Steven Yeun and Ali Wong on opposite sides of a midlife crisis that blows up into an increasingly violent existential duel. Watching Beef’s ten episodes, which premiere all at once on April 6, is like picking at a scab or pushing on the edge of a bruise — a paradoxically pleasurable sensation of anxiety and satisfaction — and Yeun and Wong’s vibrating, hostile chemistry makes for engaging feel-bad TV that critiques the very notion of inner peace. — Roxana Hadadi, “Beef Feels Bad

  1. Episodes 9 and 10 The Great Fabricator / Figures of Light
    Beef Season-Finale Recap: You’ll Be Given Love Whatever happens next, Danny and Amy now have each other.
  2. Episodes 7 and 8 I Am a Cage / The Drama of Original Choice
    Beef Recap: Eastern Minds Danny’s and Amy’s past traumas and indignities continue to plague them as their lives spiral out of control.
  3. Episodes 5 and 6 Such Inward Secret Creatures / We Draw a Magic Circle
    Beef Recap: Breathe In, Breathe Out Danny and Amy’s loneliness grips them no matter how hard they try to twist away.
  4. Episodes 3 and 4 I Am Inhabited By A Cry / Just Not All At The Same Time
    Beef Recap: Whatever Tomorrow Brings Amy and Danny try to cope with their newfound hatred of each other as their lives become further entangled.
  5. Episodes 1 and 2 The Birds Don’t Sing, They Screech In Pain / The Rapture of Being Alive
    Beef Series-Premiere Recap: American Dream This is the story of two people whose furies collide in a parking lot, leaving them forever changed.
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  2. tv review
    Beef Feels BadBut who needs feel-good TV when Steven Yeun and Ali Wong make existential turmoil so compelling?
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