Canada's Drag Race

  1. Episode 10 U Wear it Well
    Canada’s Drag Race Season Finale Recap: What’s Her Name? Love Priyanka’s branding paying off from the get-go!
  2. Episode 9 The Snow Ball
    Canada’s Drag Race Recap: Just the Tip (of the Iceberg) Priyanka’s corset strategy seems even riskier in light of this week’s guest judge …
  3. Episode 8 Welcome to the Family
    Canada’s Drag Race Recap: Rainbow Railroad Jimbo has a walk-in closet full of strong suits, but being a cuddly nurturer isn’t one of them.
  4. Episode 7 Miss Loose Jaw
    Canada’s Drag Race Recap: Your Lace Line Looks Like Barf Sometimes, nasty is exactly what we want. And when Rita Baga gives Jimbo “constructive criticism,” nasty is exactly what we get.
  5. Episode 6 Star Sixty-Nine
    Canada’s Drag Race Recap: Blue Jean Committee Poor Jimbo’s going to need a chiropractor after carrying every single runway on her back this season.
  6. Episode 5 The Snatch Game
  7. Episode 4 Single Use Queen
    Canada’s Drag Race Recap: This Is Garbage, Mawma The queen to beat has left the building.
  8. Episode 3 Not Sorry Aboot It
    Canada’s Drag Race Recap: Valley of the Dwolls This week’s girl-group rap battle challenge boils down to “Canadians are polite but drag queens are shady: discuss.”
  9. Episode 2 Her-Itage Moments
  10. Episode 1 Eh-Laganza Eh-Xtravaganza
    Canada’s Drag Race Premiere Recap: Oh (Honey), Canada! If Drag Race Canada is an indicator of what a post-RuPaul version of Drag Race will look like, we are very optimistic indeed.

The Latest Drag Race News

  1. emmys 2021
    RuPaul Sashays Away As the Emmys’ Most-Awarded Black Artist He now has 11 wins.
  2. chat room
    Kylie Sonique Love Returned to Drag Race All Stars to Show Her Full Self “There’s nothing better than winning when you’re 100 percent authentic with yourself.”
  3. streamliner
    A Guide to WOW Presents Plus, the Best Streaming Service for Drag Race Fans The scrappy streaming service unites nearly all of RuPaul’s empire in one convenient home.
  4. chat room
    Trinity K. Bonet Is 🤐 on That Drag Race All Stars Lip-Sync Theory “I wasn’t mad that that wig came off, and that’s all I can say.”
  5. bam!
    Gagatrondra, RuPaul’s Drag Race Renewed for Season 14 on VH1 As well as Untucked and Secret Celebrity Drag Race.
  6. trailer mix
    Some Genius Gave Willam a Judge Judy–Style Gay Court Show Whorder in the court!
  7. game within a game
    Give It Up for the MVP of Drag Race All Stars’ Lip-Sync Smackdown Whether or not she returns next week, Silky Nutmeg Ganache definitely got her Rudemption.
  8. chat room
    Drag Race All Stars’ Pandora Boxx Had a Snatch Game Plan B, C, and D “Once Kylie said she was doing Dolly, I’m like, Nope.”
  9. chat room
    Drag Race’s Jan Had a ‘Psychologically Intense’ All Stars Run “When it was happening, I was just like, This is insane, but of course it’s happening like this.
  10. shablam!
    This Drag Race All Stars Lip Sync Got SICKENING “Oh, y’all wanted a twist?”