Difficult People

  1. Episode 10 High Alert
    Difficult People Season Finale Recap: One of a (Richard) Kind We’ve laughed, we’ve learned, we’ve vomited into beaver diapers.
  2. Episode 9 Cedar Cove
    Difficult People Recap: Fluish American Princess “Dreams are coming true for us! They just don’t happen to be our dreams.”
  3. Episode 8 Hashtag Cats
    Difficult People Recap: Try the Veal Everything Method Man does in this episode is solid gold.
  4. Episode 7 Carter
    Difficult People Recap: Throwing Away Their Shot Hey, it’s Lin-Manuel Miranda!
  5. Episode 6 36 Candles
    Difficult People Recap: Tinder Roof Rusted Is Julie and Billy’s friendship bad for them?
  6. Episode 5 Patches
    Difficult People Recap: Pritty Bahloons Every detail we learn about Arthur is a perfect Arthur detail.
  7. Episode 4 Blade Stallion
    Difficult People Recap: The Porn Identity “Isn’t it funny how Jimmy Fallon has turned The Tonight Show into a children’s party?”
  8. Episode 3 Italian Piñata
    Difficult People Recap: Jersey, Gurl Julie and Billy go to Hoboken.
  9. Episode 2 Kessler Epstein Foundation
    Difficult People Recap: Toilet Hands Across America “I saw Mouse Hunt in the theater, you schmuck!”
  10. Episode 1 Unplugged
    Difficult People Season Premiere Recap: Old-Timey Difficult People isn’t for everyone. But then, nothing good is.

The Latest TV News

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    Seth Meyers Takes One Last Closer Look at the Trump Presidency “You left the nation in ruins.”
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    Here’s How to Watch the 2021 Presidential Inauguration of Joe Biden What time is it? Can I watch it if I don’t have TV? What’s the deal with the Celebrating America prime-time special? We have the answers.
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    The Bachelorette’s Clare Crawley Splits From Her Halloween-Costume-Model Fiancé Months after they blew up the show.
  5. trailer mix
    Jules’s 2020 Was Worse Than Yours in the Euphoria Special Episode Trailer But her eye makeup? Still fantastic.
  6. consequences
    After All This, Donald Trump Could Lose His SAG Card, Too How will he get health care?
  7. nostalgia
    Governor Zach Morris Signs Saved by the Bell Season 2 Into Legislation We’re getting 10 more episodes.
  8. muppetational news
    All of The Muppet Show Is Heading to Disney+ The curtains rise on February 19.
  9. politics
    What I Learned in the Late-Night Joke Mines Current and former writers reflect on trying to wring humor from the Trump administration.
  10. snl
    The One Thing All Great SNL Political Impressions Need The show’s take on Joe Biden won’t be funny until it makes an argument.