Gangs of London

  1. Episode 7 Episode 6
    Gangs of London Recap: Rules About Killing A comparatively slower episode feels like a direct rejection of the Wallaces’ belief that any of this was personal.
  2. Episode 6 Episode 5
    Gangs of London Recap: A Wolf Coming Gareth Evans really aimed for the jugular with this episode, and he didn’t miss.
  3. Episode 5 Episode 4
    Gangs of London Recap: Cement and Glass The Wallaces are under attack, and “Episode 4” brings the threat home.
  4. Episode 4 Episode 3
    Gangs of London Recap: Rival Interests How deep does Lale’s desire for vengeance go? What else will she be willing to do?
  5. Episode 3 Episode 2
    Gangs of London Recap: Kill or Be Killed We’re seeing the cracks in Sean’s rule already.
  6. Episode 2 Episode 1, Part 2
    Gangs of London Recap: A Peaceful Solution Is traveler leader Kinney Edwards the most ruthless person on this show? Very possibly!
  7. Episode 1 Episode 1, Part 1
    Gangs of London Premiere Recap: The Old Ultraviolence From its visceral opening action sequence to its closing one, this premiere makes clear exactly what kind of series Gangs of London will be.

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