Finding Prince Charming

  1. Episode 8 The Last Black Tie
    Finding Prince Charming Season Finale Recap: the Rainbow Connection We had some laughs, but I’m glad this is over.
  2. Episode 7 A Family Affair
    Finding Prince Charming Recap: Meet the Parents Didn’t Robert’s kind father remind you of Bob Balaban?
  3. Episode 6 What About Robert
    Finding Prince Charming Recap: The Point of No Return I had such high hopes for this show.
  4. Episode 5 Man Behind the Mask
    Finding Prince Charming Recap: The Party Is Over Robby is reality television personified.
  5. Episode 4 Appetite for Love
    Finding Prince Charming Recap: Just Desserts The only thing that’s more boring than exercise? Watching other people exercise.
  6. Episode 3 Sensing a Connection
    Finding Prince Charming Recap: Playing Games Robert is, hands down, the most boring person on this show.
  7. Episode 2 The Canary
  8. Episode 1 A Second First Impression
    Finding Prince Charming Series Premiere Recap: Meet the Guys The premise of Finding Prince Charming is simple: It is The Bachelor with gay guys.

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