1. Episode 13 Family Is Freedom
    Clarice Finale Recap: The Rest Is Silence Turns out you can go home again
  2. Episode 12 Father Time
    Clarice Recap: The Tell-Tale Art This simply wouldn’t be a story about Clarice Starling if she didn’t wind up alone with a killer.
  3. Episode 11 Achilles Heel
    Clarice Recap: Murders and Acquisitions With two episodes left in the season, we meet the big bad tying this whole case together, and he’s of a familiar type …
  4. Episode 10 Motherless Child
    Clarice Recap: Sins of the Mother Clarice must show Catherine that she no longer needs to carry Bill’s weight, any more than she herself does.
  5. Episode 9 Silence Is Purgatory
    Clarice Recap: A Past-Due Bill An episode about secrets and who is asked to carry their burdens faces down Silence of the Lambs’ most damaging legacy.
  6. Episode 8 Add-a-Bead
    Clarice Recap: He Who Must Not Be Named As it works to flesh out Clarice’s damage, the show must invoke the Forbidden Character.
  7. Episode 7 Ugly Truth
    Clarice Recap: Father’s Day A surprising narrative pivot and an appropriately lurid case of the week combine for a solid episode that still can’t manage to rise to greatness.
  8. Episode 6 How Does It Feel to Be So Beautiful
    Clarice Recap: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? A reassuringly strong episode presents us with a meal and a mystery, and each is equally compelling.
  9. Episode 5 Get Right With God
    Clarice Recap: The Needle and the Damage Done Clarice’s best hour yet may also be its most unpleasant.
  10. Episode 4 You Can’t Rule Me
    Clarice Recap: Sister Act Four episodes into the season and Clarice’s near-death experiences are already piling up.
  11. Episode 3 Are You Alright?
    Clarice Recap: Up Close and Personal Is a conspiracy story really what fans of The Silence of the Lambs Cinematic Universe are interested in seeing?
  12. Episode 2 Ghosts of Highway 20
    Clarice Recap: To Live and Die in Tennessee Is this really what Clarice — and Clarice — is going to be?
  13. Episode 1 The Silence Is Over
    Clarice Series-Premiere Recap: Compliance of the Lambs The new “face of the FBI” can’t remain in the basement, no matter how much she may want to.

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    If You’re Reading This, Your Favorite Show Is Canceled All the TV shows we’ve lost in 2023, including Home Economics, Blindspotting, Heels, and Run the World.
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    Love Is Blind’s Aaliyah Cosby Knows She Didn’t Get a Fair Shot The contestant found herself on the receiving end of one of the most shocking moments in series history.
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    Why Did The Golden Bachelor Have to Be Like This? The grandparents deserve better!