Below Deck Sailing Yacht

  1. Episode 17 All Roads Lead to Gaisy
    Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season-Finale Recap: Docking for the Season Love them or hate them, Gary and Daisy’s will-they-won’t-they dance has us hooked.
  2. Episode 16 Parsifal’s First Wedding
    Below Deck Sailing Yacht Recap: Bride to be Onboard The love bug bites the crew members during the Parsifal’s first wedding.
  3. Episode 15 Salty Seamen
    Below Deck Sailing Yacht Recap: Marcos is a Human Poor Marcos cannot catch a break.
  4. Episode 14 Smashley
    Below Deck Sailing Yacht Recap: Gary’s Getting Old “I am trying to teach the women how to be a team, and of course Gary and his small dick ruin everything.”
  5. Episode 13 Budding Boatmance
    Below Deck Sailing Yacht Recap: Sequins and Wigs Gary’s need to flirt continues to cause chaos on the Parsifal III.
  6. Episode 12 New Girl Aboard
  7. Episode 11 Paging Dr. Nipples
    Below Deck Sailing Yacht Recap: Grab the Grape Juice The Parsifal III scores a sweet new deckhand who is a total pro with incredible team-player energy.
  8. Episode 10 Villa Today, Gone Tomorrow
    Below Deck Sailing Yacht Recap: Good-bye, Gabriela Gabriela decides enough is enough.
  9. Episode 9 Tensions High, Patience Low
    Below Deck Sailing Yacht Recap: Rocky Waters Ahead Gabriela is down bad, and her (boring) ongoing feud with Ashley isn’t really helping.
  10. Episode 8 Big Fender Energy
    Below Deck Sailing Yacht Recap: Toss Gabriela a Lifeboat Gabriela and Ashley are at it again. But Gabriela and Marcos are also at it again. And in a sense, Gabriela and Gary are also at it again.
  11. Episode 7 Strip for the Tip
    Below Deck Sailing Yacht Recap: Tom Goes Overboard It turns out you can cross a line on Below Deck Sailing Yacht and the line is potentially wrecking the boat and ending the season.
  1. Episode 7 Smoke on the Water
    Below Deck Sailing Yacht Recap: Down Bad Gary says he doesn’t want to play games, then immediately indulges in playing games.
  2. Episode 6 Clash & Burn
    Below Deck Sailing Yacht Recap: Triangle of Sadness Daisy deserves better than Gary and Glenn’s b.s.
  3. Episode 5 Hate Me Tender
    Below Deck Sailing Yacht Recap: Kiss and Tell Gary’s shenanigans are starting to get old.
  4. Episode 4 Lazy Daisy
    Below Deck Sailing Yacht Recap: New Boatmance Just Dropped If you’re attracted to someone on the yacht, the worst thing you can do is tell Gary.
  5. Episode 3 The King Is Back
    Below Deck Sailing Yacht Recap: Gary’s Glorious Return Gary is back and already stirring up some chaos.
  6. Episode 2 Worst Vacation Ever
    Below Deck Sailing Yacht Recap: Colin the Hero Congrats to the crew on finishing their first charter and getting their first love triangle.
  7. Episode 1 ParsiFAIL
    Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season-Premiere Recap: Dream Team Sailing Yacht and our favorite group of wild yachties are back!

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