1. Episode 5 Z Is For Zombie
    Evil Recap: Exorcising the Exorcist Sister Andrea’s endgame with David and Leland is a mystery, but for now we should all just be enjoying the ride.
  2. Episode 4 E Is For Elevator
    Evil Recap: Next Time Take the Stairs Somehow the clickity-clacking 1960s half-body ghost girl is not the scary centerpiece of this episode.
  3. Episode 3 F Is For Fire
    Evil Recap: Coming in Hot Another creepy kid to add to Evil’s collection.
  4. Episode 2 A Is For Avenging Angel
    Evil Recap: Wedding Planning With the Devil Leave it to Evil to make angels as terrifying as demons.
  5. Episode 1 N Is For Night Terrors
    Evil Season-Premiere Recap: The New Parishioner Two different possessions of dubious credibility shake up our core dynamics in a characteristically off-the-wall premiere.

The Latest Evil News

  1. chat room
    Evil’s Katja Herbers Is Exploring a Darker Side of Kristen in Season Two Plus, on Paramount+, she can say “f*ck” now.
  2. emmy insider
    13 Emmy-Worthy Performances That Shouldn’t Be Overlooked Akili McDowell in David Makes Man, Shira Haas in Unorthodox, Hunter Schafer in Euphoria, and more of the year’s best TV acting.
  3. chat room
    Evil’s Michael Emerson Isn’t a Bad Guy, He’s Just Good at Playing Them Please don’t scream and run away when you see him on the street.
  4. save us mike colter!
    The 21 Freakiest Things That Happened on Evil This Season Grab a canned margarita, or several, we’re breaking down the scariest, creepiest, most WTF moments of the CBS paranormal procedural’s first season.
  5. season renewals
    CBS Freshman Series Reign Supreme With Full Slate of Renewals Five series received second- or full-season orders.
  6. forgive us father
    If Your TV Show Doesn’t Have a Hot Priest, What Are You Even Doing? From Fleabag to Derry Girls to Los Espookys, no buzzy show is complete without its very own hot priest.
  7. tv review
    Evil Is Smart, Scary, and Philosophical Can Michelle and Robert King just make all the CBS shows?
  8. trailer mix
    Oh Hey, Did You Need a Nightmare for Tonight? Here’s the CBS Teaser for Evil You never like to see someone slowly emerging from the foot of your bed, but especially not this guy.
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