Black Bird

  1. Episode 6 You Promised
    Black Bird Recap: A Free Man Black Bird and its final episode wound up being about many things.
  2. Episode 5 The Place I Lie
    Black Bird Recap: The Confession The walls are closing in on Jimmy.
  3. Episode 4 WhatsHerName
    Black Bird Recap: Mopping Up Nothing like a hard day’s work to do some good old-fashion trauma bonding.
  4. Episode 3 Hand to Mouth
    Black Bird Recap: So I Befriended a Mob Boss Jimmy isn’t going to let a little blackmail stop him from the task at hand.
  5. Episode 2 We Are Coming, Father Abraham
    Black Bird Recap: Undercover With all the setup out of the way, we can look forward to what promises to be the main action: Jimmy and Larry alone together.
  6. Episode 1 Pilot
    Black Bird Series-Premiere Recap: Scared Crooked Dennis Lehane’s latest crime drama stands out with its two deeply unlikeable stars.

The Latest TV News

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    Nick Kroll Speaks for the Spotted Lanternflies on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Also for his new special on Netflix.
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    Watch the Trailer for the ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ Prequel Series Now with significantly less “Lovefool,” by the Cardigans.
  3. exit interview
    Sterlin Harjo Is Not Afraid to Sacrifice a Good Idea The Reservation Dogs showrunner leads by instinct: “There are a lot of first ideas out there. You have to break through that for it to be good.”
  4. finales
    Reservation Dogs Grew Up With the Help of Its Grown-ups In learning from their elders this season, the Rez Dogs found themselves and refound each other.
  5. no small parts only supporting
    The Golden Globes Are Making Even More Golden Globes There are now four supporting-actor categories instead of two.
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    Onscreen Marilyns, Ranked Marilyn Monroe’s image is iconic, but few actresses have managed to channel what made her a star.
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    Caleb McLaughlin’s Parents Had to Explain the Racism From Stranger Things Fans “It affected me when I was a kid,” the actor shared.
  8. i love the '90s
    There’s a Barney Documentary About ‘the Human Need to Hate’ Metal.
  9. cancelations
    Netflix Batgirl’d Grendel, Series Not Moving Forward They had already begun filming.
  10. lawsuits
    Warner Bros. Sued for Allegedly Embellishing Subscriber Numbers Reportedly overestimating by “as many as 10 million subscribers.”