1. Episode 5 Bonnie and Clyde ‘03
    Euphoria Recap: Me and My Boyfriend Everyone’s so desperate to live up to their idea of their imagined selves that they’re willing to endanger their real ones.
  2. Episode 4 Shook One Pt. II
    Euphoria Recap: Cowardly Hearts An episode set over one night at a school carnival is full of visual spectacle and empty teen-drama clichés.
  3. Episode 3 Made You Look
    Euphoria Recap: Terrifying, Horrifying, and Acceptable One thing this series really gets right about its teens is that they’re all mature in one way or another, just not in all of them.
  4. Episodes 1 and 2 Pilot & Stuntin’ Like My Daddy
    Euphoria Recap: A Very Narrow Window of Cool How long can this series churn through shock value before it reaches its quota?

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    A Glittery Guide to Euphoria’s Over-the-Top Eye Makeup Want to bleed glitter from your eyes like Zendaya? The show’s makeup artist walks us through the process behind three key Euphoria looks.
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    America Ferrera Says Superstore ICE Raid Could Shape the Show for Years Nico Santos told the Comic-Con crowd, “Well, I’m here. So that’s a good sign!”
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    The CW’s Nancy Drew Won’t Directly Adapt Any Books, But It Will Be Horny Is Horseshoe Bay the next town over from Riverdale?
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    Marc Maron Won’t Bad-Mouth Gallagher or Joaquin Phoenix, So Stop Asking! One storms out of hotel rooms, the other paces across sets.
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    Conan: How Tom Cruise Embodied Tropic Thunder’s Les Grossman “I want to have fat hands, and I’m going to dance.”