Gossip Girl

  1. Episode 12 Gossip Gone, Girl
    Gossip Girl Season Finale Recap: New Year, Same Me What does anyone, viewers included, stand to gain from this season-ending twist?
  2. Episode 11 You Can’t Take It With Jules
    Gossip Girl Recap: (Leaving) Home for the Holidays In a genuinely refreshing penultimate episode, Julien’s drama takes a backseat to everyone else’s smaller yet more interesting problems.
  3. Episode 10 Final Cancellation
    Gossip Girl Recap: Cancel Me If You Can The cancellation of Julien continues to make little sense.
  4. Episode 9 Blackberry Narcissus
    Gossip Girl Recap: Unsolved Mysteries A truly horrible episode for Julien.
  5. Episode 8 Posts on a Scandal
    Gossip Girl Recap: Daddy Issues This show is too convoluted and morally perplexing to engage with a Me Too storyline.
  6. Episode 7 Once Upon a Time in the Upper West
    Gossip Girl Midseason-Premiere Recap: Twisted Sister Enough with the Julien/Zoya/Obie love triangle, please.
  7. Episode 6 Parentsite
    Gossip Girl Midseason-Finale Recap: The Parental Is Political The midpoint of the season isn’t overstuffed with plot, but the show can’t quite figure out, like, what Julien’s deal is.
  8. Episode 5 Hope Sinks
    Gossip Girl Recap: Hospitals and Heartbreaks Some intriguing story lines for our secondary cast of teenagers can’t quite fill the void that is the Zoya-Julien dynamic.
  9. Episode 4 Fire Walks With Z
    Gossip Girl Recap: Mother of All Birthdays We were denied a dueling-parties story line for this?
  10. Episode 3 Lies Wide Shut
    Gossip Girl Recap: Petty Little Liars “Lies Wide Shut” almost feels like it takes place in a separate universe from the first two episodes.
  11. Episode 2 She’s Having a Maybe
    Gossip Girl Recap: Papa Don’t Preach This is the supposed heir to Blair Waldorf’s throne?
  12. Episode 1 Just Another Girl on the MTA
    Gossip Girl Series-Premiere Recap: Class War The HBO Max reboot kicks off with a bumpy but intriguing first installment that seems to anticipate viewers’ cynicism about its existence.

The Latest Gossip Girl News

  1. go piss girl
    The CW’s Parent Companies Put It Up for Adoption in a Teen-Drama Twist ViacomCBS and WarnerMedia to The CW: “Go piss girl.”
  2. trailer mix
    A New Gossip Girl Revival Trailer Is Out. Shhh, Don’t Tell Anyone. Part two premieres November 25. XOXO.
  3. xoxo
    HBO Max Enrolls Gossip Girl for a Sophomore Season Go binge, girl.
  4. emergency discussion
    WTF Happened to Gossip Girl? It wasn’t supposed to be this way.
  5. social standings
    Gossip Girl Week 6 Report Card: Casually Cruel in the Name of Being Honest Absolutely nothing makes sense anymore.
  6. social standings
    Gossip Girl Week 5 Report Card: The Liar, the Bitch, and the Wardrobe It’s summertime Halloween, when the costumes are suspect, the consequences are meaningless, and we’re grading on a curve.
  7. social standings
    Gossip Girl Week 4 Report Card: Go Play Your Video Games Big secrets are OUT, new allegiances are IN, and logical behavior in general is MIA.
  8. streamliner
    Get 3 Months of HBO Max for the Price of One With a Chromecast Device Spotted: a bundle that may be worth the price.
  9. social standings
    Gossip Girl Week 3 Report Card: Is It Me? Am I the Drama? Our students are showing their softer sides, but our teachers are getting ruthless, and so am I.
  10. social standings
    Gossip Girl Week Two Report Card: Are We Having Fun Yet? A hallowed GG tradition — throwing a swanky affair for the flimsiest of justifications — delivers secrets, kissing, bloodshed, and more.