1. Episode 13 What Are You Doing Here?
    Greenleaf Season Finale Recap: A Moment of Silence “What Are You Doing Here?” ends with a lit fuse instead of a bang.
  2. Episode 12 Veni, Vidi, Vici
    Greenleaf Recap: Rome Is Burning The downside of soapy dramas like Greenleaf? They can be too predictable.
  3. Episode 11 Men Like Trees Walking
    Greenleaf Recap: Taking Root Lady Mae knows how to hold a grudge.
  4. Episode 10 March to the Sea
    Greenleaf Recap: Who Are You? “March to the Sea” slows down the pace to establish more family secrets.
  5. Episode 9 The Broken Road
    Greenleaf Recap: Bishop’s Got a Gun Greenleaf is on the verge of becoming a runaway train.
  6. Episode 8 Don’t Look Back
    Greenleaf Recap: The Whole Book Let’s hope Greenleaf knows what it has in Keith David and Lynn Whitfield.
  7. Episode 7 One Train May Hide Another
    Greenleaf Recap: Last Train Home After a few stumbling weeks, Greenleaf regains its footing.
  8. Episode 6 Good Morning, Calvary
    Greenleaf Recap: Only Turmoil It was only a matter of time until Grace made it to the pulpit.
  9. Episode 5 Meaningful Survival
    Greenleaf Recap: Praise Reports Lynn Whitfield makes Greenleaf crackle with energy.
  10. Episode 4 Behind Closed Doors
    Greenleaf Recap: Black and Blue More Lady Mae, please!
  11. Episode 3 We Shall See Him as He Is
    Greenleaf Recap: Water to Wine Lynn Whitfield steals every scene she’s in.
  12. Episode 2 The Baptism
    Greenleaf Recap: Welcome to the Family of God It’s already clear: This show will be a great summer soap.
  13. Episode 1 A Time to Heal
    Greenleaf Series Premiere Recap: The Prodigal Daughter Thank you, Oprah! Greenleaf is going to be a big, soapy mess.

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