1. Episode 10 Better Angels
    Counterpart Season Finale Recap: Crossing Over A probable series finale wraps up all the loose ends, then leaves one thread dangling just in case.
  2. Episode 9 You to You
    Counterpart Recap: Homecoming Howard returns to his Alpha home with new knowledge that stands to make things exceedingly difficult for him going forward.
  3. Episode 8 In From the Cold
    Counterpart Recap: Past Tense The show’s pivotal relationships are crystalized as characters seek to determine their futures by reexamining the past.
  4. Episode 7 No Strings Attached
    Counterpart Recap: A Fresh Start An otherwise business-as-usual episode brings some clarity to Clare’s shifting loyalties.
  5. Episode 6 Twin Cities
    Counterpart Recap: Point of Departure Creator Justin Marks oversees an answer-filled origin story that ranks as the series’ best episode yet.
  6. Episode 5 Shadow Puppets
    Counterpart Recap: The Butterfly Effect “Shadow Puppets” is the season’s strongest episode yet.
  7. Episode 4 Point of Departure
    Counterpart Recap: Double Talk An intriguing exploration of the series’ central conceit keeps getting lost in the wrong details.
  8. Episode 3 Something Borrowed
    Counterpart Recap: Do Unto Others Howards faces the brain trust behind Echo in an episode that plays with doubles as compellingly as any to date.
  9. Episode 2 Outside In
    Counterpart Recap: Prime Time The season kicks into gear with an Emily-centric episode that delivers a twist that hits Howard like a wrecking ball.
  10. Episode 1 Inside Out
    Counterpart Premiere Recap: Perfect Strangers Season two picks up right where season one left off, with an episode that turns on the weird intimacy of strangers figuring out how to live together.

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    J.K. Simmons on Counterpart, Acting, and Getting Really Jacked “I decided I wanted to try to stay as consistently fit and healthy as possible. Male ego, all that stuff.”
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    Counterpart Is Still Stuck Between Worlds in Season Two If only there were a version of this show that was exactly the same, but also slightly different.
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