1. Episode 8 Final Days
    Gaslit Recap: Martha Was Right Why men followed Nixon is not a question that we really ask ourselves because we all know why.
  2. Episode 7 Year of the Rat
    Gaslit Recap: What’s Your Point, Ed? Liddy and the Mitchells’ trials are recounted in maybe the most uneven installment of the series to date.
  3. Episode 6 Tuffy
    Gaslit Recap: The John Dean Watch Party A man and his cat reunited. Thank God.
  4. Episode 5 Honeymoon
    Gaslit Recap: Who’s Gonna Accept All This Watergate Blame Already? Just when things were going so well for John Dean …
  5. Episode 4 Malum in Se
    Gaslit Recap: Hot Tub Backroom-Deal Machine It’s pretty clear that Dean does not like himself right now. Nor should he!
  6. Episode 3 King George
    Gaslit Recap: The Hunt for Howard’s Safe of Evidence “What if these guys aren’t five steps ahead of us? What if they’re morons?”
  7. Episode 2 California
    Gaslit Recap: All the President’s Inept Spies The Watergate break-in doesn’t go water-great. 
  8. Episode 1 Will
    Gaslit Series-Premiere Recap: Something to Spy About Meet the creeps behind the Watergate scandal.

The Latest TV News

  1. last night on late night
    John Oliver Takes on the ‘Satanic’ Georgia Guidestones Yes, this story involves furries. The best ones always do.
  2. my production company is dropping
    Duffer Bros to Adapt Death Note and Expand the Stranger-verse Get you a man(s) who can do both.
  3. health
    Hayden Panettiere Went to Rehab for Opioid and Alcohol Addiction She says she began “a cycle of self-destruction” after being given pills at 15.
  4. the defense rests
    Your Honor? Your Honor Is Canceled Bryan Cranston says the Showtime series will end after season two.
  5. experimental cinema
    Nathan Fielder Plays God in The Rehearsal Trailer Forget Timothée. Nathan is Willy Wonka now.
  6. in conversation
    Larry Wilmore Knows No Bounds He’s kept the golden age of Black TV comedy alive for three decades. He’ll make any network eat its words.
  7. the one where she's sorry
    Friends Creator Marta Kauffman Regrets Misgendering Chandler’s Trans Mom She previously also expressed “guilt” over the show’s lack of racial diversity, to the tune of a $4 million donation.
  8. coming soon
    ABC Is (Sort of) Bringing Beauty and the Beast to Life Again An upcoming 30th anniversary special will be part animation, part live-action.
  9. it takes a village
    A Metallica Bandmate’s Son Shredded for Eddie on Stranger Things Robert Trujillo shouted out his son Tye on Instagram.
  10. spinoff showcase
    What Could a Stranger Things Spinoff Be? Some helpful suggestions.