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Who Did It Best


Mike O'Malley's Getting Busy

O'Malley spoke to Vulture about his chemistry with Chris Colfer, the phenomenon of the sex talk, and why he's still proud of perhaps his most famous role thus far: hosting Nickelodeon's Guts.

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  • May 19, 2009

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Ep.18 - Shooting Star

No one's saying Glee isn't allowed to try to tackle big issues like school shootings. The show's just not very good at it.

Ep.01 - The New Rachel

It's a new Glee this season, as the producers and cast spent all summer warning us — a show that's been spun off into itself.

Ep.07 - I Kissed a Girl

The theme of this episode is “violently ripping a vulnerable gay teenager out of the closet."

Ep.18 - Born This Way

Everyone learns to live with what they hate about themselves.

Ep.07 - The Substitute

It turns out that a dose of wacky Gwyneth Paltrow was just what the doctor ordered for this season of 'Glee.'

Ep.06 - Never Been Kissed

After five episodes this season, it would appear 'Glee' has decided to go back to a little thing called "plot."

Ep.05 - The Rocky Horror Glee Show

The episode that could have truly transgressed was actually one of the more traditional 'Glee' shows.

Ep.04 - Episode 04

"If I don't have something warm beneath me, I can't digest my food."

Ep.03 - Grilled Cheesus

"I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I guess I don't have to — I think Mary Lou Retton's, like, an orphan or something."

Ep.02 - Britney/Brittany

"I'm Brittany S. Pierce. I've lived my entire life in Britney Spears's shadow."

Ep.14 - Hell-o

Say hello to the cruel realities you’re used to, our characters are told, 'cause they won’t go away any time soon.

Ep.12 - Mattress

At long last, Absurd Pregnancy Plotline No. 1 has resolved itself!

Ep.09 - Wheels

Finally, everyone is dealing with believable problems.

Ep.07 - Throwdown

Sue barks out the most marvelous roll call ever: “Gay kid! Wheels! Asian! Other Asian! Aretha!”

Ep.06 - Vitamin D

Mr. Schue's grand idea: Get the kids in competition, and they’ll get psyched for Sectionals!

Ep.05 - The Rhodes Not Taken

Who thought Kristin Chenoweth, squeaky mistress of soprano sunshine, could bring gravitas to the show?