Doom Patrol

  1. Episode 9 Wax Patrol
    Doom Patrol Season-Finale Recap: Your Own Personal Jesus (and Cowboy) In true Doom Patrol fashion, the Doom Patrol season finale has to make the best out of a bad situation.
  2. Episode 8 Dad Patrol
    Doom Patrol Recap: The Living Years Puberty rears its ugly head as the true Big Bad of the season.
  3. Episode 7 Dumb Patrol
    Doom Patrol Recap: Must Be Scants on the Brain Despite not having any contact with the Scants, Niles just continues to have bad idea after bad idea when it comes to his daughter.
  4. Episode 6 Space Patrol
    Doom Patrol Recap: Space Cases Dorothy and Cliff have a breakthrough, and Niles has a breakdown.
  5. Episode 5 Finger Patrol
    Doom Patrol Recap: Baby Doll’s Day Out What starts as a simple plot about two kids running around an old mansion becomes a huge shift for the series.
  6. Episode 4 Sex Patrol
    Doom Patrol Recap: I Need Ooh La La La La Niles was right: Nothing good happens after bedtime.
  7. Episode 3 Pain Patrol
    Doom Patrol Recap: Jane’s Addiction Just three episodes into the season, Jane’s intervention — or “performance improvement plan” — feels like a major turning point.
  8. Episode 2 Tyme Patrol
    Doom Patrol Recap: Toot, Toot … Ah … Beep, Beep Is there any better distillation of what we expect from this show than a villain with a clock for a face who loves roller skating and Donna Summer?
  9. Episode 1 Fun Size Patrol
    Doom Patrol Season Premiere Recap: Everybody’s Working for the Weekend The DCTV series moves to HBO Max and gets right back into the swing of its characters’ collective and individual trauma. Plus, tiny pancakes!

The Latest TV News

  1. coming soon
    Abbott Elementary Is Back in Session on September 21 And running through the whole school year with a full 22-episode season.
  2. buzz! buzz!
    Who Manifested Simone Kessell As Adult Lottie in Yellowjackets? Looks like Courtney Eaton is now a series regular.
  3. sweet!
    Ellie Kemper and Zach Cherry to Co-host The Great American Baking Show The Bake Off spinoff premieres in 2023.
  4. trailer mix
    Wednesday Teaser: The Addams Family Has Scholastic Problems and Spooky Solutions Jenna Ortega stars as the titular piranha-wielding teen.
  5. role play
    Hassan Johnson Is Television’s Funniest Gangster From Wee-Bey on The Wire to Drew on Flatbush Misdemeanors, the actor has mastered playing terrifying characters who get laughs.
  6. alternate endings
    Better Call Saul Could Have Ended Very Differently Jesse in prison, Gene in color, and the other possibilities considered, sincerely and in jest, for the end of this decade-and-a-half-spanning saga.
  7. clear eyes full hearts
    W Magazine’s Uncanny Valley TV Cosplay, Ranked From last-minute Halloween costume to, well, store-bought Halloween costume.
  8. batter up!
    All of A League of Their Own’s Nods to the 1992 Peaches Of course the Prime Video series knows “there’s no crying in baseball,” but that’s just the beginning of its many winks to the movie.
  9. a long talk
    Kim Wexler’s Curtain Call Better Call Saul’s Rhea Seehorn looks back on six seasons spent getting inside ‘an extremely inscrutable character.’
  10. the o group
    Wait, How Many Homes Has Selling Sunset Star Chrishell Stause Sold? “As of June, I think I’ve done seven deals so far in real estate …”