1. Episode 8 And Salt the Earth Behind You
    Euphoria Season Finale Recap: Guilty or Innocent A bravura final sequence confirms that this show has something meaningful to say about addiction in a completely original storytelling language.
  2. Episode 7 The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed
    Euphoria Recap: Level Up An ambitious episode that attempts to depict both sides of Rue’s bipolar disorder confirms Zendaya as this series’ beating heart.
  3. Episode 6 The Next Episode
    Euphoria Recap: Let It Explode With two episodes left to go in the season, this show is reaching the bottom of its bag of tricks.
  4. Episode 5 Bonnie and Clyde ‘03
    Euphoria Recap: Me and My Boyfriend Everyone’s so desperate to live up to their idea of their imagined selves that they’re willing to endanger their real ones.
  5. Episode 4 Shook One Pt. II
    Euphoria Recap: Cowardly Hearts An episode set over one night at a school carnival is full of visual spectacle and empty teen-drama clichés.
  6. Episode 3 Made You Look
    Euphoria Recap: Terrifying, Horrifying, and Acceptable One thing this series really gets right about its teens is that they’re all mature in one way or another, just not in all of them.
  7. Episodes 1 and 2 Pilot & Stuntin’ Like My Daddy
    Euphoria Recap: A Very Narrow Window of Cool How long can this series churn through shock value before it reaches its quota?

The Latest Euphoria News

  1. emmys 2020
    Zendaya Is the Youngest Person to Win an Emmy for Lead Actress in a Drama Series Look at the joy on her face!
  2. emmy insider
    13 Emmy-Worthy Performances That Shouldn’t Be Overlooked Akili McDowell in David Makes Man, Shira Haas in Unorthodox, Hunter Schafer in Euphoria, and more of the year’s best TV acting.
  3. covert operations
    While You Were Quarantining Zendaya and John David Washington Shot a Secret Film When Zendaya calls and asks you to write her a movie to film under quarantine, you write her a movie to film under quarantine.
  4. encounter
    You Can’t Make a Coming-of-Age Movie Without Alexa Demie High tea with the breakout star of Waves and Euphoria.
  5. come as you aren't
    The TV Teen’s Guide to Halloween Costumes On TV, as in life, adolescence is when costumes evolve from a candy-grabbing incentive to a provocative statement.
  6. backstories
    Why Euphoria Feels So Real, Even When It Isn’t Realistic A conversation with creator Sam Levinson about the filmmaking, visual aesthetic, and influences behind Euphoria.
  7. close reads
    The Trans Heroes of Euphoria and Assassination Nation To understand why Jules is such a revolutionary character, watch the last movie by Euphoria’s creator.
  8. in defense
    Euphoria Doesn’t Have a Drug Problem “It’s crucial that film and television portray addiction in an honest way,” says Euphoria creator Sam Levinson.
  9. tv review
    Euphoria’s Finale Was Visually Stunning, But What’s Beneath the Sheen? The first season of HBO’s messy teen drama ends on an ambiguous but compelling note.
  10. teen dramas
    What Euphoria Owes to Degrassi, the Godfather of Taboo Teen Dramas Before Euphoria shocked audiences with sex, drugs, and dick pics, Degrassi paved the way.