Gentleman Jack

  1. Episode 5 Let’s Have Another Look at Your Past Perfect
    Gentleman Jack Recap: One Hand in Your Pocket The revelation of Anne and Ann’s affair leads to a potent reminder that brains and will often have nothing on the whims of those with the most power.
  2. Episode 4 Most Women Are Dull and Stupid
    Gentleman Jack Recap: Lesbian Justice This series finally starts to meet its potential thanks to an acknowledgement of real-world stakes and some deftly handled character development.
  3. Episode 3 Oh Is That What You Call It?
    Gentleman Jack Recap: An Immodest Proposal Welcome to Anne’s tiny house for makeouts, Miss Walker. Make yourself comfortable.
  4. Episode 2 I Just Went There to Study Anatomy
    Gentleman Jack Recap: Anne Solo (But Dating) Anne is using MOVES to win Ann’s affection, and amongst them is brainpower.
  5. Episode 1 I Was Just Passing
    Gentleman Jack Premiere Recap: I’d Like to Meet Her Tailor HBO’s historical series introduces us to the world of Anne Lister, “the first modern lesbian,” with all the subtlety of a speeding carriage.

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