1. All or Nothing
    Episode 22 All or Nothing
    Glee Season Finale Recap: Regionals, Obviously The season finale was mostly a love letter to, for, and about Brittany.
  2. Wonder-ful
    Episode 21 Wonder-ful
    Glee Recap: Misguidedly Supportive Television Parents We’re just super stoked to get a Glee where no one’s getting shot at or molested.
  3. Lights Out
    Episode 20 Lights Out
    Glee Recap: Unplugged and Ill-Advised Not all the things that complicate us or make us interesting as humans are born out of trauma, Glee.
  4. Shooting Star
    Episode 18 Shooting Star
    Glee Recap: No One Dies No one’s saying Glee isn’t allowed to try to tackle big issues like school shootings. The show’s just not very good at it.
  5. Sweet Dreams
    Episode 18 Sweet Dreams
    Glee Recap: Continue Believin’ Glee consistently abandons the important issues it milks for drama. Maybe it shouldn’t try then.
  6. Guilty Pleasures
    Episode 17 Guilty Pleasures
    Glee Recap: Songs About Sweaters Glee just loves to follow terrible episodes with pretty good ones like last night’s.
  7. Feud
    Episode 16 Feud
    Glee Recap: Don’t Apply Logic to Lopez Is anyone else increasingly frustrated at how phoned-in this season has been?
  8. Girls (and Boys) on Film
    Episode 15 Girls (and Boys) on Film
    Glee Recap: Movie Meh-gic It’s movies week on Glee, and the show sings its 500th song.
  9. I Do
    Episode 14 I Do
    Glee Recap: An Anxiety Attack Set to Music A lot of hooking up on last night’s episode.
  10. Diva
    Episode 12 Diva
    Glee Recap: Where Air Comes From Kurt blows Rachel away with a song from Les Miz.
  11. Naked
    Episode 12 Naked
    Glee Recap: Crazy Girl Makes Good The New Directions are back in the running.
  12. Sadie Hawkins
    Episode 11 Sadie Hawkins
    Glee Recap: Stolen Kisses, Stolen Songs What will likely overshadow last night’s episode (which, honestly, would be a breeze to overshadow) is the whole Jonathan Coulton thing.
  13. Glee, Actually
    Episode 10 Glee, Actually
    Glee Recap: Your Christmas/Mayan-Apocalypse Gift Is Prostate Cancer Glee’s Christmas episodes are historically problematic. The streak continues.
  14. Swan Song
    Episode 9 Swan Song
    Glee Recap: Carefully Chosen Bells and Whistles If you’re a casual Glee fan, you might have missed how directly last night’s episode knocked down the fourth wall.
  15. Thanksgiving
    Episode 8 Thanksgiving
    Glee Recap: Just Sing Gibberish It’s sectionals time!
  16. Dynamic Duets
    Episode 7 Dynamic Duets
    Glee Recap: Holding Out For a Hero Everything about this episode felt like season one Glee.
  17. Glease
    Episode 6 Glease
    Glee Recap: Glease Is The Word Thanks for the lesson on how to binge and purge, Glee.
  18. The Role You Were Born to Play
    Episode 5 The Role You Were Born to Play
  19. The Break-Up
    Episode 4 The Break-Up
  20. Makeover
    Episode 3 Makeover
    Glee Recap: Strip Debates and Couture Bunkers Last night was Sarah Jessica Parker’s first appearance as Kurt’s very kind boss at Vogue.
  21. Britney 2.0
    Episode 2 Britney 2.0
    Glee Recap: Britney, One More Time It’s been 723 days since our last Britney Spears–themed episode of Glee.
  22. The New Rachel
    Episode 1 The New Rachel
    Glee Recap: New Faces, Old Slushies It’s a new Glee this season, as the producers and cast spent all summer warning us — a show that’s been spun off into itself.
  1. The Untitled Rachel Berry Project
    Episode 20 The Untitled Rachel Berry Project
    Glee Season 5 Finale Recap: Canonical Bird Fetishes Glee ended its fifth season, and it still hasnt’t quite figured out what to be now.
  2. Old Dog, New Tricks
    Episode 19 Old Dog, New Tricks
    Glee Recap: Dogs, Tricks, and Peter Pan There are a lot of puppies in this episode. And June Squibb.
  3. The Back-Up Plan
    Episode 18 The Back-Up Plan
    Glee Recap: What’s Your Damage, Rachel Berry? What sheer joy it was to see Shirley MacLaine charge up to a stage with a microphone in her hand.
  4. Opening Night
    Episode 17 Opening Night
    Glee Recap: Bi-Curious Minstrel Show of Self-Congratulation “Do people like Rachel?” It’s a perfectly valid question.
  5. Tested
    Episode 16 Tested
    Glee Recap: Love Is a Battlefield This episode began with a fake newsreel about the clap, and it was one of the best thing’s Glee’s done in a while.
  6. Bash
    Episode 15 Bash
  7. New New York
    Episode 14 New New York
    Glee Recap: Accursed Ennui Everyone’s finally in New York.
  8. New Directions
    Episode 13 New Directions
    Glee Recap: Long Live the New Directions The New Directions are dead. Long live the New Directions.
  9. 100
    Episode 12 100
    Glee Recap: End of an Era Gwyneth Paltrow and Kristin Chenoweth, great, but Heather Morris was the MVP.
  10. City of Angels
    Episode 11 City of Angels
  11. Trio
    Episode 10 Trio
    Glee Recap: A Dude Ranch on a Nuclear Waste Site Renditions of “Hold On” and “Gloria” and “Barracuda”: Can you say sassy?
  12. Frenemies
    Episode 9 Frenemies
    Glee Recap: Kelly Clarkson Solves Everything Rachel gets a New York Magazine cover shoot — how meta.
  13. Previously Unaired Christmas
    Episode 8 Previously Unaired Christmas
  14. Puppet Master
    Episode 7 Puppet Master
    Glee Recap: The Fox Says Whatever It’s hard not to be at least a little charmed by puppet versions of every Glee character.
  15. Movin’ Out
    Episode 6 Movin’ Out
    Glee Recap: The Channing Tatum Former Male Stripper Grant A Billy Joel tribute without “We Didn’t Start the Fire”? Seriously?
  16. The End of Twerk
    Episode 5 The End of Twerk
    Glee Recap: Twerking, Moles, and ‘Blurred Lines’ Transgender issues? Relevant. The rape-iness of “Blurred Lines”? Not so much.
  17. A Katy or a Gaga
    Episode 4 A Katy or a Gaga
    Glee Recap: Loincloths and Vine-Swinging Notwithstanding “Are you a Katy or a Gaga?” isn’t a particularly interesting question.
  18. The Quarterback
    Episode 3 The Quarterback
    Glee Recap: His Voice in Our Head R.I.P. Finn Hudson.
  19. Tina in the Sky With Diamonds
    Episode 2 Tina in the Sky With Diamonds
    Glee Recap: Take a Sad Song and Make It Better Prom night, Beatles (and Carrie) style.
  20. Love, Love, Love
    Episode 1 Love, Love, Love
    Glee Recap: Nothing You Can Sing That Can’t Be Sung Last night on Glee, two boys got engaged.
  1. 2009/Dreams Come True
    Episodes 12 and 13 2009/Dreams Come True
  2. We Built This Glee Club
    Episode 11 We Built This Glee Club
    Glee Recap: Come Sail Away It brings the warm fuzzies.
  3. The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester
    Episode 10 The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester
    Glee Recap: The Final Countdown What the hell was this episode?
  4. Child Star
    Episode 9 Child Star
    Glee Recap: Friday, I’m in Love This episode suffered from a touch of the Ruby Problem. 
  5. A Wedding
    Episode 8 A Wedding
    Glee Recap: I Do, I Do, I Do The episode was overly sentimental, unrealistic, and really lovely.
  6. Transitioning
    Episode 7 Transitioning
    Glee Recap: Introducing Sheldon Beiste None of this would work with an actor less skilled than Dot-Marie Jones.
  7. What the World Needs Now
    Episode 6 What the World Needs Now
    Glee Recap: Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves Last night’s episode was the tiniest bit boring. 
  8. The Hurt Locker, Part 2
    Episode 5 The Hurt Locker, Part 2
    Glee Recap: Elevator Horror Story For the duration of the series, there will be no fourth wall.
  9. The Hurt Locker, Part 1
    Episode 4 The Hurt Locker, Part 1
    Glee Recap: A Suitcase Full of Glitter and Tears The show returns to its darkly hilarious roots.
  10. Jagged Little Tapestry
    Episode 3 Jagged Little Tapestry
  11. Loser Like Me/Homecoming
    Episodes 1 and 2 Loser Like Me/Homecoming
    Glee Season 6 Premiere Recap: Filed by Emotion Judging by last night’s two strong episodes, Glee might just go out with a bang.

The Latest TV News

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    Busy Philipps and Linda Cardellini’s Burrito Hangs Sound Legendary “How could I have never had a f—ing breakfast burrito? I was young, you know.”
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    Adam Pally Reveals the Full Story of His Infamous Shorty Awards Roast Adam Pally’s event at Vulture Festival L.A. turned into a second-by-second breakdown of his rant at the 2018 Shorty Awards.
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    Dan Levy Explains Why Homophobia Will Never Infiltrate Schitt’s Creek “If you put something like that out of the equation, you’re saying that doesn’t exist and shouldn’t exist.”
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    Pinky and the Brain Voice Actors Hint at Possible Reunion “Quiet, Pinky, or I’ll have to beat you over the head with an NDA.”
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    Donald Faison Would Love To Get Fortnite Royalties For His ‘Poison’ Dance The famed Scrubs scene was entirely improvised.
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    The Season Three Crashing Trailer Has ‘Little Dick Energy’ Pete Holmes’s HBO comedy series returns in January.
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    Busy Philipps Has an Important Update on Noah Centineo’s Ghosting Story “A child was fully hitting up my 40-year-old friend.”
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    Will Sasso Was Nearly Run Over by His Loudermilk Showrunner He and Peter Farrelly shared the story of how the near-collision led to his casting at Vulture Fest LA.
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    Connie Britton Knows What Tami Taylor Would Tell Her Dirty John Character Tami Taylor forever!