Dangerous Liaisons

  1. Episode 8 It’s War
    Dangerous Liaisons Season-Finale Recap: Accusation at the Opera The crypt! The opera! But Gabriel has to come in and ruin a nearly perfect finale.
  2. Episode 7 Here Is My Soul
    Dangerous Liaisons Recap: The Red-Thread Mystery They were bound to replace all the orgies with a bunch of plot threads at some point.
  3. Episode 6 You Are Not My Equal
    Dangerous Liaisons Recap: Sexpectations at the Masked Ball Are we at the setup for the original Dangerous Liaisons?
  4. Episode 5 The World Should Be Afraid of Us
    Dangerous Liaisons Recap: Who’s Sexing the Queen? I knew sexy praying was possible but had never seen it done.
  5. Episode 4 You Don’t Know Me
    Dangerous Liaisons Recap: The Sex Dungeon The growing bromance between Camille and Valmont is delightful.
  6. Episode 3 Even God Does Not Forgive
    Dangerous Liaisons Recap: The Game Is Afoot Mean Girls, but make it 18th century.
  7. Episode 2 Conquer or Die
    Dangerous Liaisons Recap: Sudden Death Camille is not going back to her extremely dangerous old life without a fight.
  8. Episode 1 Love or War
    Dangerous Liaisons Series-Premiere Recap: Sexy Intrigue We all know why we’re here: to watch people in period clothes bang. And bang they do.

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    Matt Walsh (No, Not the Conservative) Delays DWTS AppearanceSAG-AFTRA said in a statement that its members aren’t breaking strike rules by appearing on the show, which the WGA is picketing.
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