Emily in Paris

  1. Episode 10 Cancel Culture
    Emily in Paris Season-Finale Recap: On With the Show The season draws to a close with a surfeit of questionable Emily decisions, but slightly fewer French clichés than usual.
  2. Episode 9 An American Auction in Paris
    Emily in Paris Recap: On a Silver Splatter How will Emily put a positive spin this fashion catastrophe, and who will be utterly charmed by her attempts to do so?
  3. Episode 8 Family Affair
    Emily in Paris Recap: Well, He Was Just 17 Why is everyone in this show so bad at communicating?
  4. Episode 7 French Ending
    Emily in Paris Recap: The Story of Us Looks a Lot Like a Tragedy Now Isn’t it a little late in the season to add yet another potential contender for Emily’s affection into the mix?
  5. Episode 6 Ringarde
    Emily in Paris Recap: You Know You Love Me What’s worse, an asshole masquerading as an intellectual, or an asshole masquerading as a nice guy?
  6. Episode 5 Faux Amis
    Emily in Paris Recap: Under the Influence Emily’s job hangs in the balance after yet another avertable disaster.
  7. Episode 4 A Kiss Is Just a Kiss
    Emily in Paris Recap: Perfume Genius Another man is at least intrigued by, if not fully smitten with, Emily, as the laws of this show’s universe require.
  8. Episode 3 Sexy or Sexist
    Emily in Paris Recap: Liberté, Égalité, Nudité Will Emily decide that to be desired IS, in fact, her fantasy?!
  9. Episode 2 Masculin Feminin
    Emily in Paris Recap: Mistress America Can the French save Emily from the cult of monogamy?
  10. Episode 1 Emily in Paris
    Emily in Paris Premiere Recap: The Girl Who Went to Paris … and didn’t bother to learn how to speak French.
  1. Episode 10 French Revolution
    Emily in Paris Season-Finale Recap: Choose Your Own Adventure For some reason, Emily thinks this is a hard decision, rather than a very cool and convenient opportunity.
  2. Episode 9 Scents & Sensibility
    Emily in Paris Recap: Mixing Business With Pleasure Mommy and mommy are fighting! Emily is torn asunder! This should have happened, like, five episodes ago!
  3. Episode 8 Champagne Problems
    Emily in Paris Recap: The Cutting Edge A detour to the Chateau theoretically complicates things for Emily, but in practice just leads to another dead end.
  4. Episode 7 The Cook, the Thief, Her Ghost and His Lover
    Emily in Paris Recap: Just Play It Cool, Boy What’s this? A guy with an air-conditioned apartment in Paris and something resembling actual chemistry with Emily?
  5. Episode 6 Boiling Point
    Emily in Paris Recap: Scenes From a Parisian Restaurant Gabriel and Antoine apparently never discussed their vision for their restaurant’s future before opening night. Seems weird!
  6. Episode 5 An Englishman in Paris
    Emily in Paris Recap: The Love Boat Finally, a good and story-centric use of Mindy!
  7. Episode 4 Jules and Em
    Emily in Paris Recap: What We Have Here Is a Failure to Communicate Our show has painted itself into quite the corner here re: Emily’s redemption.
  8. Episode 3 Bon Anniversaire!
    Emily in Paris Recap: Well, If It Isn’t the Consequences of My Own Actions Emily’s birthday ends up being a gift to anyone who’s been wanting something resembling stakes on this show.
  9. Episode 2 Do You Know the Way to St. Tropez?
    Emily in Paris Recap: Out of Office Camille is providing a neat solution to all of Emily’s problems and Emily’s response is to attempt to derail it at every opportunity.
  10. Episode 1 Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi?
    Emily in Paris Season-Premiere Recap: I Did Something Bad Emily may have to do something this show has never demanded of her before: face the consequences of her actions.

The Latest Emily in Paris News

  1. development hell
    The 4 Shows Netflix Is Looking for Right Now These shows are guaranteed for two seasons (and only two seasons).
  2. snl
    Peyton Manning Is Emily in Paris’ Biggest Stan He stopped by SNL’s “Weekend Update” to prove it.
  3. le sigh
    Lucas Bravo Shares the Pain of Being Hot and French That guy from that thing hates being famous so much, you guys.
  4. bon anniversaire
    OMG, Emily (in Paris) Has an Age! One of the great mysteries of our time has been solved in the most fleeting, random way possible.
  5. chat room
    Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu Loves Playing Emily in Paris’ ‘French Bitch’ “We’re making fun of everybody, basically. That’s the charm of the show.”
  6. oh good
    Emily Will Be Less Annoying in Emily in Paris Season Two According to showrunner Darren Star.
  7. golden globes 2021
    Emily in Paris Gave Golden Globe Voters a Lavish Set Visit in 2019 “‘They treated us like kings and queens.’”
  8. comment dites-vous snub?
    Emily in Paris Writer Is Also Raging Over I May Destroy You’s Golden Globes Snub “It’s not only wrong, it’s what is wrong with everything.”
  9. d'accord
    Emily in Paris Has Been Renewed for Season Deux Fantastic French Men and Where to Find Them, Season Two: The Crimes of Emily in Paris.
  10. beef
    Why Does Netflix Hate Chicago? Holidate, Emily in Paris, and The Princess Switch all make the city seem like a mall-clogged wasteland of Cubs bars and hats that read “Chicago.”