Dash & Lily

  1. Episode 8 New Year’s Eve
    Dash & Lily Finale Recap: Thank You, Nick Jonas We head back to The Strand for the happy ended we’ve been waiting for, with an assist from a JoBro.
  2. Episode 7 Christmas
    Dash & Lily Recap: Headaches and Heartaches It’s finally Christmas Day, and wow do things go downhill fast for Dash and Lily. Maybe it is the most detestable time of the year.
  3. Episode 6 Christmas Eve
    Dash & Lily Recap: Party Games Old habits may die hard, but lucky for Dash and Lily, they both have people in their lives to point these things out to them.
  4. Episode 5 Sofia & Edgar
    Dash & Lily Recap: Listen to Your Mochi Dash and Lily are in each other’s heads now and all the better for it.
  5. Episode 4 Cinderella
    Dash & Lily Recap: A Boy With a Boot We finally meet Aunt Lillian, a.k.a. the famous Mrs. Basil E., a woman who gets things done.
  6. Episode 3 Hanukkah
    Dash & Lily Recap: Challah Back Girl Get back out there, Lily!
  7. Episode 2 Lily
    Dash & Lily Recap: Turn the Page We watch the story of the red notebook play out from Lily’s perspective, and in the process get to know her much better than Dash currently does.
  8. Episode 1 Dash
    Dash & Lily Premiere Recap: Do You Dare? Of course Dash dares. What else would we be doing here?

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    Finding Forrester TV Show Hoping to Discover Who’s the Man Now, Dog NBC is working on an adaptation of the 2000 Gus Van Sant drama.
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    Gabrielle Union and Jemele Hill Are Working on Their New Money The comedy series is currently in development at Showtime.
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    The Flight Attendant Is a Goofy-Sad Escapist Caper for Our Times It feels odd to call a thriller a romp, but that’s about where this snappy, Kaley Cuoco–starring HBO Max series lands.
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    The Queen’s Gambit Is the Forrest Gump of Chess It knocks you out with its lush costume design and production, while its beautiful white heroine slips unscathed past the roiling traumas of the era.
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    Billie Eilish Gives ’Em Her Best in 2020 AMAs ‘Therefore I Am’ Performance Did you have fun? You know we did!
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    Kyle Rittenhouse’s Attorney Thanked Ricky Schroder for Contributing to Bail The former Silver Spoons actor contributed $150,000 to the bail fund, according to TMZ.
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    Other Than That, Hopefully Lukas Gage’s Audition Went Well The Euphoria actor overheard a director’s opinion of his “tiny” apartment during a Zoom audition.