Freaks and Geeks

  1. Episode 18 Discos and Dragons
    Freaks and Geeks Walks Into Splintered Sunlight The series ends bittersweetly, with most of its characters stepping tentatively, then confidently, forward into who they want to be.
  2. Episode 17 The Little Things
    Freaks and Geeks Throws McKinley High’s Social Rhythms Into Disarray Penultimate episode “The Little Things” uses Vice-President Bush’s school visit as the catalyst for multiple stories about moving beyond expectations.
  3. Episode 16 Smooching and Mooching
    Freaks and Geeks Delivers Its Best Worst Cringe Moment With Sam and Nick, “Smooching and Mooching” gives us a tale of two Nice Guys.
  4. Episode 15 Noshing and Moshing
    Freaks and Geeks Gives Daniel and Neal New Outlets for Their Anger “Noshing and Moshing” spotlights a new freak/geek pairing defined by their shared familial frustration, and their very different responses to it.
  5. Episode 14 Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers
    Freaks and Geeks Nudges Bill Haverchuck Out of His Comfort Zone So much about Bill snaps into focus just by spending a little time with him at home.
  6. Episode 13 Chokin’ and Tokin’
    Freaks and Geeks Survives a Bad Trip “Chokin’ and Tokin’” explores many different kinds of vulnerability, for teens and parents both.
  7. Episode 12 The Garage Door
    Freaks and Geeks Finally Gives Neal Schweiber His Spotlight “The Garage Door” gives the geeks a heartbreaking lesson in the difference between a Cool Dad and a Good Dad.
  8. Episode 11 Looks and Books
    Freaks and Geeks Sends Lindsay Into Retreat Linda Cardellini does some of her best work as Lindsay considers a return to being the person she was before she met the freaks.
  9. Episode 10 The Diary
    Freaks and Geeks Tests Its Grown-Ups In “The Diary,” both the Weir parents and Mr. Fredericks are asked to look beyond their own biases when it comes to high-school stereotypes.
  10. Episode 9 We’ve Got Spirit
    An Unlikely School Spirit Overtakes Freaks and Geeks Some high-school experiences are so universal that they transcend labels and transcend cliques.
  11. Episode 8 Girlfriends and Boyfriends
    Freaks and Geeks’ Relationship Status? It’s Complicated. How long can Lindsay keep daring herself to keep up appearances just to prove other people wrong?
  12. Episode 7 Carded and Discarded
    Freaks and Geeks Explores the Limitations of Self-Transformation The freaks can’t force growing up. The geeks can’t force a new friendship. And Harold and Jean can’t force their kids to hang out with them.
  13. Episode 6 I’m With the Band
    Freaks and Geeks Presents the Agony and the Ecstasy of Nick Andopolis “I’m With the Band” challenges Lindsay’s “dreams can come true” worldview in the most excruciating manner possible.
  14. Episode 5 Tests and Breasts
    Freaks and Geeks Finally Stretches Daniel’s Charm to Its Breaking Point In “Tests and Breasts,” we once again see the extent to which the freaks and Lindsay don’t really understand each other.
  15. Episode 4 Kim Kelly Is My Friend
    Freaks and Geeks Unleashes Kim Kelly’s Ferocity and Fragility “Kim Kelly Is My Friend” turns a character who could have been just an abrasive foil for Lindsay and Sam into something much more complex.
  16. Episode 3 Tricks and Treats
    Freaks and Geeks’ Most Devastating Moment Arrives on Halloween Up until now, Lindsay and Sam haven’t understood each other, but they also haven’t hurt each other. That changes in “Tricks and Treats.”
  17. Episode 2 Beers and Weirs
    A Sobering Freaks and Geeks Party In “Beers and Weirs,” a house party illuminates the struggle between who Lindsay is and who she wants to be.
  18. Episode 1 Pilot
    Freaks and Geeks Begins By Asking: What If You Could Be Someone Else? Our look back at the classic high school series begins with a pilot episode establishing the clique labels that will dissolve as the show progresses.

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