1. Episode 12 The Conversation
    Billions Season Finale Recap: Be Gone The Bobby Axelrod philosophy: “We are friends for life, or you don’t exist to me.”
  2. Episode 11 Magical Thinking
    Billions Recap: Gotta Serve Somebody “Magical Thinking” boasts incredible performances from Damian Lewis, Maggie Siff, and Paul Giamatti.
  3. Episode 10 Quality of Life
    Billions Recap: Chess Moves Chuck and Axe are more alike than they’d care to admit.
  4. Episode 9 Where the F*ck Is Donnie?
    Billions Recap: A Question of Decency In Malin Akerman’s best episode to date, Billions finally shifts focus to Lara Axelrod.
  5. Episode 8 Boasts and Rails
    Billions Recap: Doing Bad to Do Good Axe’s shady 9/11 secrets are finally exposed.
  6. Episode 7 The Punch
    Billions Recap: The Bojangle Don’t demand things from Chuck Rhoades.
  7. Episode 6 The Deal
    Billions Recap: Scorched Earth This is the episode that Billions has been building toward all season.
  8. Episode 5 The Good Life
    Billions Recap: Xanadu “A couple more days, it will be Lord of the Flies in here.”
  9. Episode 4 Short Squeeze
    Billions Recap: Master of Puppets Everything orbits Bobby Axelrod. Even Metallica.
  10. Episode 3 YumTime
    Billions Recap: Coffee Is for Closers It’s a shark-eat-shark world.
  11. Episode 2 Naming Rights
    Billions Recap: Riderless Horse Bobby Axelrod never forgets.
  12. Episode 1 Pilot
    Billions Series Premiere Recap: Fresh Bull Welcome to the world of Billions, where there’s no gray area between friends and enemies.
  1. Episode 12 Ball in Hand
    Billions Season-Finale Recap: Worth It “Ball in Hand” is a brilliant end to an excellent season.
  2. Episode 11 Golden Frog Time
    Billions Recap: Even the Losers The fallout from Chuck’s big move in “Golden Frog Time” will be catastrophic.
  3. Episode 10 With or Without You
    Billions Recap: The Golden Child Are Wendy and Chuck really back together?
  4. Episode 9 Sic Transit Imperium
    Billions Recap: Rocking With the Marauders The self-destructiveness of both Axe and Chuck, and its consequences, is on display.
  5. Episode 8 The Kingmaker
    Billions Recap: The Bull Who Gets All the Cows Chuck’s power grows and Axe’s fixation on the Sandicot deal further consumes him.
  6. Episode 7 Victory Lap
    Billions Recap: Agents of Chaos Axe and Chuck face major turning points in their careers.
  7. Episode 6 Indian Four
    Billions Recap: Reaching Détente Chuck Rhoades wins a lot in “Indian Four,” but he loses what matters to him most of all.
  8. Episode 5 Currency
    Billions Recap: Wag the Dog Welcome back, Wags!
  9. Episode 4 The Oath
    Billions Recap: Tears in Rain Chuck and Axe have their first meeting since the end of last season.
  10. Episode 3 Optimal Play
    Billions Recap: The Big Slick A lean season continues its wonderfully streamlined pace.
  11. Episode 2 Dead Cat Bounce
    Billions Recap: A Calculated Risk “Dead Cat Bounce” introduces a lot of new faces to Billions.
  12. Episode 1 Risk Management
    Billions Season-Premiere Recap: Jump Into the Fire The second season of Billions is off to a strong start.
  1. Episode 12 Elmsley Count
    Billions Season Finale Recap: Pest Control All hail the birth of a beautiful and stupendous villain in Wendy Rhoades.
  2. Episode 11 Kompenso
    Billions Recap: Comp Day The stakes for the last few episodes of the season have been raised.
  3. Episode 10 Redemption
    Billions Recap: All in a Day’s Work Grigor, Bobby, Sacker, and Taylor manage to change others’ perceptions of them in a single day — for better or for worse.
  4. Episode 9 Icebreaker
    Billions Recap: I’ve Got a Bad Feeling About This We have ourselves a new (well, “new”) pair of Big Bads for the remainder of the season.
  5. Episode 8 All the Wilburys
    Billions Recap: O Captain My Captain It’s possible we jammed in a few too many story arcs this week.
  6. Episode 7 Not You, Mr. Dake
    Billions Recap: Jesus Christ, Chuck If Axe can still surprise you with chicanery, you haven’t been paying attention.
  7. Episode 6 The Third Ortolan
    Billions Recap: Break the Stick If you think you’re already going to jail, why not eat a tiny illegal songbird?
  8. Episode 5 Flaw in the Death Star
    Billions Recap: Walk on the Wild Side No one tells Dollar Bill what to do.
  9. Episode 4 Hell of a Ride
    Billions Recap: I Learned It From Watching You, Dad! Get your dad feelings ready for this Rhoades v. Rhoades showdown.
  10. Episode 3 A Generation Too Late
  11. Episode 2 The Wrong Maria Gonzalez
    Billions Recap: Black Swan Axe is terrible at sitting still and not getting himself into trouble.
  12. Episode 1 Tie Goes to the Runner
    Billions Season-Premiere Recap: The Boys Are Back in Town Has Team Windbreakers finally pinned Team Half-Zip Navy Pullovers against the wall?

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    Oh Hello! John Mulaney Is Hosting SNL Again Is a sequel to “Sitcom Reboot” too much to ask?
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    Turns Out You Can’t Copyright ‘The Carlton’ First the Milly Rock, and now this.
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    Bette Midler Will Perform at the Oscars Not only will all the Best Song nominees be performed, they will be star-studded.
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    CBS Deems Trump’s National Emergency Speech Less Important Than Price Is Right Twenty minutes after his 8-minute speech began 40 minutes late, it was back to the Big Wheel.
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    Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos Return Pushed After Misconduct Investigation Family Guy reruns will air in its stead on Fox.
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    Somebody Loves Kenan: Chris Rock to Direct Kenan Thompson’s Upcoming NBC Pilot Good thinking, Lorne.
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    Ben Affleck Abandoned the Cape and Cowl After Failing to ‘Crack’ Batman Movie “I thought it was time to let someone else take a shot at it.”
  8. today in dystopia
    The Handmaid’s Tale Is Filming on the National Mall, Which Is Haunting Just down the street from Donald Trump’s White House.
  9. in development
    Ken Jeong to Star in Kevin Kwan’s CBS Comedy Pilot Titled The Emperor of Malibu.
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    True Detective’s Third Season Is Twin Peaks’ True Heir By taking the right lessons from the apotheosis of small-town murder mysteries, the HBO series has distinguished itself beyond its central whodunit.