Below Deck

  1. Episode 17 Reunion
    Below Deck Reunion Recap: Ship to Shore Can the Below Deck cast sustain an hour of television without being forced to perform an endless sequence of chores?
  2. Episode 16 Au Revoir!
    Below Deck Season Finale Recap: All Hail Krystal The season ends with a primary for the ages and an indeterminate amount of personal growth for everyone.
  3. Episode 15 Shame Cocoon
    Below Deck Recap: Captain Lee Saves the Day, Krystal Ruins It Thank the Tahitian gods, Bravo would never end a season as spectacular as this one with easy guests.
  4. Episode 14 All The Glitters Isn’t Gold
    Below Deck Recap: Josiah’s Arc The new primary requests a potpourri of nonsense, including a gold party with a side of mortification for Josiah.
  5. Episode 13 I Said I Got It!
    Below Deck Recap: Anchors Aweigh Kate and Laura continue their feud as Rhylee continues her quest to futz with the slide and anchor.
  6. Episode 12 Check Yourself!
    Below Deck Recap: The Love Boat Is this the horniest, least-competent Below Deck cast ever? Signs point to yes.
  7. Episode 11 Let Them Eat Chicken!
    Below Deck Recap: Who Is Brent? Why is the camera guy with no yachting experience the only person here who knows what to do in a boat-mergency?
  8. Episode 10 Man Overboard
    Below Deck Recap: New Chum The yacht’s newest deckhand makes his inauspicious — and possibly deadly, skeptical question mark? — debut.
  9. Episode 9 Insult To Injury
    Below Deck Recap: Abandon Ship How many of these people can last the season?
  10. Episode 8 Flesh Wounds Are Not Five-Star
    Below Deck Recap: Blood in the Water Chandler’s time may finally be drawing near, thanks to a disastrous beach luau gone awry.
  11. Episode 7 New Kids on the Dock
    Below Deck Recap: Eat, Drink, and Be Wary Caroline’s complaints threaten Adrian’s carefully cultivated vibe — and his food — while Captain Lee has one of his best-ever outbursts.
  12. Episode 6 Get Better or Go Home
    Below Deck Recap: Chandler Is Still Bad at Everything Chandler’s tour of incompetence guides us through a fishing trip, a beach picnic, and an overflowing hot tub.
  13. Episode 5 Naked Smoothies
    Below Deck Recap: Ashton Should Replace Chandler as Bosun Caroline confronts the crew members talking about her behind her back as Chandlers screws up yet again.
  14. Episode 4 Bitch in Charge
    Below Deck Recap: Caroline and Chandler Sitting in a Tree? A beach luau does little defuse some tension between some crew members.
  15. Episode 3 I’m Also a Boat Captain!
    Below Deck Recap: It’s Rhylee Vs. the World Adrian curiously reveals he was “Japanese in another life,” in an episode otherwise dominated by hatred of Rhylee.
  16. Episode 2 Foam, Party of One
    Below Deck Recap: Primary or Dead Body? Chandler is revealed as this season’s raging misogynist in a foam-filled outing.
  17. Episode 1 We’re Not in the Caribbean Anymore
    Below Deck Season-Premiere Recap: Bad Cocktails and Hard Nipples Take Tahiti Captain Lee returns to oversee a new cast of colorful characters on a cruise through the South Pacific.
  1. Episode 16 The Scorpion Queen
    Below Deck Recap: Scorpiongate What’s worse than waking Captain Lee in the middle of the night? Waking him with an argument over eating insects.
  2. Episode 15 Public Displays of Affection
    Below Deck Recap: Gray Area We all know Brian is not the man for Courtney, but does she?
  3. Episode 14 Witch-hunt
    Below Deck Recap: Rhylee Cries Witch Hunt Rhylee gets a lot of flak for being sensitive, but you know who’s more sensitive than a flesh wound swollen with bacteria? All the men on this show.
  4. Episode 13 Episode 13
    Below Deck Recap: The End of Kate-Gate We all knew Kate wasn’t going anywhere without a much larger piece of luggage.
  5. Episode 12 Yacht-Pocalypse Now
    Below Deck Recap: Feta Foam Can’t Save Them Now Kevin’s meal may be, in the words of Master Pearson, “laaaaaaame,” but this episode’s series of illogical emotional outbursts definitely is not.
  6. Episode 11 I’m Sorry You Feel That Way
    Below Deck Recap: The True Cost of Ashton’s Splash The only thing worse than blacking out at the Dream Beach Club is waking up to find yourself $1,000 in debt to the Dream Beach Club.
  7. Episode 10 Everyone Hates Kate
    Below Deck Recap: Tanner, the Horror The Below Deck casting directors have a special talent for finding truly dreadful men for this show.
  8. Episode 9 12 Seconds in Heaven
    Below Deck Recap: Tanner Needs to Stop Talking Simone and Tanner seem to have very different reads on their post-blackout hookup.
  9. Episode 8 A Recipe for Disaster
    Below Deck Recap: Rhylee Returns After enduring the pirate-fetishizing guests from hell, the crew celebrates by giving us the first great fight of the season.
  10. Episode 7 Smashton
    Below Deck Recap: The Florida Project Season seven finally hits its stride thanks to some nightmare guests from the Sunshine State, and no thanks to Brian’s exploding knee.
  11. Episode 6 Come Sail Away
    Below Deck Recap: Will Anyone Miss Abbi? The saga of Abbi being allergic to the mere sight of physical labor comes to a swift and tearful close.
  12. Episode 5 Magic Ashton
    Below Deck Recap: Abbi Can Text, but Can She Mop? Rules may not be Abbi’s forte, but complaining sure is.
  13. Episode 4 Weekend at Brandy’s II
    Below Deck Recap: Brandy Snaps Is it hot in here, or is Below Deck just overserving emotionally vulnerable statement-necklace aficionados in Thailand?

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