Escape at Dannemora

  1. Episode 7 Part 7
    Escape at Dannemora Finale Recap: A Horse Isn’t a Horse Matt and Sweat’s brief time on the lam makes for some entertaining moments, but sags with the weight of failed urgency.
  2. Episode 6 Part 6
    Escape at Dannemora Recap: Past Due After five episodes of pulling punches, Dannemora goes all-in and makes us eyewitnesses to Matt and Sweat’s gruesome past crimes.
  3. Episode 5 Part 5
    Escape at Dannemora Recap: Pipe Splitters Matt and Sweat’s breakout, and the pulse-pounding leadup to it, revive the flagging series just in time.
  4. Episode 4 Part 4
    Escape at Dannemora Review: Tilly and the Wall Tilly and Lyle both continue to teeter between pathetic and sympathetic.
  5. Episode 3 Part 3
    Escape at Dannemora Recap: Making Ends Meat As the series inches ever closer to the real action, Tilly has gotten in deep — and gotten careless.
  6. Episode 2 Part 2
    Escape at Dannemora Recap: Horsing Around An episode that narrows in on the slow-moving malaise of prison life gives us some telling glimpses of Matt’s nascent escape plan.
  7. Episode 1 Part 1
    Escape at Dannemora Premiere Recap: Prose and Cons The first chapter of director Ben Stiller’s dramatization of the real-life escape sets the scene at a prison that’s been running on autopilot.

The Latest Escape at Dannemora News

  1. video
    Paul Dano on Filming in a Real Prison for Escape at Dannemora “The size of the cells, frankly, was really shocking.”
  2. emmy insider
    Patricia Arquette Breaks Down Scenes From The Act and Escape at Dannemora “There aren’t always the greatest parts for women in TV, or anywhere, and these are great parts in their own right.”
  3. sag awards 2019
    Patricia Arquette Spoke Her Mind in Her SAG Awards Speech As she is prone to doing, and is her right.
  4. true crime
    Escape at Dannemora Subject Hates ‘Idiot’ Ben Stiller’s Showtime Series “Ben Stiller is a son-of-a-bitch liar just like the rest of the world. He doesn’t care about the truth.”
  5. not quite reality tv
    How Escape at Dannemora Actors Compare to Their Real-life Counterparts Meet the real people behind Ben Stiller’s dramatization of Richard Matt and David Sweat’s prison escape, and learn where they are now.
  6. anatomy of a scene
    How Ben Stiller Made Escape at Dannemora’s Heart-Pounding Prison Break Yes, Paul Dano really did squeeze into that claustrophobia-inducing pipe.
  7. tv review
    Escape at Dannemora Is an Extraordinary Prison Break Turned Humdrum Even with stellar performances by Patricia Arquette and Benicio del Toro, this Showtime drama is longer than it needs to be.
  8. trailer mix
    Benicio Del Toro Seduces Patricia Arquette in a New Escape at Dannemora Trailer Arquette portrays Joyce “Tilly” Mitchell, the prison employee who helped two convicts, played by Benicio Del Toro and Paul Dano, plan a break.
  9. new gigs
    Ben Stiller to Direct Showtime Drama About the Real-Life Dannemora Prison Break Escape at Dannemora will star Benicio Del Toro, Patricia Arquette, and Paul Dano.