Below Deck Down Under

  1. Episode 18 She’s Just Not That Into You
    Below Deck Down Under Season-Finale Recap: What Goes Around Comes Around The season comes to an end … as should Jaimee and Culver’s relationship.
  2. Episode 17 An Eruption of Volcanic Proportions
    Below Deck Down Under Recap: Train Wreck These guests are possibly the most high-maintenance ones we’ve seen all season.
  3. Episode 16 The Magic Seamen
    Below Deck Down Under Recap: Magic Mike Live Culver — sorry, Keith Stone — is thrilled to be back in his natural habitat.
  4. Episode 15 It’s Not About the Lactose
    Below Deck Down Under Recap: Recipe for Disaster It was only a matter of time before our glorious streak of unproblematic guests came to an end.
  5. Episode 14 Tick the Box
    Below Deck Down Under Recap: Little Sips Just when you think things are about to calm down, the show hits us with another heavy moment.
  6. Episode 13 The Wheel of Misfortune
    Below Deck Down Under Recap: Adam Heads to Shore We were due to get some guest drama …
  7. Episode 12 Find Me Some Budgie to Love
    Below Deck Down Under Recap: The Final Straw Captain Jason has had just about enough of Adam, which means his days are numbered.
  8. Episode 11 Anchors Astray!
    Below Deck Down Under Recap: It’s Complicated We’re officially halfway through the season, and the boatmance drama shows no signs of slowing down.
  9. Episode 10 Kiss Kiss Clang Clang
    Below Deck Down Under Recap: Wrecking Ball Tzarina should let Culver starve!
  10. Episode 9 Angel Nude Cake
    Below Deck Down Under Recap: Rocking the Boat Ugh, I hate that João is making good points.
  11. Episode 8 Great Sexpectations
    Below Deck Down Under Recap: Redemption (João’s Version) The Northern Sun’s new replacement bosun claims he’s turned over a new leaf. Let’s see how this plays out, shall we?
  12. Episode 7 The Turnover Day
    Below Deck Down Under Recap: Bye Bye Bye In a world full of Lukes and Lauras, be an Aesha, whose support of both Margot and Adam is heroic.
  13. Episode 6 All Wrong
    Below Deck Down Under Recap: Crossing the Line Luke doing this on television makes you wonder what else he’s done when cameras weren’t around.
  14. Episode 5 Everyone Everywhere All at Once
    Below Deck Down Under Recap: Red Flags Everywhere This is turning into a huge mess, and I’m here for it!
  15. Episode 4 All’s Fair in Love and Downpour
    Below Deck Down Under Recap: Laura the Menace One of the most villainous Below Deck stews ever, Laura makes for glorious television, but I’m growing more annoyed by the minute.
  16. Episode 3 Ice, Ice, Maybe
    Below Deck Down Under Recap: The CEO Returns Down Under is giving Culver a redemption arc, but the jury is still out if he deserves one.
  17. Episode 2 Floating Circus
    Below Deck Down Under Recap: Yachting 101 Our third stew arrives and ignites a love triangle.
  18. Episode 1 Yes, We Cairns!
    Below Deck Down Under Season-Premiere Recap: Rough Start Our crew of newbies is welcomed with unruly guests. It’s a promising start to the season!

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