Gilmore Girls

  1. Episode 4 Fall
    Gilmore Girls Season-Finale Recap: Full Circle After the last four words, I couldn’t help but feel optimistic.
  2. Episode 3 Summer
    Gilmore Girls Recap: Stars Hollow, the Musical Is there life for Lorelai beyond Stars Hollow?
  3. Episode 2 Spring
    Gilmore Girls Recap: We Were All Rooting for Her Rory Gilmore has grown up to be an entitled jerk.
  4. Episode 1 Winter
    Gilmore Girls Recap: On the Roading Welcome back to Stars Hollow, where the banter is as zingy as ever.

The Latest TV News

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    Who Cut the Cheese on The View? No, it wasn’t Meghan McCain.
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    Shrinking Desperately Wants You to Like It The new Apple TV+ comedy starring Jason Segel and Harrison Ford is as needy as its protagonist.
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    NBC Is Throwing Carol Burnett a Giant 90th Birthday Bash Featuring music and comedy from Amy Poehler, Steve Carell, Bernadette Peters, and more.
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    How to Support the Yellowjackets and the Suit Jackets at the Same Time Succession and Yellowjackets airing at the same time doesn’t have to ruin your life.
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    Tom Wambsgans Thinks the Roy Conflict Is ‘Like Israel-Palestine, But Harder’ War (against his wife) begins March 26.
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    Velma and the Case of the Condescending Reboot Three new TV revamps of varying quality offer a lesson in how to wield nostalgia responsibly.
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    Real Friends of WeHo Made Drag Race Fans ‘Look Over There!’ Nielsen reports the Real Friends premiere managed to hold on to just 29 percent of Drag Race’s viewership.
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    Save the Date for Party Down Season 3 Soup R’ Crackers? In this climate?
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    Keke Palmer Discloses Her Baby’s Possible Star Signs on Fallon While casually revealing the baby’s sex.
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    Adam Scott No Longer Feels Weird About Hugging Shawn Hunter Rider Strong has no recollection of being weirded out by Adam Scott’s hug.