Below Deck Adventure

Below... and beyond the deck.

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Whereas previous shows in the Below Deck franchise mostly stayed on (and below) the deck of the luxury yachts, Below Deck Adventure is a little more, well, adventurous. The series follows the crew and guests on the Mercury as it sails through the Fjords of Norway. In addition to doing normal yacht stuff, the guests and crew also go explore caves, go parasailing, bicycling and rock climbing.

  1. Episode 13 Long Fjord Goodbye
    Below Deck Adventure Season-Finale Recap: Fjord Explorer The crew tries to get their act together for the last charter, but it’s too late.
  2. Episode 12 Crazy Rich Charter Guests
    Below Deck Adventure Recap: Not Horsing Around As Jess and Faye’s feud negatively affects the charter, Captain Kerry’s conflict resolution is too little, too late.
  3. Episode 11 Zero Fjords Given
    Below Deck Adventure Recap: O Captain! My Captain! Captain Kerry seems utterly disinterested as his staff descends further into chaos.
  4. Episode 10 Abseiling Away
    Below Deck Adventure Recap: Hair Apparent Leave it to the Americans to ask for a dumb theme party.
  5. Episode 9 Can’t A-Fjord to Lose
    Below Deck Adventure Recap: Bland Ambition Faye has been wrong about every single thing this entire season, but she’s right about this.
  6. Episode 8 Elevate Yourselves
    Below Deck Adventure Recap: Mercury in Retrograde Just say no to Below Deck’s themed dinners.

The Latest on Below Deck

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    The Below Deck Sailing Yacht Cast Is Wildly Horny, Two Episodes InGary and Sydney hooked up after just four days onboard.
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    Below Deck Reunion: Elizabeth Calls Francesca a Bully Over FiringPlus, Captain Lee reveals who would’ve replaced her.
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    Kicked-Off Below Deck Guest Delores Says She Was Planning to Leave Anyway“The water was just beautiful. I don’t know what else to say.”
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    Below Deck: Why Did Captain Lee Kick Those Drunk Guests Off?“Delores jumping in the water is the ultimate ‘F- - - you’ to the captain.”
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    Why Did Below Deck’s Chef Rachel Just Quit?And is she really gone for good?
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    Below Deck Guest Sorry for Eating Sushi Off Nude ModelThe college quarterback claimed the idea “was brought up by producers.”
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    John Fetterman, Pennsylvania Election Icon, Loves Below Deck“It’s a secret shame of mine, for sure.”
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    Eddie Lucas Returned to Below Deck for ‘Redemption’ and Left Into a Pandemic“For lack of a better word, we were really ignorant to what was going on.”
  9. reunions
    The Below Deck Med Reunion Part Two Finally Clarified the Valium Situation“We get it, maritime law, don’t take it, we get it, we hear you.”
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    The Below Deck Med Reunion Finally Gave Hannah a Chance to Defend Herself“I think that it would be respectful for you to call me and have a conversation about it.”
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