Conversations with Friends

  1. Episode 12 Episode 12
    Conversations With Friends Series-Finale Recap: Here You Come Again Did Nick really call by accident? Do we even believe in such accidents?
  2. Episode 11 Episode 11
    Conversations With Friends Recap: Ain’t Nothing But a Heartache Frances refuses to tell anyone anything. So much for having conversations with your friends, right?
  3. Episode 10 Episode 10
    Conversations With Friends Recap: Can We Talk? Now that Melissa knows about Frances and Nick, it’s time for an interesting arrangement.
  4. Episode 9 Episode 9
    Conversations With Friends Recap: I’m Coming Clean Frances and Bobbi’s relationship finally makes sense!
  5. Episode 8 Episode 8
    Conversations With Friends Recap: You Are The Bane of My Existence Okay, so maybe having an affair with an older married man is more challenging than it initially seemed.
  6. Episode 7 Episode 7
  7. Episode 6 Episode 6
    Conversations With Friends Recap: A Bit of Pressure Remember Frances’s cramps from hell from the first episode?
  8. Episode 5 Episode 5
    Conversations With Friends Recap: The Last Supper Frances is devastated to learn that Melissa is “a good person,” which suggests Frances was the bad person all along. Whoops!
  9. Episode 4 Episode 4
    Conversations With Friends Recap: Get Out of Town Good-bye, dreary Ireland. Hello, unimaginably luxurious Croatia!
  10. Episode 3 Episode 3
    Conversations With Friends Recap: Are We Still Having an Affair? In which we all collectively scream, “Put the phone down, Frances!”
  11. Episode 2 Episode 2
    Conversations With Friends Recap: Kiss and Tell Bobbi is too self-absorbed to realize Frances has a crush of her own.
  12. Episode 1 Episode 1
    Conversations With Friends Series-Premiere Recap: Just Being Polite We’re back to the Sally Rooney Cinematic Universe, this time investigating the inner lives of four friends/lovers.

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    Holy Fvck, Demi Lovato Is Directing a Documentary About Child Stardom Including themself.
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    Brooke Shields Says She Was Sexually Assaulted 30 Years Ago “I’m more angry now than I was able to be then.”
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    Meryl Streep Is a Potential Suspect in New Only Murders in the Building Teaser Did she kill Paul Rudd?