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“Under creator-showrunner Meredith Scardino (who previously worked on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt with Tina Fey, an executive producer here), Girls5eva digs back into everything that made season one such an amusing watch. Per Fey’s brand, that means endless pop-culture references and digs, Jeff Richmond’s winking compositions, and an exploration of what it means to be a woman cresting 40, all delivered at a rapid-fire clip that makes each half-hour episode breeze by. Two of Girls5eva’s greatest strengths are its discipline regarding the sitcom format — compact drama on an episodic basis but slow transformation on a longer timeline — and its belief that comedies need jokes, and those undergird this successful second season.” — Roxana Hadadi “Let’s Hear It 4 Girls5eva’s Triumphant Second Act.

  1. Episode 4 Can’t Wait 2 Wait
    Girls5eva Recap: Boxy Lady Summer is still reeling from her divorce and looking for any guidance she can get.
  2. Episode 3 Who U Know
    Girls5eva Recap: You Can’t Hurry Love The group members go after the juicy music-video moment they need to win back fans.
  3. Episode 2 Triumphant Return to the Studio
    Girls5eva Recap: All the Women, Independent Girls5eva continue their liberation tour by confronting their insecurities together.
  4. Episode 1 Album Mode
    Girls5eva Season-Premiere Recap: You Gotta Get With My Friends The one-hit wonders aren’t going to blow their second chance, so it’s time to eliminate distractions.

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