1. Episode 13 The Great Unknown
    Casual Season Finale Recap: Diet Patricide After such a tragic season, Casual offers up a hopeful future.
  2. Episode 12 40
    Casual Recap: The Chili’s of Sex This is why you should never throw a surprise party.
  3. Episode 11 Death and Taxes
    Casual Recap: Professional Help In “Death and Taxes,” Leon finally gets a story of his own.
  4. Episode 10 Reunion
    Casual Recap: Fairy Tales “You’re just a self-absorbed boy who wants what he can’t have.”
  5. Episode 9 The Lake
    Casual Recap: Drought Conditions Valerie finally decides to put herself first.
  6. Episode 8 The Magpie
    Casual Recap: Distressed Assets Alex seems more lost than ever.
  7. Episode 7 Threesomes
    Casual Recap: The Happiest Minute of Your Life It’s the moment we’ve been fearfully waiting for.
  8. Episode 6 100 Cows
    Casual Recap: The Waiting Game Alex, Laura, and Valerie learn to be generous, but for all the wrong reasons.
  9. Episode 5 Bicycle Thieves
    Casual Recap: Nothing Good Happens in Burbank Valerie is entering a new stage in her life.
  10. Episode 4 Big Green Egg
    Casual Recap: The Inner Caveman It’s a relief to see these characters finally forge new relationships.
  11. Episode 3 Such Good Friends
    Casual Recap: The Friend Zone Valerie took a break from romance, but making friends is just as hard.
  12. Episode 2 Trivial Pursuit
    Casual Recap: Am I Not Likable? Never invite yourself to a dinner party, Valerie. Just don’t.
  13. Episode 1 Phase Three
    Casual Season Premiere Recap: Self-Improvement Valerie is the rotten fruit in Laura and Alex’s smoothie.

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