Dear White People

  1. Episode 10 Chapter X
    Dear White People Recap: I Am Lionel, Hear Me Roar! “Chapter X” is an episode about everybody in Dear White People.
  2. Episode 9 Chapter IX
    Dear White People Recap: The Truth About TroCo Coco’s relationship with Troy is an ideal, not a sustainable reality.
  3. Episode 8 Chapter VIII
    Dear White People Recap: To Catch a Journalist Is journalism the right profession for Lionel?
  4. Episode 7 Chapter VII
    Dear White People Recap: Hate It When Bae Lies Gabe drops a huge bombshell in “Chapter VII.”
  5. Episode 6 Chapter VI
    Dear White People Recap: After the Party “As soon as you double down on your blackness, they will double down on their bull.”
  6. Episode 5 Chapter V
    Dear White People Recap: Woke or Not Woke? This fantastic episode ends with a powerful coda that left me emotionally stunned.
  7. Episode 4 Chapter IV
    Dear White People Recap: The Ballad of Coco and Sam Logan Browning and Antoinette Robertson are terrific in this episode.
  8. Episode 3 Chapter III
    Dear White People Recap: The Obama of Winchester University “Chapter III” is all about Troy Fairbanks.
  9. Episode 2 Chapter II
    Dear White People Recap: Finding Your Label “Lionel wasn’t always a revolutionary. Don’t let the Afro fool you.”
  10. Episode 1 Chapter I
    Dear White People Series Premiere Recap: Party Like It’s 1949 In its first episode, Dear White People crafts a take-no-prisoners approach to comedy and satire.

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