Big Brother

  1. Episode 11 Finale
  2. Episode 10 Week 9, Rachel as HOH
    Big Brother Recap: When Times Get Tough, Tori Spelling Steps In She shows up to visit ‘90210’ fetishist Adam and gives him the strength to actually win something.
  3. Episode 9 Week 8, Porsche as HOH
  4. Episode 8 Week 7, Jeff as HOH
    Big Brother Recap: The Zingbot Will Rule Us All The robot returns, and our recapper tries to match him zing for zing.
  5. Episode 7 Week 6, Daniele as HOH
    Big Brother Recap: Return of the Walking Dead Brendon returned this week. Sigh.
  6. Episode 6 Week 5, Kalia as HOH
    Big Brother Recap: The Myth of Sisyphus That is actually mentioned in this episode.
  7. Episode 5 Week 4, Daniele as HOH
  8. Episode 4 Week 3, Rachel As HOH
    Big Brother Recap: Alliances Split, and the Word Gameplay Is Liberally Spoken Julie Chen: “Wow, you guys are serious gamers.” Me: “This is the least fun game in the history of gaming.”
  9. Episode 3 Week 2, Jordan as HOH
    Big Brother Recap: A Week 3 Summary Composed Only of Lists Like, “Things contestants said that are probably true, which makes them sad.”
  10. Episode 2 Week 1, Rachel as HOH
    Big Brother Recap: Dress Up Like a Superhero or a Pastel Cow Recapper David Rees barely survives week No. 2.
  11. Episode 1 Houseguests Arrive
    David Rees, Unwitting Big Brother Virgin, Recaps the Premiere “Evil Dick looks like a partially deflated Motley Crüe Macy’s parade balloon.”
  1. Episode 14 Week 5
    Big Brother Recap: Big Hogg Energy The week featured some of the most surprising, provocative, and satisfying game moves of the season.
  2. Episode 11 Week 4
    Big Brother Recap: Chaos Is a Ladder In the course of about three days, and for no better reason than gossip, this season’s strongest alliance was rendered effectively obsolete.
  3. Episode 8 Week 3
    Big Brother Recap: Gossip Girl Will Isabella’s ill-advised gossip spree make her the next major household target? Our weekly Big Brother power ranking says yes.
  4. Episode 5 Week 2
    Big Brother Recap: Ovi and Out Well, Christie couldn’t have had a more tumultuous HOH rule if she’d tried.
  5. Episodes 1 - 2 Week 1
    Big Brother Premiere Recap: Notes on Camp This season might have a touch of Lost about it.

The Latest Reality TV News

  1. love is blind club
    In Defense of the Randos on Love Is Blind The show casts 30 singles. Why do we see only ten of them for most of the series?
  2. chat room
    Don’t Play With Love Is Blind’s Laura Dadisman “You’re not sitting here and lying to my face thinking I don’t smell your bullshit.”
  3. scandoval
    What Is Tom Sandoval ‘Incredibly Sorry and Embarrassed’ About This Time? He has issued an apology for comparing his affair to “the O.J. Simpson thing and George Floyd.”
  4. chat room
    Parvati Shallow Didn’t Bring Enough Headbands to The Traitors “The last one I had was my predatory headband, and that was the last-minute throw in my suitcase. I didn’t commit hard enough.”
  5. love is blind club
    14 Moments That Made Love Is Blind Season six is here, so we’re looking back at the most jaw-dropping scenes from our favorite social experiment.
  6. bachelor nation
    The Golden Bachelorette Gets a Rose Finding love this fall.
  7. power rankings
    The Traitors Midseason Power Rankings: All About Peter Is a Bachelor really in the top position? The Black Widow dead last? It’s been a major shift in power since the preseason rankings.
  8. chat room
    The Traitors Taught Dan Gheesling a ‘Humbling’ Lesson “I laid out a blueprint for future Traitors not to underestimate the Bravo people.”
  9. how you doing?
    Wendy Williams Returning to Screens for Unfiltered Doc Her family shared an update on Williams’ health ahead of the documentary’s release.
  10. lawsuits
    Caroline Manzo Accuses Bravo of Encouraging Sexual Harassment In a lawsuit tied to alleged incidents with Brandi Glanville during filming of Ultimate Girls Trip.