Black Mirror

  1. Episode 6 Hated in the Nation
    Black Mirror Season Finale Recap: Not the Bees! “Hated in the Nation” splits the difference between storytelling and wild-eyed prophecy.
  2. Episode 5 Men Against Fire
    Black Mirror Recap: Know Your Enemy, Know Why You Fight “Men Against Fire” is the weakest episode of the season.
  3. Episode 4 San Junipero
    Black Mirror Recap: Heaven Is a Place on Earth “San Junipero” is Black Mirror at its best.
  4. Episode 3 Shut Up and Dance
    Black Mirror Recap: We Saw What You Did “Shut Up and Dance” stuffs a cautionary tale with empty sadism.
  5. Episode 2 Playtest
  6. Episode 1 Nosedive
    Black Mirror Season-Premiere Recap: For the Love of God, Please Like Me “Nosedive” turns a monstrous premise into a great hour of television.
  1. Episode 6 Black Museum
    Black Mirror Recap: Always Something There to Remind Me “Black Museum” is a sick joke.
  2. Episode 5 Metalhead
    Black Mirror Recap: Nowhere to Run “Metalhead” is a dystopian tale that illustrates the horrors of drone warfare.
  3. Episode 4 Hang the DJ
    Black Mirror Recap: Of Data and Dating “Hang the DJ” is a story of love in a time of algorithmic dating apps.
  4. Episode 3 Crocodile
    Black Mirror Recap: Nothing Stays Buried Andrea Riseborough is terrific in this needlessly cruel episode.
  5. Episode 2 Arkangel
    Black Mirror Recap: Parents Just Don’t Understand Helicopter parenting gone mad is the commentary du jour in “Arkangel.”
  6. Episode 1 USS Callister
    Black Mirror Recap: The Dark Side of Fan Fiction “USS Callister” is one of the very best Black Mirror episodes.
  1. Episode 3 Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too
    Black Mirror Recap: Head Like a Hole The nefarious machinery of pop music is pitted against some tired rockist clichés, and Miley Cyrus sings Nine Inch Nails.
  2. Episode 2 Smithereens
    Black Mirror Recap: Eyes on the Road A real-time hostage scenario flirts with intriguing ideas about surveillance, but falls back on the same old gripes about the perils of smartphones.
  3. Episode 1 Striking Vipers
    Black Mirror Recap: Wish I Knew How to Quit You What feels like a far-lesser sequel to “San Junipero” turns the love between two men into a dunderheaded thought experiment.
  4. Episode 0 Bandersnatch
    Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Recap: Choose-Your-Own Fatalist Nightmare An interactive episode about a man driven mad by a faulty simulation of free will works better as meta-commentary than as drama.
  1. Episode 5 Demon 79
    Black Mirror Series-Finale Recap: Red Mirror With a finale that strikes the perfect tonal balance and shifts from the sci-fi genre, Black Mirror instills hope for future seasons.
  2. Episode 4 Mazey Day
    Black Mirror Recap: Shoot for the Moon The series’ first attempt at the supernatural comes with the season’s biggest twist.
  3. Episode 3 Beyond the Sea
    Black Mirror Recap: Rocket Men Aaron Paul and Josh Hartnett star in a simple but smart, high-concept premise that overstays its welcome.
  4. Episode 2 Loch Henry
    Black Mirror Recap: Farmicide Black Mirror indulges in the Netflix practice of making a true-crime docuseries with surprisingly favorable results.
  5. Episode 1 Joan Is Awful
    Black Mirror Season-Premiere Recap: Main-Character Syndrome Black Mirror’s take on AI screenwriting, privacy breaches, and Hollywood sexism gets bogged down by self-referential celebrity casting.

The Latest Black Mirror News

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  7. good riddance
    The Black Mirror Creators Made a 2020 Mockumentary for Netflix The cast includes Samuel L. Jackson, Cristin Milioti, and Hugh Grant.
  8. dystopias
    Charlie Brooker Delays Writing New Black Mirror Episodes for Humanity’s Sake “I don’t know what stomach there would be for stories about societies falling apart.”
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    Is Black Mirror Not Cynical Enough for the Internet Anymore? When you’re extremely online, it’s tough to think metaphorically about technology.
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    The 12 Best Performances on Black Mirror From “USS Callister” to “Be Right Back,” some of the show’s best episodes have been anchored by superb acting.