Black Monday

  1. Episode 5 243
    Black Monday Recap: SEC You Next Tuesday Dawn is scheming to screw over Mo, Mo’s scheming to screw over Dawn — will these two just properly screw already?
  2. Episode 4 295
    Black Monday Recap: Everything Works on a Sitcom Four episodes in, Black Monday’s odd mash-up of sitcom plotting, bro banter, and glossy cable period-piece is finally starting to gel.
  3. Episode 3 339
    Black Monday Recap: Mo Money, Mo Problems As Dawn and Keith hustle to hide their public Georgina shares, Mo works on buttering up his latest and most potentially valuable acquisition.
  4. Episode 2 364
    Black Monday Recap: Untitled Oliver Stone Wall Street Project The series’ odd tonal blend feels more assured in a sophomore episode that smartly gives Regina Hall more to do.
  5. Episode 1 365
    Black Monday Premiere Recap: The White Whale of Wall Street A packed series premiere veers wildly between comedic registers as it introduces us to its retro world of Wall Street excess.

The Latest Black Monday News

  1. chat room
    Regina Hall Didn’t See Black Monday’s Finale Twist Coming The Black Monday actress on Dawn and Mo, trolling Issa Rae, and the enduring legacy of Scary Movie.
  2. emmy studio 2019
    The Black Monday Cast Talks Fake Cocaine and Plays a Game of Password “They actually got real cocaine from the ‘80s.”
  3. chat room
    Ken Marino on The Other Two, Internet Celebrity, and Justin Theroux’s Apartment “He texted me a picture of his real boot closet, and it wasn’t far off from the fictionalized version.”
  4. winter tca 2019
    Black Monday Vows to ‘Never’ Have Female Nude Scenes “We don’t necessarily want to contribute to that,” says series co-creator Jordan Cahan.
  5. tv review
    Black Monday Isn’t Worth the Investment In the ’80s Wall Street comedy, greed is good, and also one-dimensional.
  6. trailer mix
    It’s Cocaine and Financial Catastrophe in the First Black Monday Trailer Andrew Rannells and Don Cheadle are going to break the world.