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Samantha and Jay Arondekar inherit a beautiful and spacious country house from one of Samantha’s distant relatives. Only one catch: The house is extremely haunted, and only Samantha, who survived a near-death-experience can see and hear them. The ghosts on the manner range from a closeted Revolutionary officer, a Wall Street banker who died from an ovderdose in 2000, a Viking who was abandoned by his shipmates, and a few who died of cholera that frankly creep the other ghosts out.

The CBS sitcom, an adaptation of a British series of the same name, stars Rose McIver and Utkarsh Ambudkar.

  1. Episode 22 The Heir
    Ghosts Season-Finale Recap: Ghost Court We’ll have to wait until next season to see who got sucked off, but if it’s Nancy the Basement Ghost, I will riot.
  2. Episode 21 Whodunnit
    Ghosts Recap: Only Murders in the Mansion We finally get the answer to who killed Alberta Haynes.
  3. Episode 20 54 Candles
    Ghosts Recap: The Ghost in the Attic Nothing is scarier than a teenage ghost.
  4. Episode 19 Ghost Father of the Bride
    Ghosts Recap: Pete’s Deck Pete, who is already dead, wants to see his daughter say “till death do us part.”
  5. Episode 18 Alberta’s Descendant
    Ghosts Recap: Cod-blocked Hetty and Trevor go from basement hookups to letting everyone in on their secret.
  6. Episode 17 Weekend From Hell
    Ghosts Recap: Hell Is Mostly Emails Elias Woodstone is back to wreak “horny, horny havoc” on the B&B.
  7. Episode 16 Isaac’s Book
    Ghosts Recap: A Person of Significance Here’s hoping our friends get some much-needed wins soon.
  8. Episode 15 A Date to Remember
    Ghosts Recap: The Viking and the Hippie Love is in the air at the Woodstone B&B!
  9. Episode 14 Trevor’s Body
    Ghosts Recap: Operation Parent Trap Trevor learns he’s a child — err, ghost of divorce.
  10. Episode 13 Ghost Hunter
    Ghosts Recap: The Ghost Trap 2000 Who ya gonna call when you need ghosts un-busted?
  11. Episode 12 The Family Business
    Ghosts Recap: Hashtag #GhostBoss Turns out there’s a balance between being a “nice” boss and keeping your employees “hungry and afraid.”
  12. Episode 11 The Perfect Assistant
    Ghosts Recap: The Car Ghost Out: haunted houses. In: haunted cars.
  13. Episodes 9 and 10 The Christmas Spirit: Part One / The Christmas Spirit: Part Two
    Ghosts Recap: The True Meaning of Ghostmas Nothing gets you in the Christmas spirit like trying to get, uh, a spirit to possess somebody’s body so your sister can have sex with a ghost.
  14. Episode 8 The Liquor License
    Ghosts Recap: Whiskey in the Walls When you’re throwing a whiskey-tasting event without a liquor license, it helps to have Prohibition-era ghosts on your side.
  15. Episode 7 Dumb Deaths
    Ghosts Recap: An Egregious Misrepresentation of History Pete’s legacy is in the hands of a TV show called Dumb Deaths. Uh-oh.
  16. Episode 6 The Baby Bjorn
    Ghosts Recap: Ghost Dad Thor realizes that children aren’t born with hate in their hearts — they are taught to hate, and his son had better learn to hate Danes.
  17. Episode 5 The Ghost of Hetty’s Past
    Ghosts Recap: A Particular Set of Skills Jay hosts a séance in an attempt to outdo Liam Neeson’s Halloween party, only to summon a figure from Hetty’s past.
  18. Episode 4 The Tree
    Ghosts Recap: Thor’s Big Idea A tree grows in boo-klyn.
  19. Episode 3 Jay’s Friends
    Ghosts Recap: A Cult Classic Who among us hasn’t been so lonely that they [checks notes] joined a cult?
  20. Episode 2 Alberta’s Podcast
    Ghosts Recap: Alberta’s Turn The female-empowerment vibes are at an all-time high over at the Woodstone B&B.
  21. Episode 1 Spies
    Ghosts Season-Premiere Recap: Life Lessons From the Spice Girls Welcome back to Woodstone Manor — er, Woodstone B&B!

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    Vanessa Hudgens to Ghosts: I Can See You She revealed she can communicate with ghosts while promoting her Fabletics line.
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    A Mark Hamill Ghosts Cameo Sounds Inevitable “Mark’s got great taste.”
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    The One Thing Missing from Ghosts is … Patrick Swayze Vulture tracked down the very nice ghosts of Ghosts to talk ghosts.
  4. vulture rankings
    Which Ghosts Ghosts Do You Want to Be Haunted By? Yes, Woodstone mansion’s unliving residents may be freaking hilarious, but there are some real-world practicalities to consider.
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    AMC+ Doesn’t Want to be Netflix How the small-scale streamer sees success in being niche.
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    Adele’s ‘Easy On Me’ Is a Song About Her Poltergeist Many people, including Adele, are saying that her new song, “Easy On Me,” is about her divorce. Unfortunately, it is about a vengeful demon.
  7. fall tv
    Rose McIver, Utkarsh Ambudkar Comedy Ghosts Picked Up at CBS Fun ghosts, not scary ghosts.
  8. french exit
    Group Therapy With Michelle Pfeiffer and Lucas Hedges The French Exit co-stars discuss their first impressions of each other, the “heinous” drawing Hedges made of Pfeiffer, and, of course, ghosts.
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    All the Haunting of Bly Manor Hidden Ghost Sightings You May Have Missed Sure, that plague doctor seems to be lurking around every corner, but he’s far from alone.
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    Apparently the Ghost of a Little Girl Lives in Jennifer Coolidge’s Bathroom Just one of the many things Ben Feldman and Nico Santos teach us in the latest episode of our Instagram series Two Friends.