Difficult People

  1. Episode 10 High Alert
    Difficult People Season Finale Recap: One of a (Richard) Kind We’ve laughed, we’ve learned, we’ve vomited into beaver diapers.
  2. Episode 9 Cedar Cove
    Difficult People Recap: Fluish American Princess “Dreams are coming true for us! They just don’t happen to be our dreams.”
  3. Episode 8 Hashtag Cats
    Difficult People Recap: Try the Veal Everything Method Man does in this episode is solid gold.
  4. Episode 7 Carter
    Difficult People Recap: Throwing Away Their Shot Hey, it’s Lin-Manuel Miranda!
  5. Episode 6 36 Candles
    Difficult People Recap: Tinder Roof Rusted Is Julie and Billy’s friendship bad for them?
  6. Episode 5 Patches
    Difficult People Recap: Pritty Bahloons Every detail we learn about Arthur is a perfect Arthur detail.
  7. Episode 4 Blade Stallion
    Difficult People Recap: The Porn Identity “Isn’t it funny how Jimmy Fallon has turned The Tonight Show into a children’s party?”
  8. Episode 3 Italian Piñata
    Difficult People Recap: Jersey, Gurl Julie and Billy go to Hoboken.
  9. Episode 2 Kessler Epstein Foundation
    Difficult People Recap: Toilet Hands Across America “I saw Mouse Hunt in the theater, you schmuck!”
  10. Episode 1 Unplugged
    Difficult People Season Premiere Recap: Old-Timey Difficult People isn’t for everyone. But then, nothing good is.

The Latest TV News

  1. departures
    Ciao, Che Diaz Che Pasa with Sara Ramírez? They might not return to And Just Like That… next season.
  2. not leaving
    Reba McEntire Doesn’t Need a Side Hustle She has no plans to get up from The Voice’s spinning chair.
  3. peak (iw)tv
    Interview With the Vampire Is Entering Its Emily in Paris Arc “Start the tape.”
  4. the real mccoy
    Jack McCoy’s 14 Best Episodes of Law & Order Saying farewell to Sam Waterston’s fiery District Attorney.
  5. buffering
    Do Nielsen Ratings Really Reflect What People Want From Streamers? How many people are actually streaming Suits and Young Sheldon?
  6. protests
    Pro-Palestine Protest Disrupts Film Independent Spirit Awards “We are at the beach, and people are expressing their freedom of speech, said host Aidy Bryant.
  7. semi-charmed kind of feud
    What’s Going on With the Cast of Charmed? This drama is old enough to rent a car.
  8. obits
    Once Upon a Time’s Chris Gauthier, Dead at 48 “You were the real captain!!” wrote Colin O’Donoghue, OUAT’s Captain Hook.
  9. awards szn
    Here Are the Winners of the 2024 Film Independent Spirit Awards Including The Holdovers, May December, and Beef.
  10. awards szn
    Aidy Bryant Opens the Film Independent Spirit Awards (a.k.a. the Bi Oscars) “Charles Melton, everyone wants to have sex with you, you stupid bitch!”