Deadly Class

  1. Episode 5 Saudade
    Deadly Class Recap: Road Trippin’ A drug-trip episode sidesteps self-indulgence with eye-popping visual design and some poignant little character beats.
  2. Episode 4 Mirror People
    Deadly Class Recap: Don’t You Forget About Me The series does its obligatory riff on The Breakfast Club, then promptly blows it up.
  3. Episode 3 Snake Pit
    Deadly Class recap: Ballroom Blitz The series zooms out from its focus on Marcus to tell stories about other King’s Dominion residents, and is stronger for it.
  4. Episode 2 Noise, Noise, Noise
    Deadly Class Recap: Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ A frustrating sophomore episode centers on yet another high-school movie cliché: the crazy house party.
  5. Episode 1 Pilot
    Deadly Class Premiere Recap: First Day of School The series introduces its nasty twist on the familiar “chosen one” fantasy via a series of familiar new-kid-in-school tropes.

The Latest Deadly Class News

  1. vulture festival la
    Lana Condor Had to Hold Onto Her Wig for Her Deadly Class Fight Scenes She’s very happy she cut her hair.