1. Episode 8 Providence
    Fosse/Verdon Finale Recap: And All … That … Jazz The curtain falls on Fosse/Verdon in an incident-packed finale that leaves us with a sense of “transformation and tragedy.”
  2. Episode 7 Nowadays
    Fosse/Verdon Recap: That’s Good, Isn’t It? The best episode of the series so far tells the story of Chicago’s difficult birthing process, mostly through Gwen’s eyes.
  3. Episode 6 All I Care About Is Love
    Fosse/Verdon Recap: A Nightly Brawl A major piece of backstory gets clarified amid a batch of new tidbits about Bob’s working habits and psychological underpinnings.
  4. Episode 5 Where Am I Going
    Fosse/Verdon Recap: Staggering Through the Thin and Thick Gwen exerts her power at a party dominated by dudes, working hard to persuade Bob to do whatever Lola wants.
  5. Episode 4 Glory
    Fosse/Verdon Recap: Some Men Are Heroes An episode set during the most phenomenally successful year of Fosse’s career digs into unflattering truths about him and Verdon alike.
  6. Episode 3 Me and My Baby
    Fosse/Verdon Recap: It Was a Fine Affair A Gwen-centric episode puts the petty humiliations she suffers, both with Bob and on her own, into the larger context of her life and career.
  7. Episode 2 Who’s Got the Pain
    Fosse/Verdon Recap: Recline Yourself, Resign Yourself A jump back to Bob and Gwen’s first meeting explains not just how they fell in love but why they would spend so many years chasing that initial high.
  8. Episode 1 Life Is a Cabaret
    Fosse/Verdon Premiere Recap: Fun. Laughs. Good Time. The story begins in the middle, at a key moment in Bob Fosse’s career, but nearly every moment of bracing insight involves Gwen Verdon.

The Latest Fosse/Verdon News

  1. emmy insider
    Michelle Williams Never Thought Life Could Be Fair The Fosse/Verdon star is standing up for herself — and for Gwen Verdon.
  2. fosse/verdon
    Nicole Fosse on Her Father, Her Mother, and Herself The daughter of Broadway legends Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon opens up about reliving her “odd” childhood through a TV show.
  3. give 'em the old razzle dazzle
    How Michelle Williams Mastered (and Lost) Gwen Verdon’s Voice for Fosse/Verdon The Fosse/Verdon star walks us through the accent, the attitude, and pretending to act with “sliced” vocal cords.
  4. chat room
    Norbert Leo Butz Loves Watching Fosse/Verdon’s Dancers Impress Movie Stars “Seeing those uncelebrated, unacknowledged men and women who do Fosse choreography … For these actors to go, ‘I’m not worthy,’ it was really amazing.”
  5. fosse/verdon
    How Fosse/Verdon’s Characters Compare to Their Real-Life Counterparts We’ve combed through Fosse/Verdon’s expansive cast to highlight the 15 real-life figures you need to know.
  6. party report
    Lin-‍Manuel Miranda’s Favorite Fosse/Verdon Scenes Aren’t Musical Surprisingly, it’s not the theater.
  7. set design
    How Fosse/Verdon Rebuilt the Sets of the Show’s Key Movies and Musicals Production designer Alex DiGerlando walks us through the series’ film and stage re-creations, from Sweet Charity to All That Jazz.
  8. tv review
    Fosse/Verdon Is Made for Hardcore Fans of Showbiz History It’s hard to imagine more delectable bait for fans of Broadway and Hollywood tales.
  9. timeline
    A Guide to Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon’s Long, Knotty Relationship Fosse/Verdon jumps in time through the highs and lows of its central pair’s long working and personal relationship, so here’s a chronological guide.
  10. backstories
    How Fosse/Verdon Turned Fosse and Verdon’s Most Famous Work Into a TV Show “It was never about picking a song-and-dance number. It’s instead following the emotional journey.”