1. Daredevil
    Episode 13 Daredevil
    Daredevil Season One Finale Recap: No Cities to Love Daredevil’s finale is like the rest of the show: flashes of brilliance and fun alongside an overuse of tropes.
  2. The Ones We Leave Behind
    Episode 12 The Ones We Leave Behind
    Daredevil Recap: Bury Our Friends Can we talk about Daredevil’s women problem?
  3. The Path of the Righteous
    Episode 11 The Path of the Righteous
    Daredevil Recap: Saints and Martyrs This show needed more Claire.
  4. Nelson v. Murdock
    Episode 10 Nelson v. Murdock
    Daredevil Recap: Lies and Friendship Is it good to let people in, to form lasting connections and make ourselves vulnerable to being known?
  5. Speak of the Devil
    Episode 9 Speak of the Devil
    Daredevil Recap: The Devil Walks Among Us A serious dissonance emerges between Matt’s two worlds. 
  6. Shadows in the Glass
    Episode 8 Shadows in the Glass
    Daredevil Recap: I’m Not a Monster, Am I? Daredevil’s episode six finally reached my expectations for the series, but “Shadows in the Glass” far exceeds them.
  7. Stick
    Episode 7 Stick
    Daredevil Recap: Black Sky Matt can tell when someone is in love, or dying, or the exact emotional needs of a dog.
  8. Condemned
    Episode 6 Condemned
    Daredevil Recap: Men Like Us This is so far the best episode of the series.
  9. World On Fire
    Episode 5 World On Fire
    Daredevil Recap: A Life in Search of Power This episode, we see how Wilson Fisk’s vast network works, and how deep it goes.
  10. Rabbit in a Snowstorm
    Episode 3 Rabbit in a Snowstorm
    Daredevil Recap: These Are the Facts After complaining about those less-than gory fight sequences, we get some doozies in this one.
  11. Cut Man
    Episode 2 Cut Man
    Daredevil Recap: Take It on Faith Enter Rosario Dawson.
  12. Into the Ring
    Episode 1 Into the Ring
    Daredevil Series Premiere Recap: Let the Devil Out This show is dark in a film noir way, without needing to put on and point out its fedora.
  1. A Cold Day In Hell’s Kitchen
    Episode 13 A Cold Day In Hell’s Kitchen
    Daredevil Season Finale Recap: This Is Not the End Is murder ever okay? Daredevil certainly doesn’t know.
  2. The Dark at the End of the Tunnel
    Episode 12 The Dark at the End of the Tunnel
    Daredevil Recap: Talk to the Hand Elektra has been turned into a MacGuffin.
  3. .380
    Episode 11 .380
    Daredevil Recap: The Hunt for the Blacksmith Who will find the mysterious drug lord first: Daredevil or the Punisher?
  4. The Man in the Box
    Episode 10 The Man in the Box
    Daredevil Recap: Matt Murdock, Super-Jerk Matt has forgotten how to be a decent human being.
  5. Seven Minutes in Heaven
    Episode 9 Seven Minutes in Heaven
    Daredevil Recap: The Big Surprise Things are about to get really weird.
  6. Guilty as Sin
    Episode 8 Guilty as Sin
    Daredevil Recap: Ninja Fight! Daredevil finally gets serious about its ninjas.
  7. Semper Fidelis
    Episode 7 Semper Fidelis
    Daredevil Recap: The People vs. Frank Castle It’s finally time for the Punisher to stand trial.
  8. Regrets Only
    Episode 6 Regrets Only
    Daredevil Recap: 20 Questions With a Killer Daredevil pivots back toward courtroom drama, with a side of Yakuza brawling.
  9. Kinbaku
    Episode 5 Kinbaku
    Daredevil Recap: Date Night Matt Murdock is not a romantic guy.
  10. Penny and Dime
    Episode 4 Penny and Dime
    Daredevil Recap: Finding Frank Castle As the Punisher faces off against the Irish mob, Matt and Karen get romantic.
  11. New York’s Finest
    Episode 3 New York’s Finest
    Daredevil Recap: The Killing Joke Hallway fight! Hallway fight! Hallway fight!
  12. Dogs to a Gunfight
    Episode 2 Dogs to a Gunfight
    Daredevil Recap: One-Man Army In the world of Daredevil, violence breeds more violence.
  13. Bang
    Episode 1 Bang
    Daredevil Season Premiere Recap: Punishment It’s like The Terminator, but with superheroes.
  1. A New Napkin
    Episode 13 A New Napkin
    Daredevil Finale Recap: Who Is the Real Man Without Fear? Three seasons in, Matt Murdock still doesn’t seem to know who he is or what he wants Daredevil to be — and neither do we.
  2. One Last Shot
    Episode 12 One Last Shot
    Daredevil Recap: Nelson and Murdock Ride Again Matt & Co. help prepare Nadeem to testify in an episode that returns to some well-trod thematic material.
  3. Reunion
    Episode 11 Reunion
    Daredevil Recap: Hey Matt, Remember Your Friends? Wilson Fisk’s power grab is now complete.
  4. Karen
    Episode 10 Karen
    Daredevil Recap: The Origin of Karen Page In Daredevil, men do things and Karen Page pays for them.
  5. Revelations
    Episode 9 Revelations
    Daredevil Recap: Out of the Past Matt confronts a secret about his identity as Fisk tightens his grip.
  6. Upstairs/Downstairs
    Episode 8 Upstairs/Downstairs
    Daredevil Recap: Karen vs. Fisk Karen confronts Fisk and things do not go according to plan as Matt continues to brood.
  7. Aftermath
    Episode 7 Aftermath
    Daredevil Recap: A Table Full of Unanswered Phones There’s a moment in “Aftermath” that really messed me up.
  8. The Devil You Know
    Episode 6 The Devil You Know
    Daredevil Recap: Matt Murdock, Meet Daredevil Matt, Karen, and Foggy struggle to forgive and forget then a costumed character’s unexpected arrival complicates matter.
  9. The Perfect Game
    Episode 5 The Perfect Game
    Daredevil Recap: The Origin of Benjamin Poindexter The focus shifts to a supporting player’s troubled history as Matt’s troubles intensify.
  10. Blindsided
    Episode 4 Blindsided
    Daredevil Recap: In Hallways, We Have Fights In a standout episode, Matt takes on prisoner after prisoner in the most ambitious fight scene yet seen in Marvel’s Netflix series.
  11. No Good Deed
    Episode 3 No Good Deed
    Daredevil Recap: Matt Lets the Devil Out Fisk settles into life as a free man, shoring up Matt’s determination that he not stay free for long.
  12. Please
    Episode 2 Please
    Daredevil Recap: Matt Murdock Has an Attitude Problem Matt continues to reconcile his faith with his double life as Fisk prepares to go home.
  13. Resurrection
    Episode 1 Resurrection
    Daredevil Recap: Back in Black, Still a Sad Sack Though the world still thinks him dead, Matt hits the streets with a vengeance, and with more than a little desperation, in the season three premiere.

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