Dear White People

  1. Episode 10 Chapter X
    Dear White People Recap: I Am Lionel, Hear Me Roar! “Chapter X” is an episode about everybody in Dear White People.
  2. Episode 9 Chapter IX
    Dear White People Recap: The Truth About TroCo Coco’s relationship with Troy is an ideal, not a sustainable reality.
  3. Episode 8 Chapter VIII
    Dear White People Recap: To Catch a Journalist Is journalism the right profession for Lionel?
  4. Episode 7 Chapter VII
    Dear White People Recap: Hate It When Bae Lies Gabe drops a huge bombshell in “Chapter VII.”
  5. Episode 6 Chapter VI
    Dear White People Recap: After the Party “As soon as you double down on your blackness, they will double down on their bull.”
  6. Episode 5 Chapter V
    Dear White People Recap: Woke or Not Woke? This fantastic episode ends with a powerful coda that left me emotionally stunned.
  7. Episode 4 Chapter IV
    Dear White People Recap: The Ballad of Coco and Sam Logan Browning and Antoinette Robertson are terrific in this episode.
  8. Episode 3 Chapter III
    Dear White People Recap: The Obama of Winchester University “Chapter III” is all about Troy Fairbanks.
  9. Episode 2 Chapter II
    Dear White People Recap: Finding Your Label “Lionel wasn’t always a revolutionary. Don’t let the Afro fool you.”
  10. Episode 1 Chapter I
    Dear White People Series Premiere Recap: Party Like It’s 1949 In its first episode, Dear White People crafts a take-no-prisoners approach to comedy and satire.

The Latest TV News

  1. tributes
    The Industry Pays Tribute to Norman Lear Rita Moreno, Rob Reiner, Wanda Sykes, Quinta Brunson, Gloria Calderón Kellett, and Joe Biden remembered the TV titan.
  2. battle of the brands
    The Yellowstone Coffee Brands Have Beef Taylor Sheridan’s Bosque Ranch is suing Cole Hauser’s coffee brand, Free Rein, over trademark infringement.
  3. in memoriam
    All the Major Broadcast Networks Are Coming Together to Honor Norman Lear CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, and the CW will simulcast an “in memoriam” tribute card to the architect of the modern sitcom.
  4. vulture lists
    The Best British Spy Shows to Stream Right Now Espionage and escapism, what more can you ask for?
  5. lost media
    The Mystery of the Lost X-Files Song Has Been Solved “this seems like a real x files case to me,” one Redditor wrote of the song.
  6. 25 days of reality
    Carolyn Wiger Answers Every Question We Have About Survivor Season 44 On that Final Tribal Council and subverting the “kooky lady” archetype: “Do I care what people think? Yes, but not enough to change what I’m doing.”
  7. remembrance
    Norman Lear’s Truth He depicted the American experiment, one family at a time.
  8. coming soon
    Drag Race Is Returning to Its 90-Minute Glory for Season 16 Beginning January 5 with a talent-show challenge — and a twist.
  9. trailer mix
    Elvis Got Drafted Again Austin Butler stars in WWII series Masters of the Air with Barry Keoghan and Ncuti Gatwa.
  10. cue stomach sounds
    Squid Game: The Challenge Season Two Gets the Green Light Start saving your spit.