Black Mirror

  1. Episode 6 Hated in the Nation
    Black Mirror Season Finale Recap: Not the Bees! “Hated in the Nation” splits the difference between storytelling and wild-eyed prophecy.
  2. Episode 5 Men Against Fire
    Black Mirror Recap: Know Your Enemy, Know Why You Fight “Men Against Fire” is the weakest episode of the season.
  3. Episode 4 San Junipero
    Black Mirror Recap: Heaven Is a Place on Earth “San Junipero” is Black Mirror at its best.
  4. Episode 3 Shut Up and Dance
    Black Mirror Recap: We Saw What You Did “Shut Up and Dance” stuffs a cautionary tale with empty sadism.
  5. Episode 2 Playtest
  6. Episode 1 Nosedive
    Black Mirror Season-Premiere Recap: For the Love of God, Please Like Me “Nosedive” turns a monstrous premise into a great hour of television.
  1. Episode 6 Black Museum
    Black Mirror Recap: Always Something There to Remind Me “Black Museum” is a sick joke.
  2. Episode 5 Metalhead
    Black Mirror Recap: Nowhere to Run “Metalhead” is a dystopian tale that illustrates the horrors of drone warfare.
  3. Episode 4 Hang the DJ
    Black Mirror Recap: Of Data and Dating “Hang the DJ” is a story of love in a time of algorithmic dating apps.
  4. Episode 3 Crocodile
    Black Mirror Recap: Nothing Stays Buried Andrea Riseborough is terrific in this needlessly cruel episode.
  5. Episode 2 Arkangel
    Black Mirror Recap: Parents Just Don’t Understand Helicopter parenting gone mad is the commentary du jour in “Arkangel.”
  6. Episode 1 USS Callister
    Black Mirror Recap: The Dark Side of Fan Fiction “USS Callister” is one of the very best Black Mirror episodes.

The Latest TV News

  1. peanuts
    No Pressure Charlie Brown: Peanuts and NASA Head to Apple to Get Kids Into Space “Into” as in interested in STEM, though eventually, yeah, some of those kids will literally leave the earth’s atmosphere.
  2. the industry
    NBC to Explore the Paranormal With TV Adaptation of The Black Tapes Podcast You can probably go ahead and thank Homecoming for all your favorite unnerving podcasts becoming your favorite unnerving dramas.
  3. trailer mix
    Benedict Cumberbatch Is the Man Who Scammed a Nation in the Trailer for Brexit Meet Dominic Cummings.
  4. bob ross wishes
    Throw That Yule Log Away and Join Terry Crews for a Cozy Christmas Painting Sesh A little background Bob Ross-ness for your holiday festivities.
  5. appreciations
    Save Detroiters, the Most Brilliantly Stupid Show on TV Seth Meyers loves Detroiters so much, he wrote this for us.
  6. close reads
    CBS’s Toxic Culture Isn’t Just Behind the Scenes. It’s in the Stories It Tells. The message of a show like Bull is clear: Men are in power and women are disposable.
  7. vulture podcasts
    Your New Favorite RuPaul’s Drag Race Podcast Just in time for All Stars Season 4, Vulture is launching a RuPaul’s Drag Race podcast with Joel Kim Booster and Nicole Byer called What the Tuck?
  8. emmy rules
    The Emmys Have a New TV-Movie Rule That’ll Be Hard on Black Mirror They’re also changing up the short-form rules — sorry, Emmy for Megan.
  9. this week in late night
    Happy Holidays From Late Night Some late-night shows got into the holiday spirit this week a little better than others.
  10. netflix
    David Letterman’s Netflix Series Will Return for Season Two in 2019 No guests have been announced just yet.