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Behind The Music

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Daisy Jones & The Six uses a documentary-style frame to tell the story of the titular band, who got huge in the 1970s and then just stopped — stopped making music after one album, stopped touring after one sold-out nationwide jaunt, and stopped being friends. In the 1990s, an unseen filmmaker trying to understand what really happened back then interviews the mostly reticent former band members: lead singers and songwriters Daisy Jones (Keough) and Billy Dunne (Claflin), lead guitarist Graham Dunne (Will Harrison), bassist Eddie Roundtree (Josh Whitehouse), drummer Warren Rojas (Sebastian Chacon), and keyboardist Karen Sirko (Suki Waterhouse).” — Roxana Hadadi “Daisy Jones & The Six Is Too Big to Feel This Small

  1. Episode 10 Rock ’n’ Roll Suicide
    Daisy Jones & the Six Series-Finale Recap: Go Your Own Way In the finale, Daisy Jones is more ambitious and freer in its unadulterated melodrama.
  2. Episode 9 Feels Like the First Time
    Daisy Jones & the Six Recap: Steel City Blues We know that the Six isn’t long for this world, but the dream gets to live a bit longer when Billy and Daisy make amends.
  3. Episode 8 Looks Like We Made It
    Daisy Jones & the Six Recap: Gold Dust Woman Daisy and Billy can’t escape each other, or themselves, while trapped on tour.
  4. Episode 7 She’s Gone
    Daisy Jones & the Six Recap: Island Time Just as Simone is about to get everything she has ever wanted, Daisy comes calling.
  5. Episode 6 Whatever Gets You Thru the Night
    Daisy Jones & the Six Recap: The Aurora (Make-Out) Sessions Billy and Daisy and their destructive will-they, won’t-they fizzles too quickly.
  6. Episode 5 Fire
    Daisy Jones & the Six Recap: The Making of ‘Let Me Down Easy’ It’s Daisy’s first day on the job, and already she and Billy can’t stop bickering.
  7. Episode 4 I Saw the Light
    Daisy Jones & the Six Recap: And the Six Become Six The band needs Daisy, but it might be too fragile to survive her.
  8. Episode 3 Someone Saved My Life Tonight
    Daisy Jones & the Six Recap: The Making of ‘Honeycomb’ The chemistry between Daisy and Billy is what this show needed.
  9. Episode 2 I’ll Take You There
    Daisy Jones & the Six Recap: The Orphan Years Houston, we have a pacing problem. At least now we also have Teddy.
  10. Episode 1 Come and Get It
    Daisy Jones & The Six Series-Premiere Recap: The Early Years Like all good band histories, Daisy Jones & The Six starts at the beginning: Deadbeat parents, band practice, and cruising down the Sunset Strip.

The Latest on Daisy Jones and The Six

  1. renewals?
    Is Daisy Jones & the Six Coming Back for an Encore?Showrunner Scott Neustadter teased that there is an “opportunity” to continue telling the story.
  2. dream on
    Will Daisy Jones & the Six Actually Go on Tour?It looks like the band could be getting back together!
  3. chat room
    Daisy Jones’s Josh Whitehouse Was Surprised His Sex Scene With Camila Got Cut“I was like, Hold on, wait. That’s very much left to the imagination.
  4. vulture lists
    8 Books With All the Band Drama of Daisy Jones & the SixThe ’70s music scene has enough tumultuous romances and drug-fueled antics to stock a library shelf.
  5. behind the music
    Inside Daisy Jones & the Six’s Most Resonant Needle DropsIncluding a hard pass from Led Zeppelin and an enthusiastic yes from Fleetwood Mac.
  6. finale thoughts
    Daisy Jones’s Sebastian Chacon Knows Warren Is the Real Hero of the Six“I thought, How can there be something in every scene that I love or am tickled by?
  7. chat room
    Daisy Jones and the Six Helped Nabiyah Be Process Her Music-Industry Past“I grew up onstage. I was touring from 7 to 11. I had an emotional attachment to a lot of Simone’s experiences.”
  8. vulture lists
    Every Song on Daisy Jones & the Six’s Aurora, RankedNow that fans can actually listen to the fictional band’s songs instead of just reading them, which tracks are the best?
  9. warren hive
    Sebastian Chacon Knew He Had to Tweak His Daisy Jones Character“Warren Rhodes is the whitest name on the planet.”
  10. trailer mix
    All the Rumours About Daisy Jones & the SixThe best musical instrument is a love triangle.
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