1. Episode 10 I Felt a Funeral, In My Brain
    Dickinson Season Finale Recap: ’Til Death Emily spends Sue’s wedding day as only she can: fantasizing once again about death.
  2. Episode 9 ’Faith’ Is a Fine Invention
    Dickinson Recap: Total Eclipse of the Heart It was only a matter of time before Emily had to face death for real.
  3. Episode 8 There’s a Certain Slant of Light
    Dickinson Recap: Guess Who’s Coming at Dinner? It’s Christmas at the Dickinson household, complete with drunken carols, sexual escapades at the dinner table, and one Louisa May Alcott!
  4. Episode 7 We Lose — Because We Win
    Dickinson Recap: Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail For Papa Dickinson, all that matters is Election Day. For his daughters, who cannot vote, all that matters is that the circus is coming to town.
  5. Episode 6 A Brief, But Patient Illness
    Dickinson Recap: You Give Me Fever This episode has everything: elaborate trickery, the arrival of a cute new potential love interest, and the introduction of an iconic Dickinson verse.
  6. Episode 5 I am Afraid to Own a Body
    Dickinson Recap: Living for Drama News of a fugitive slave in town has divided Amherst, but our dumb George is more concerned with matters of the heart.
  7. Episode 4 Alone, I Cannot Be
    Dickinson Recap: The Tracks of My Tears Em learns two very important lessons: that you should never meet your heroes, and that Thoreau’s mom did his laundry.
  8. Episode 3 Wild Nights
    Dickinson Recap: A Period Piece Life may be an endless sea of pain, but at least there’s opium.
  9. Episode 2 I Have Never Seen ‘Volcanoes’
    Dickinson Recap: I’ll Make a Man Out of You The volcano metaphor may be familiar, but an episode built around Emily Dickinson having her first orgasm is something you won’t find anywhere else.
  10. Episode 1 Because I Could Not Stop
    Dickinson Series Premiere Recap: Lust for Afterlife Meet Emily, our rebellious, ambitious, weird, and — most crucially — horny teenage hero.

The Latest Dickinson News

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    If Emily Dickinson Were Alive Today, She’d Love Billie Eilish Dickinson pairs the 19th-century poet’s life with modern needle drops. Here’s how they picked out 12 songs.
  2. the industry
    Dickinson, See, and For All Mankind Renewed at Apple TV+ Congrats to anybody who likes Sexy Emily Dickinson, Jason Momoa, and/or alternate history sci-fi.
  3. emergency discussion
    All Hail Dickinson, a TV Show Made Specifically for Literary Weirdos We feel like we’re being trolled.
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    Emily Dickinson Didn’t Really Get High on Opium at a House Party, Right? It’s doubtful, but we asked a Dickinson scholar just to be sure.
  5. bees?
    Yes, Dickinson Cast Jason Mantzoukas As a Giant Talking Bee You may also recognize the bee puppet from The Nice Guys.
  6. adaptations
    Let’s Set More of Our Literary Idols on Fire Alena Smith’s Dickinson blows a mouthful of pot smoke in the face of the biopic genre. More, please!
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    Can Apple Become the Google of Television? The tech giant isn’t just making TV shows. It wants to be your streaming home page.
  8. dickinson
    Toby Huss and Jane Krakowski Took a Very Awkward, Dickinson-Themed Road Trip “We’re like a bickering married couple. We don’t have to work on that for the show.“
  9. tv review
    Dickinson Is a Different, Better Kind of Origin Story The new Apple TV+ comedy starring Hailee Steinfeld is the sexy, queer, goth coming-of-age tale of your surrealist dreams.
  10. wild nights
    The Story Behind Dickinson, a Sexy, Queer, Gothic, Millennial Apple TV+ Sitcom Sexy Dickinson, explained.