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Zendaya stars as Ruby “Rue” Bennett, a teenager living in East Highland who is a recovering drug addict attempting to return to a “normal” life. But, that’s much easier said than done — and it might not even be possible — in Euphoria, a boundary-pushing drama that tackles a whole host of heavy and topical issues.

In addition to Zendaya, Euphoria stars Maude Apatow, Sydney Sweeney, Angus Cloud, Hunter Schafer, Barbie Ferreira, and more. The HBO series, an adaptation of an Isralei series of the same name, was created by Sam Levinson.

  1. Episode 10 Fuck Anyone Who’s Not a Sea Blob
    Euphoria Special Recap: Most Girls In its second, Jules-centric holiday special, the series returns to its ostentatious roots, undercutting the potential of its own story.
  2. Episode 9 Trouble Don’t Last Always
    Euphoria Special Recap: Something More Than Yourself The series’s greatest strengths and weaknesses are revealed in a lo-fi Christmas episode centered on Zendaya’s Rue.
  3. Episode 8 And Salt the Earth Behind You
    Euphoria Season Finale Recap: Guilty or Innocent A bravura final sequence confirms that this show has something meaningful to say about addiction in a completely original storytelling language.
  4. Episode 7 The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed
    Euphoria Recap: Level Up An ambitious episode that attempts to depict both sides of Rue’s bipolar disorder confirms Zendaya as this series’ beating heart.
  5. Episode 6 The Next Episode
    Euphoria Recap: Let It Explode With two episodes left to go in the season, this show is reaching the bottom of its bag of tricks.
  6. Episode 5 Bonnie and Clyde ‘03
    Euphoria Recap: Me and My Boyfriend Everyone’s so desperate to live up to their idea of their imagined selves that they’re willing to endanger their real ones.
  7. Episode 4 Shook One Pt. II
    Euphoria Recap: Cowardly Hearts An episode set over one night at a school carnival is full of visual spectacle and empty teen-drama clichés.
  8. Episode 3 Made You Look
    Euphoria Recap: Terrifying, Horrifying, and Acceptable One thing this series really gets right about its teens is that they’re all mature in one way or another, just not in all of them.
  9. Episodes 1 and 2 Pilot & Stuntin’ Like My Daddy
    Euphoria Recap: A Very Narrow Window of Cool How long can this series churn through shock value before it reaches its quota?
  1. Episode 8 All My Life, My Heart Has Yearned for a Thing I Cannot Name
    Euphoria Season-Finale Recap: Reconciliation A muted finale gives Rue and Lexi an emotionally tidy ending, but leaves everything else dangling for season three to pick back up.
  2. Episode 7 The Theater and It’s Double
    Euphoria Recap: Bad Art Friend At long last, the Lexi episode delivers the much-hyped play we’ve been waiting for all season.
  3. Episode 6 A Thousand Little Trees of Blood
    Euphoria Recap: Uphill Battles Get ready for a whole lot of reckoning.
  4. Episode 5 Stand Still Like the Hummingbird
    Euphoria Recap: Rock Bottom Euphoria restages Good Time with Zendaya in suburbia.
  5. Episode 4 You Who Cannot See, Think of Those Who Can
    Euphoria Recap: Fallout The episode makes some incremental progression for the characters, but it’s largely been a season of all setup and little payoff so far.
  6. Episode 3 Ruminations: Big and Little Bullys
    Euphoria Recap: Navigating a Binary World Rue dabbles in gaslighting and drug-dealing.
  7. Episode 2 Out of Touch
    Euphoria Recap: That Was Awkward Euphoria is juggling not one but two love triangles simultaneously.
  8. Episode 1 Episode 1
    Euphoria Season-Premiere Recap: There’s My Heart The resolution to a two-year Rue and Jules breakup cliffhanger is to … have them get back together again?

More on Euphoria

  1. remembrance
    The Eyes of Angus CloudHe did not seem “of” Euphoria. Yet somehow that made him the most believable actor on the show and one of the most distinctive on TV.
  2. tributes
    Billie Eilish, Maude Apatow, Zendaya, and More Remember Angus CloudEilish dedicated “Never Felt So Alone” to him at Lollapalooza.
  3. (not) coming soon
    We’re Stuck With Two More Euphoria-Less YearsHBO says scheduling conflicts and the writers’ strike are keeping the show on standby.
  4. euphoric
    Zendaya Returns For ‘New Beginnings and Growth’ at CoachellaOk, but when is she gonna sing “Replay”?
  5. kitty girl
    Barbie Ferreira Clarifies That Her Breakup With Euphoria Was ‘Mutual’“I don’t know if it was gonna do her justice.”
  6. shoplifting
    Euphoria Star Chloe Cherry Is Facing a Retail Theft ChargeShe has been accused of stealing a $28 blouse at a store in her hometown.
  7. into it
    Sydney Sweeney Is Getting Peak-TV Exposure, but the Hustle ContinuesThe Euphoria star is part of a generation of actors navigating a Hollywood economy increasingly stacked against them.
  8. a twenty-four
    The Age of A24 TV Is Upon UsThe studio behind Euphoria and Ramy is bringing its signature cool to nearly every major streaming service in the next year.
  9. exits
    Barbie Ferreira Says She’s Graduating From Euphoria HighBye, Kat!
  10. vulture finance
    Sam Levinson Should Pay Sydney Sweeney’s MortgageShe has a family of multiple cars to feed!
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