Below Deck Mediterranean

  1. Episode 16 Definitely Not Prague
    Below Deck Mediterranean Season Finale Recap: The Mysteries of Hannah The season concludes with some disagreements about João and some less-than-heartbroken farewells.
  2. Episode 14 Stew Coup
    Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Never Get on a Boat With a Motivational Speaker Hannah’s laziness remains an issue despite the arrival of a motivational speaker who loves to talk about teamwork.
  3. Episode 13 We Used To Be Friends
    Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: João Is Still the Worst Some downtime brings out the worst in everyone, but especially in João.
  4. Episode 12 Take This Job And Stew It
    Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: What on Earth Is Brooke Thinking? João continues to be the worst and Hannah’s questionable work ethic falls under further scrutiny.
  5. Episode 11 Mo’ Euros, Mo’ Problems
    Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Hannah the Heartbreaker Hannah and Conrad hit the rocks thanks to some money issues that seem to exist mostly in Hannah’s head.
  6. Episode 10 Hannah, Hannah, Sandy?
    Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Hannah on the Verge Hannah makes Sandy want to fire her in the season’s most dramatic episode to date.
  7. Episode 9 Panic at the Deck-O
    Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Breakdowns Everyone’s a mess this week. More than a mess than usual, even.
  8. Episode 8 Bizarre Love Triangle
    Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Masked and Anonymous Animal masks, potential hot tub orgies, and seasickness aren’t even the strangest parts of an episode with an emphasis on Conrad’s romantic life.
  9. Episode 7 Walking on Broken Glass
    Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Big Night An excursion to a Michelin-starred restaurant does little to dial back tension between the staff. Later, a modest meal of fish has consequences.
  10. Episode 6 Hasta Barista, Baby!
    Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Shady Things About Kasey Everyone Just Ignores A not-that-dark secret from Kasey’s past fails to come back to haunt her (though it annoys a fellow cast member).
  11. Episode 5 Can I Get Fries With That?
    Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: French Fries and Sparklers Make for a Bumpy Ride French fries and sparklers make for a bumpy ride in an episode filled with demanding guests.
  12. Episode 4 Demand & Supply
    Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Conrad and Hannah Sitting in a Tree This week’s new guests aren’t as friendly as the last.
  13. Episode 3 Bad Vibrations
    Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: The Vibrators Are Here! The latest charter guests are a palate-cleanse after the last group of caftan-wearing banshees.
  14. Episode 2 A Perfect Storm
    Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: João Is the Absolute Worst The seas are gray, the sky is angry, and two things are certain: Someone’s gonna bitch and someone’s gonna barf.
  15. Episode 1 Ciao, Napoli!
    Below Deck Mediterranean Season-Premiere Recap: Stale Pistachios and Edibles The crew returns, this time younger and drunker.
  1. Episode 20 A Mighty Wind
    Below Deck: Mediterranean Season Finale Recap: Float On A difficult season — for crew and viewers alike — limps to a close.
  2. Episode 19 The Bali Is in Your Court
    Below Deck: Mediterranean Recap: Making an Ass Out of U and Me I really wish the narrative on this show didn’t bring us to a point where we had to learn that Rob has a “sensitive bum.”
  3. Episode 18 A Real Handful
    Below Deck: Mediterranean Recap: Walk It Off This week’s pre-charter meeting is a rare performance from Sandy.
  4. Episode 17 Something’s Fishy
    Below Deck: Mediterranean Recap: Good Golly, This Galley! Malia’s in a tough spot as both Tom’s girlfriend and Captain Sandy’s most devout follower.
  5. Episode 16 Cool as a Cucumber
    Below Deck: Mediterranean Recap: Making Up Is Hard to Do So, after all that, what actually got resolved between Rob and Jess?
  6. Episode 15 Shot Through the Heart, and Ibiza’s to Blame
    Below Deck: Mediterranean Recap: Stupid in Love Are Jess and Rob over? Their multiple apologies this episode alone say “not yet.”
  7. Episode 14 Whole New Ballgame
    Below Deck: Mediterranean Recap: All Stars The return of some familiar faces, both crew and guest, feels like an attempt to recapture the excitement of past seasons.
  8. Episode 13 Welcome Back
    Below Deck: Mediterranean Recap: Change Your Plans A drama-light, food-heavy episode feels like a crossing toward something bigger that’s about to happen.
  9. Episode 12 There’s No Place Like Home
    Below Deck: Mediterranean Recap: Narcs Here’s to Hannah: a true Bravo star, a bitingly honest commentator, and the glue that held Below Deck: Med together.
  10. Episode 11 Cabin Fever
    Below Deck: Mediterranean Recap: Triple Date Poor planning on Malia’s part for picking her one petty battle of the season with this show’s most experienced crew member and reality star.
  11. Episode 10 Closing Time
    Below Deck: Mediterranean Recap: Sob Stories We’re now averaging a crew departure every five episodes.
  12. Episode 9 Viva, Loss Vegas
    Below Deck: Mediterranean Recap: Sandy’s Hit List Kiko comes into this episode in desperate need of some redemption — and leaves in the same place.
  13. Episode 8 Rise and Don’t Shine
    Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Sinking Ship We need to talk about Captain Sandy.
  14. Episode 7 No Mushroom for Error
    Below Deck: Mediterranean Recap: Breaking Point And with the smash of Jessica’s finger in a door, we finally have our first sustained conflict since Lara left.
  15. Episode 6 Oh Snap!
    Below Deck: Mediterranean Recap: Stay the Course These guests just don’t stop.
  16. Episode 5 Bringing the Thunder
    Below Deck: Mediterranean Recap: Calm Before the Storm With this week’s guests, we level up from picky entrepreneurs and D-list celebrities to the obnoxious, rich trash who keep this show alive.
  17. Episode 4 Ace of Stew Face
    Below Deck: Mediterranean Recap: The Tides Are Turning Rather than editing around Pete, Below Dek: Med seems to have seized on now having a de facto villain on board.
  18. Episode 3 The Italian’s Job
    Below Deck: Mediterranean Recap: Go, Pretty Woman Turns out Lara couldn’t handle the boat — but at the end of the day, the boat couldn’t handle her, either.
  19. Episode 2 Can’t Touch This
    Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Don’t Stand So Close to Me Lara is giving us a true Edie Falco in The Sopranos performance here.
  20. Episode 1 I Like Big Boats & I Cannot Lie
    Below Deck: Mediterranean Season Premiere Recap: Same Sh*t, Different Yacht The Wellington may be new, but this is already shaping up to be another season of the same Below Deck: Med we know and love.
  1. Episode 19 Let’s Bring It Home
    Below Deck Mediterranean Season-Finale Recap: Docking for the Season This is how the season ends. Not with a bang but with raw pancakes, naked twerking, and baton twirling.
  2. Episode 18 Stuck in the Griddle With You
    Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Pancakes! Two NFL players come aboard and one only wants pancakes, while the other loses a chain worth six figures while waterskiing, as one does.
  3. Episode 17 The Fall Guy
    Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: The Harder They Fall Kyle’s gnarly fall leaves the crew down one person and stuck with a bunch of guests who don’t like fish.
  4. Episode 16 Clash Landing
  5. Episode 15 Brace for Impact
    Below Deck: Mediterranean Recap: Something Fishy Mom? Can you pick me up? I’m scared of this week’s charter guests and their dynamic.
  6. Episode 14 In a Bind
    Below Deck: Mediterranean Recap: NSFW Kyle clearly wants to play the part of the court jester for the guests, but babe, that’s not the gig!
  7. Episode 13 Charter of Destiny
    Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Jason Heads to Shore It’s too bad we didn’t get to see this side of Jason until he’s on his way out.
  8. Episode 12 We Just Don’t Clique
    Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: It’s Getting Choppy Out Here Natasha, Kyle, and Jason’s “No one gets us” routine is getting old.
  9. Episode 11 The Bold and the Betrayal
    Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Bloody Mess How does it take Natasha and Kyle over an hour to prepare some frozen chicken nuggets for their drunk guests? This boat has some problems.
  10. Episode 10 Finding the Groove
    Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: ‘Gilmore Girls on Steroids’ Is it time for Bravo to just throw this show overboard already?
  11. Episode 9 Let Me Be Frank
    Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Crossing the Line Very happy for Kyle and Frank. Very over Natasha.
  12. Episode 8 Wine Im-pairing
    Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Boatmance Onboard “Areolas the size of earthquake holes.”
  13. Episode 7 For Tooth’s Sake
  14. Episode 6 Walkie of Shame
    Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Courtney’s Ready to Twerk After the drama from last week, Natasha goes AWOL and gets on Kyle and Natalya’s nerves.
  15. Episode 5 Breakups and Shake-ups
    Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Dark Waters This drama between Natasha and Dave isn’t fun to talk about.
  16. Episode 4 Skeletons in the Cabin
    Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: That’s Your Job Natasha and Dave are already boring.
  17. Episode 3 A Whole Yacht of Scandal
    Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Scandal at Sea Natasha and Dave are dating!

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