Dead to Me

  1. Episode 10 You Have to Go
    Dead to Me Season Finale Recap: Make Amends In which the man who helped tear Jen and Judy’s friendship apart ends up bringing them back together.
  2. Episode 9 I Have to Be Honest
    Dead to Me Recap: Please Forgive Me The truth comes out, but who will pay the price?
  3. Episode 8 Try To Stop Me
    Dead to Me Recap: Misery Incorporated While Jen takes Ted’s murder investigation into her own hands, Judy compounds one bad decision with another.
  4. Episode 7 I Can Handle It
    Dead to Me Recap: Hard Evidence What exactly is Judy after, bringing Nick into this case? Does she even know?
  5. Episode 6 Oh My God
    Dead to Me Recap: No Car, No Crime While Jen is preoccupied with her failures as a parent, Judy continues down her self-destructive spiral.
  6. Episode 5 I’ve Gotta Get Away
    Dead to Me Recap: Don’t Leave Me This Way At a grief retreat in Palm Springs, the ladies flirt and forge new connections — including one that may spell trouble for Judy.
  7. Episode 4 I Can’t Go Back
    Dead to Me Recap: The California King Jen and Judy turn their investigative focus from figuring out who killed Ted to figuring out what kind of life he led while he was alive.
  8. Episode 3 It’s All My Fault
    Dead to Me Recap: Mommy Dearest Jen’s instantly detestable mother-in-law enters the equation to complicate what we know and feel about her and Ted’s marriage.
  9. Episode 2 Maybe I’m Crazy
    Dead to Me Recap: Fast and Furious As Judy attempts to exorcise the demons from Jen’s house, Jen gets a telling glimpse into her friend’s old life.
  10. Episode 1 Pilot
    Dead to Me Season Premiere Recap: 2 Broken Girls What at first appears to be a story about finding friendship through grief is quickly revealed as something much darker and more complex.

The Latest Dead to Me News

  1. emmys 2019
    Christina Applegate Wins an Honorary Emmy for Most Savage Red-Carpet Interviews Giuliana Rancic and Jenny McCarthy are still recovering.
  2. video
    Christina Applegate Explains the Backstory of Jen’s Mastectomy on Dead to Me “It’s something that I just never saw anyone really discuss in any show.”
  3. video
    Linda Cardellini Is Good at Keeping Secrets So is her character Judy in Dead to Me.
  4. close reads
    The Rise of the Female Buddy Dramedy Dead to Me, Booksmart, Tuca & Bertie, and other recent movies and TV shows prove that this is a golden era for female duos.
  5. dead to me
    9 Lingering Dead to Me Questions Season 2 Needs to Answer Netflix confirmed its hit dramedy will live on, but where will this story of wine-drinking and murder-hiding go after season one’s cliffhanger ending?
  6. chat room
    How Dead to Me Convinced Christina Applegate to Do TV Again The Netflix star on “semi-retirement” and writing a double mastectomy into her character’s story.
  7. season renewals
    Netflix’s Dead to Me Lives On The Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini dark comedy has been renewed for a second season.
  8. tv review
    Netflix’s Dead to Me Is Highly Watchable, But Is That Enough? The new thriller/comedy starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini goes down easy, but the season as a whole feels weirdly underbaked.
  9. a few good men
    James Marsden, Who Is Very Much Alive, to Star in Netflix Series Dead to Me Let’s celebrate a true leading man.
  10. Christina Applegate to Star in Will Ferrell–Produced Netflix Comedy Dead to Me She’ll play a widow who meets “a free spirit with a shocking secret.”