1. Episode 25 Pascal’s Triangle Revisited
    Community Recap: Wait, This Is the Finale? A surprise love-triangle twist feels traditional for a nontraditional sitcom.
  2. Episode 24 English As a Second Language
    Community: The Chang Show The teacher becomes the student.
  3. Episode 23 Modern Warfare
    Community: Amazeballs The best episode yet.
  4. Episode 22 The Art of Discourse
    Community: College Humor Pantsing, guitar-smashing, “duh” battles, togas, and a massive food fight!
  5. Episode 21 Contemporary American Poultry
    Community Recap: Meet the Chicken-Finger Mafia With its ‘Goodfellas’ homage and pet monkeys, the first episode in a month was perhaps the series’ best so far.
  6. Episode 20 The Science of Illusion
    Community: Times of Heightened Shenanigans It’s April Fool’s Day at Greendale!
  7. Episode 19 Beginner’s Pottery
    Community: Sailing the Seas of Cheese Chevy Chase crashing into things; Joel McHale singing the Righteous Brothers; and sweet, sweet Troy with his one-liners.
  8. Episode 18 Basic Genealogy
    Community: Who’s Your Stepdaddy? Plenty of understanding, compliments, and, yes, hugs. Also, Britta bent over and caned by a grandma.
  9. Episode 18 Physical Education
    Community: Pool Party Rip off your tightie-whities, billiards fans, this was one of the strongest half-hours this season.
  10. Episode 16 Communication Studies
    Community: Dial-a-Joke In which the show frustratingly toys with the central Jeff-Britta relationship.
  11. Episode 15 Romantic Expressionism
    Community: Gold Star We’re finally starting to feel like Greendale Human Beings!
  12. Episode 14 Interpretive Dance
    Community Recap: Good Times! We liked this episode! A lot! Also: LOLZ!
  13. Episode 13 Investigative Journalism
    Community Recap: M*A*S*H Note Guest-starring Jack Black!
  14. Episode 12 Comparative Religion
    Community Recap: Come, All Ye Faithful A tasteful potpourri of jokes designed to please every race, color, creed, and brow (high or low).
  15. Episode 11 Politics of Human Sexuality
    Community: Yikers Some may call it filth. We call it progress!
  16. Episode 10 Environmental Science
    Community: Salsa Verde The funniest Green Week-inspired sitcom since 30 Rock had David Schwimmer in a bodysuit.
  17. Episode 9 Debate 109
    Community: Debatable Jeff and Annie make oral arguments.
  18. Episode 8 Home Economics
  1. Episode 24 For a Few Paintballs More
    Community Recap: Unstoppable Juggleknob In the finale, Greendale rallies ‘Star Wars’–style.
  2. Episode 23 A Fistful of Paintballs
    Community Recap: The Paintballer With No Name Sawyer stops by to do some multicolored damage in another doozy of a paintball episode.
  3. Episode 22 Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts
    Community Recap: Born Again Betty Grable, Backseat Birthers, and ‘Indecent Proposal’ references.
  4. Episode 21 Paradigms of Human Memory
    Community Recap: Memories All new ones, in fact.
  5. Episode 20 Competitive Wine Tasting
    Community Recap: Core Curriculum The gang takes up wine tasting, acting classes, and a ‘Who’s the Boss?’ seminar.
  6. Episode 19 Critical Film Studies
    Community Recap: Of Louis Malle and Cougar Town The ‘My Dinner With Andre Dinner With Abed’ episode.
  7. Episode 18
    Community Recap: Lower Your Expectations The show gets renewed just in time to put out a stinker.
  8. Episode 17 Intro to Political Science
    Community Recap: Pop! Pop! Student-government elections come to Greendale.
  9. Episode 15 Early 21st Century Romanticism
    Community Recap: Humorous Fannies What made “Early 21st Century Romanticism” a great, gimmick-free episode of Community? Jokes.
  10. Episode 14 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
    Community Recap: Chaotic Good “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” went for it with a capital “WENT FOR IT.”
  11. Episode 13 Celebrity Pharmacology
    Community Recap: Just Say No “I do physical comedy!”
  12. Episode 12 Asian Population Studies
    Community Recap: A Chang Is Gonna Come Happy New Year, Greendale!
  13. Episode 11 Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas
    Community Recap: Frozen Memories “Somewhere out there Tim Burton just got a boner.”
  14. Episode 9 Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design
    Community Recap: Fort Night It had a campuswide blanket fort and yet it had a Latvian Independence Day parade. It was, in a word, fantastic.
  15. Episode 8 Cooperative Calligraphy
    Community Recap: Bottle Episode “Welcome to the machine!”
  16. Episode 6 Epidemiology
    Community Recap: Brains We’re afraid that ‘Community’ is trying to have it both ways.
  17. Episode 5 Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples
    Community Recap: Oh, God! In a pinch, Jeff will come through as your emergency contact.
  18. Episode 4 Basic Rocket Science
    Community Recap: Space Camp “C’mon, you family-sized bucket of bolts!”
  19. Episode 2 Accounting for Lawyers
    Community Recap: Popped and Locked It’s been well-established that ‘Community’ works best when it’s able to balance the meta and the meaningful.
  20. Episode 1 Anthropology 101
    Community Premiere Recap: Bigger, Self-Contained Escapades Grab your Trapper Keepers and pack your Lunchables: It’s time to return to Greendale Community College for sophomore year.
  1. Episodes 20 and 21 Digital Estate Planning/The First Chang Dynasty/Introduction to Finality
    Community Recap: Can’t We All Just Get Along? A triple-bill of episodes end the show’s third season.
  2. Episode 19 Curriculum Unavailable
    Community Recap: Advanced Breath Holding Until last night, no one in the group had acknowledged that Abed might need professional help.
  3. Episode 18 Course Listing Unavailable
    Community Recap: The Greendale Seven The group tries to come to terms with the death of Star-Burns.
  4. Episode 17 Basic Lupine Urology
    Community Recap: Pam the Yam A spot on Law & Order parody. Also, someone dies.
  5. Episode 16 Virtual Systems Analysis
    Community Recap: “Virtual Systems Analysis” When Dan Harmon and the cast of Community spoke at a PaleyFest event in March, right before the show returned from its hiatus, they spoke about […]
  6. Episode 14 Pillows and Blankets
    Community Recap: The Changlourious Basterds A war between friends gets the Ken Burns treatment.
  7. Episode 13 Digital Exploration of Interior Design
    Community Recap: Pillows vs. Blankets No longer would Troy be the Constable Reggie to Abed’s Inspector Spacetime.
  8. Episode 12 Contemporary Impressionists
    Community Recap: Evil Abed Returneth And Joel McHale plays a Ryan Seacrest impersonator.
  9. Episode 11 Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts
    Community Recap: 24 Hours of Weird It’s back! It’s really back!
  10. Episode 10 Regional Holiday Music
    Community Recap: Me So Christmas Community gets around to that Glee spoof.
  11. Episode 9 Foosball And Nocturnal Vigilantism
    Community Recap: Abed Is Batman Now And Shirley and Jeff are foosball teammates.
  12. Episode 8 Documentary Filmmaking: Redux
    Community Recap: Burden of Dreams “Some flies are too awesome for the wall.”
  13. Episode 7 Studies in Modern Movement
  14. Episode 6 Advanced Gay
    Community Recap: Pocket Full of Hawthornes Don’t leave home without them.
  15. Episode 5 Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps
    Community Recap: Personality Test “I hope you’re as fertile as I am tonight.”
  16. Episode 4 Remedial Chaos Theory
    Community Recap: Evil Troy and Evil Abed Getting ambitious with multiple timelines.
  17. Episode 3 Competitive Ecology
  18. Episode 2 Geography of Global Conflict
    Community Recap: Mission to Earth 2 Welcome to the high-drama world of Model U.N.
  19. Episode 1 Biology 101
    Community Recap: Return to Normalcy Which, in Greendale, is not normal at all.
  1. Episode 13 Advanced Introduction to Finality
    Community Season Finale Recap: Let Us Remember the Good Timelines This season (series?) finale’s final scene left almost everyone in limbo.
  2. Episode 12 Heroic Origins
    Community Recap: This Is Where We Begin Last night’s prequel episode reminded viewers of what has made the show so engaging in the past.
  3. Episode 11 Basic Human Anatomy
    Community Recap: They All Just Fade Away So it turns out Troy and Britta were dating. Sort of?
  4. Episode 10 Intro to Knots
    Community Recap: That’s Not a Bingo! Can we end this Changnesia stupidity please?
  5. Episode 9 Intro to Felt Surrogacy
    Community Recap: Puppocalypse Now Who knew it would take a bunch of puppets to help Community deliver its strongest episode of the season?
  6. Episode 8 Herstory of Dance
    Community Recap: The Ultimate Britta This week’s episode succeeds by pummeling us with the familiar and then presenting us with pleasant and unexpected twists.
  7. Episode 7 Economics of Marine Biology
  8. Episode 6 Advanced Documentary Filmmaking
    Community Recap: Chang Chang Changity Chang A pretty good episode until that last minute. What the hell, Community?
  9. Episode 5 Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations
    Community Recap: Shawshank or Bust? Last night’s episode seems to have been made for the Pierce Hawthornes of the world, not the Abeds.
  10. Episode 4 Alternative History of the German Invasion
    Community Recap: You Are the Germans This is the first episode this season that feels both familiar and fresh.
  11. Episode 3 Conventions of Space and Time
    Community Recap: The Conventional Way Has Community turned into an “American version” of itself?
  12. Episode 2 Paranormal Parentage
    Community Recap: You Meddling Kids! The gang Scooby-Doos it up in Pierce’s creepy mansion in this Valentine’s Day/Halloween episode.
  13. Episode 1 History 101
    Community Recap: The Inception Games The season-four premiere zooms through a number of genre parodies.
  1. Episode 13 Basic Sandwich
    Community Season Finale Recap: 5 Seasons and a Treasure Hunt Community’s fifth season finale was all the things fans of the show love it for.
  2. Episode 12 Basic Story
    Community Recap: Save Greendale. Again. It’s hard to judge an episode like “Basic Story” on its own merits, knowing that a second half is on its way next week.
  3. Episode 11 G.I. Jeff
  4. Episode 10 Advanced Advanced Dungeons and Dragons
    Community Recap: By Die Hard’s Sword! It’s hard not to have a nagging voice in your head saying “fan service” in the style of one of Abed’s turncoat hobgoblins.
  5. Episode 9 VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing
    Community Recap: Collect Your Tokens This week’s episode is a textbook example of how witty and laugh-out-loud funny this show can be.
  6. Episode 8 App Development and Condiments
    Community Recap: App-Caste System All in all, “App Development and Condiments” felt like a missed opportunity.
  7. Episode 7 Introduction to Bondage and Beta Male Sexuality
    Community Recap: What the Hell? Heavy stuff. Harsh truths. Fun times. Welcome to Community.
  8. Episode 6 Analysis of Cork-Based Networking
    Community Recap: It’s a Bear Dance We’re relieved that this week wasn’t all about Abed dealing with Troy’s absence.
  9. Episode 5 Geothermal Escapism
    Community Recap: Chair to Dance? “Geothermal Escapism” was tons of fun, and a very fitting send-off for Donald Glover’s Troy.
  10. Episode 3 Basic Intergluteal Numismatics
    Community Recap: Butt Crack Bandit! A spot-on David Fincher homage, though not particularly funny.
  11. Episode 3 Cooperative Polygraphy
    Community Recap: A Slightly More Magical World What a thoroughly satisfying and deeply funny episode that was.
  12. Episodes 1 and 2 Repilot/Introduction to Teaching
    Community Season 5 Premiere Recap: Back to School Community returned with two episodes, and there were moments that gave us hope for this season.

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