Grey’s Anatomy

  1. Episode 25 Didn’t We Almost Have It All?
  2. Episode 24 Testing 1-2-3
  3. Episodes 22 and 23 The Other Side of This Life (Part I), The Other Side of This Life (Part II)
  1. Episode 12 Where the Wild Things Are
    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Hits Glorious New Low! After a six-week hiatus, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ returned last night with an episode that solidified the show’s place in the pantheon of out-of-work-actor dumping grounds!
  2. Episode 11 Lay Your Hands on Me
    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Look Out, Bailey’s Baby! This week, we’re learning about the mysterious miracle of life, faith, and …. Oh! There’s Bailey’s baby! He’s so cute!
  3. Episode 10 Crash Into Me (Part 2)
    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Special Episode? They’re All Special Episodes! This show’s formula remains unchanged week after week, like our ex-boyfriend’s sheets.
  4. Episode 8 Forever Young
    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Schoolkids Become Teachers! Seriously, how old is Meredith supposed to be on this show? 30? We’d say Ellen Pompeo’s skin puts her at about, oh, 57, but nobdoy asked us, so …
  5. Episode 7 Physical Attraction… Chemical Reaction
    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Tooth-Chippingly Bad Sex It’s possibly the worst kind of bad sex.
  6. Episode 6 Kung Fu Fighting
  7. Episode 5 Haunt You Every Day
    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: No-Ear Boy Teaches the Importance of Listening This week’s episode starts out promisingly, with a dream scene.
  8. Episode 4 The Heart of the Matter
    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Mean People Suck Which patients and doctors make mistakes and get hurt this week? All of them!
  9. Episode 3 Let the Truth Sting
    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: No Hospital for Old Men This week’s theme was “truth,” which Meredith informs us can be quite painful. And conveniently, each patient’s problem reflects painful truth for a doctor. Surprising? Not on this show!
  10. Episode 2 Love/Addiction
    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: We Sense a Pattern Here A show in which all the doctors look like models and somehow — somehow — every patient’s problem reflects the messy love life of the resident who treats him. How convenient!
  11. Episode 1 A Change Is Gonna Come
    Welcome Back, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Watchers! Hello, McDreamy! Hello, zombie patient! And finally, welcome back, Grey’s Anatomy watchers!
  1. Episodes 22 and 23 Here’s to the Future, Now or Never
    Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale: A Betrayal — and a Revelation Why didn’t we weep last night? And why can’t we wait for the next season, anyway?
  1. Episode 10 Holidaze
    Grey’s Anatomy: Happy New Year! A whirlwind of illegitimate children, unrequited love, an alcoholic chief, and a disapproving father!
  2. Episode 9 New History
    Grey’s Anatomy: Hair Today … Trouble erupts when strangers are brought into the hospital.
  3. Episode 8 Invest in Love
    Grey’s Anatomy: Where the Magic Happens We start this week in the bedroom.
  4. Episode 7 Give Peace a Chance
    Grey’s Anatomy: The Definition of Hard-core We’re glad to be back in the Derek-centric ‘Grey’s’ of yesteryear.
  5. Episode 5 Invasion
    Grey’s Anatomy: The Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For The no-mercy Mercy West residents quickly outmaneuver our old friends from Seattle Grace — with a shocking result.
  6. Episode 3 I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watchin’ Me
    Grey’s Anatomy: Working It This week, we get topical!
  7. Episodes 1 and 2 Good Mourning, Goodbye
    Grey’s Anatomy Season Premiere: By George As always, last night’s patients handily reflect back on the lives of the weepy doctors who treat them.
  1. Episode 24 Family Affair
    Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale Recap: Taking the Plunge Owen and Amelia are married, people!
  2. Episode 23 At Last
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Relationship Status Meredith finally gets some!
  3. Episode 22 Mama Tried
  4. Episode 21 You’re Gonna Need Someone on Your Side
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: The Thin Red Line Love is the worst. Just ask any doctor who works at Grey Sloan.
  5. Episode 20 Trigger Happy
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: For the Children No more kids-in-peril story lines for a few weeks, okay?
  6. Episodes 18 and 19 There’s a Fine, Fine Line; It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Church and State A bloody C-section? A relationship on the rocks? Yeah, this episode isn’t one of the fun ones.
  7. Episode 17 I Wear the Face
  8. Episode 16 When It Hurts So Bad
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Cleaning House Serious question: Is Meredith’s doorstep the new elevator?
  9. Episode 15 I Am Not Waiting Anymore
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Please Stop Fighting, Everyone So, how soon until Owen’s allegedly dead sister arrives at Grey Sloan?
  10. Episode 14 Odd Man Out
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: The Old Switcheroo Shondaland is such a magical place, even taxes can make you feel.
  11. Episode 13 All Eyez on Me
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Squad Goals This episode is all surgery and no heart.
  12. Episode 12 My Next Life
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Ghosts of Shepherds Past Anybody up for a stroll down Grey Sloan memory lane?
  13. Episode 11 Unbreak My Heart
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: #Japril Showers Jackson, you have no idea what you’re in for.
  14. Episode 10 All I Want Is You
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Please Don’t Go Handsome people fighting makes me sad.
  15. Episode 9 The Sound of Silence
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Do You Hear What I Hear? Every time Meredith faces tragedy, Ellen Pompeo pulls out a powerhouse performance.
  1. Episode 24 Ring of Fire
    Grey’s Anatomy Season-Finale Recap: Fighting Fire Stephanie Edwards is a superhero.
  2. Episode 23 True Colors
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Man on Fire Finally, a juicy development about Owen’s long-lost sister!
  3. Episode 22 Leave It Inside
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Sex and Death Oh, Stephanie, you complicated, lovely woman.
  4. Episode 21 Don’t Stop Me Now
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: A Can of Worms Maggie finally learns the truth about Meredith and Riggs.
  5. Episode 20 In the Air Tonight
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Experiencing Some Turbulence This episode is very, very good.
  6. Episode 19 What’s Inside
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Good Grief This episode felt like old-school, A-game Grey’s.
  7. Episode 18 Be Still, My Soul
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: The Final Lesson “Be Still, My Soul” is a doozy of an episode.
  8. Episode 17 ‘Till I Hear It From You
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: For 60 Years Just when you thought you’d met all the Grey’s Anatomy power couples, in walk Hal Holbrook and June Squibb.
  9. Episode 16 Who Is He (And What Is He to You)?
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: #Japril Goes to Montana Welcome to Grey’s, Eric Roberts!
  10. Episode 15 Civil War
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Mommy Issues This isn’t a good look for Jackson Avery.
  11. Episode 14 Back Where You Belong
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: All Stirred Up Riggs is crying, you guys!
  12. Episode 13 It Only Gets Much Worse
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: The First Time This episode calls for a patented Richard Webber healing hug.
  13. Episode 12 None of Your Business
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Oh, Mother “None of Your Business” is a long-overdue glimpse into Maggie’s life.
  14. Episode 11 Jukebox Hero
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: This Means War When Ben Warren isn’t killing people with emergency hallway C-sections, he is an angel.
  15. Episode 10 You Can Look (But You’d Better Not Touch)
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Maximum Security Shocker: a Jo-heavy episode that’s pretty good!
  16. Episode 9 You Haven’t Done Nothin’
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Plea and Thank You Nobody puts Webber in a corner!
  17. Episode 8 The Room Where It Happens
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Operating Theater Thirteen seasons in, Grey’s still has some tricks up its sleeves.
  18. Episode 7 Why Try to Change Me Now
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: The List It’s time to rank the medical minds of Grey Sloan.
  19. Episode 6 Roar
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Out of Bounds Stop trying to make Jo and DeLuca happen. It’s not going to happen.
  20. Episode 5 Both Sides Now
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Good News, Bad News We are all Miranda Bailey trying to get our joy on.
  21. Episode 4 Falling Slowly
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Same As It Ever Was For the love of Shonda, someone please tell Maggie about Meredith’s fling.
  22. Episode 3 I Ain’t No Miracle Worker
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Do You Believe in Miracles? There’s no way around it: Meredith is a dick.
  23. Episode 2 Catastrophe and the Cure
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner The countdown to #Japril is on, people.
  24. Episode 1 Undo
    Grey’s Anatomy Season Premiere Recap: Nowhere to Run Crack open a new box of tissues: Grey’s Anatomy is back. And it’s good!
  1. Episode 24 All of Me
    Grey’s Anatomy Season-Finale Recap: Dearly Beloved “Where do you sit if you used to be in love with the bride but then the groom beat you up and put you in the hospital?”
  2. Episode 23 Cold As Ice
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: One of Our Own “Cold As Ice” is a stirring tribute to April Kepner.
  3. Episode 22 Fight for Your Mind
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Do the Right Thing The odds that April will die are higher than ever.
  4. Episode 21 Bad Reputation
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Damage Control The Harper Avery Foundation is dead, long live the Catherine Fox Foundation.
  5. Episode 20 Judgment Day
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: High Maintenance Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital dives into the #MeToo movement.
  6. Episode 19 Beautiful Dreamer
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: It’s So Hard to Say Good-bye Wait, am I actually upset over Bello and DeLuca?!
  7. Episode 18 Hold Back the River
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Serenity Now Dang, Grey Sloan Memorial is a busy place these days.
  8. Episode 17 One Day Like This
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: 86,400 Seconds As much as I want Teddy back, she should stay far, far away from Seattle.
  9. Episode 16 Caught Somewhere in Time
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: The Son Also Rises Someone. Please. Help. April.
  10. Episode 15 Old Scars, Future Hearts
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: How Do I Love Thee? Help your baby mama, Jackson!
  11. Episode 14 Games People Play
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Breaking the Rules What a twist on this polymer-patent drama!
  12. Episode 13 You Really Got a Hold on Me
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: The New Girl in Town Welcome to Shondaland, Andy Herrera!
  13. Episode 12 Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: A Science Competition! The doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial are big ol’ science nerds.
  14. Episode 11 (Don’t Fear) the Reaper
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Mandy In a Miranda Bailey–centric episode, Bailey has to fight for her own care when she finds herself in an emergency situation.
  15. Episode 10 Personal Jesus
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: A Crisis of Faith This is new territory for Grey’s Anatomy.
  16. Episode 9 1-800-799-7233
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: The Threat of Dr. Stadler Meredith is a superhero in this episode.
  17. Episode 8 Out of Nowhere
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Hacked How great was it to see Alex Karev tending to tiny children again?
  18. Episode 7 Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: The Ghosts of Grey Sloan Memorial The 300th episode of Grey’s is a love letter to the longtime fans.
  19. Episode 6 Come on Down to my Boat, Baby
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: A Gun in the Oven We need to talk about the girl who smuggled a gun in her vagina.
  20. Episode 5 Danger Zone
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Living the Dream Owen and Megan take a very awkward road trip to California.
  21. Episode 4 Ain’t That a Kick in the Head
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: The Grand Gesture Let’s talk about the Meredith and Megan and Riggs of it all.
  22. Episode 3 Go Big or Go Home
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Insane in the Brain Anyone else still gobsmacked about Amelia’s brain tumor?
  23. Episodes 1 and 2 Break Down the House; Get Off on the Pain
  1. Episode 25 Jump Into the Fog
    Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale Recap: Blood, Sweat, and Tears The Big Bad Fog’s got nothing on all the man-made trauma going down in this cliffhanger-laden finale.
  2. Episode 24 Drawn to the Blood
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Taking the Fall DeLuca’s just a fool in love, and he might be going to prison for it.
  3. Episode 23 What I Did for Love
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Breaking the Rules Oh, nothing to see here, Meredith is definitely not committing insurance fraud in order to save a little girl’s life …
  4. Episode 22 Head Over High Heels
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Spirals and Stilettos Tragedy is going around Grey Sloan tonight, but Meredith and Alex’s glorious friendship provides a necessary spot of joy.
  5. Episode 21 Good Shepherd
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: The Black Sheep Perhaps no one was asking for an Amelia-centric episode, but this unplanned Shepherd family reunion turns out to be unexpectedly poignant.
  6. Episode 19 Silent All These Years
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: The Awful Truth Jo takes on a patient case that would be brutal for anybody, but is especially painful in light of what she discovered in Pittsburgh.
  7. Episode 18 Add It Up
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Blue Light Special DeLuca is still processing what happened with his father last week. Apparently, he’s not great at processing.
  8. Episode 17 And Dream of Sheep
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: A Family Matter And just like that, the baby in the bag is gone, and the DeLucas’ happy reunion along with it.
  9. Episode 16 Blood and Water
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: The Baby’s Out of the Bag Secret love-child babies, hypothetical babies, babies in bags — Grey’s has babies on the brain this week.
  10. Episode 15 We Didn’t Start the Fire
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Right Now, We’re Alive A would-be celebration ends with a brawl and a minor kitchen fire. Ah, Grey’s Anatomy, after 332 episodes, you really haven’t changed, have you?
  11. Episode 14 I Want a New Drug
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Highs and Lows Remember when Grey’s was all fun and love triangles? This episode is the complete opposite of that.
  12. Episode 13 I Walk The Line
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Sisterhood of the Traveling Scrubs Ellis Grey’s daughters are really giving us the warm and fuzzies this week.
  13. Episode 12 Girlfriend in a Coma
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: A Wedding Under the Stars A gorgeous, tragic patient story is the centerpiece of an episode that seeks to break our hearts into one thousand tiny pieces.
  14. Episode 11 The Winner Takes It All
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Because of You Meredith sets aside the flirty drama to deal with another man in her life, and gives us a gorgeous moment of closure on a fraught relationship.
  15. Episode 10 Help, I’m Alive
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Having Her Cake Link makes a strong, strong case for himself in the battle for Meredith’s heart.
  16. Episode 9 Shelter From the Storm
    Grey’s Anatomy Mid-Season Premiere Recap: Next Time, Take the Stairs The Grey Sloan elevators do so much work this episode, give them a promotion!
  17. Episode 8 Blowin’ in the Wind
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: In the Air Tonight A windstorm rolls through Seattle and brings with it some ill-timed revelations and a variety of unusual impalements.
  18. Episode 7 Anybody Have a Map?
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Nursing Your Wounds Grey Sloan’s nurse curse continues, Webber cashes in his chip, and everyone’s crying, in the best episode of the season so far.
  19. Episode 6 Flowers Grow Out Of My Grave
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Day of the Dead An episode devoted to the different ways people deal with grief also makes room for some good hunky doctor material.
  20. Episode 5 Everyday Angel
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Baked Goods Meredith and Teddy talk it out over baked goods in an unusually uplifting episode.
  21. Episode 4 Momma Knows Best
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: The One Thing Meredith goes on a date with a Very Special Guest Star, Alex struggles with his new job, and it all feeds into a crossover with another series.
  22. Episode 3 Gut Feeling
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Chief Karev’s First Day Alex’s first day as Chief of Surgery hits some bumps while an apparently drunk shop teacher checks in with a truly rare condition.
  23. Episodes 1 and 2 With a Wonder and a Wild Desire / Broken Together
    Grey’s Anatomy Season Premiere Recap: Make Me a Match Alex gets a promotion, Meredith has sexy dreams, and a dangerous surgery gets performed inside a hyperbaric chamber in a busy two-part premiere.
  1. Episode 21 Put on a Happy Face
    Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale Recap: Don’t You Know That You’re Toxic? Mercifully, we’re not going into Grey’s early hiatus still wondering what the hell is going on with our first and forever chief, Richard Webber.
  2. Episode 20 Sing It Again
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Brain Storm Well, the neuro team at Grey Sloan sure have their hands full this week, don’t they?
  3. Episode 19 Love of My Life
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Seeing Things Uh, so, are all medical conferences like this?
  4. Episode 18 Give a Little Bit
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Code Violet Oh, okay, so the DeLuca storyline just got kicked up several notches.
  5. Episode 17 Life on Mars?
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: The Results Are In We finally learn who the father of Amelia’s baby is after what feels like years, while Jo has worked through her Alex heartbreak in one short week.
  6. Episode 16 Leave a Light On
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: A Dear Jo Letter There was really no great way of saying good-bye to Alex Karev under these circumstances, but this? This is a lot.
  7. Episode 15 Snowblind
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Cold-Hearted What the hell is happening to DeLuca?
  8. Episode 14 A Diagnosis
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: All Signs Point to Yes Holy hell, is Grey Sloan Memorial a depressing place to be these days.
  9. Episode 13 Save the Last Dance for Me
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Mergers and Divisions For those wondering how on earth we’d get all our doctors under one hospital roof again, you now have your answer!
  10. Episode 12 The Last Supper
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Dinner Theater This season of Grey’s needed a little hellfire and it is about to get some, courtesy of Richard and Catherine.
  11. Episode 11 A Hard Pill to Swallow
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: The Gift That Keeps On Giving While reminding us that vaping is very bad, this episode allows us to see a softer side of Cormac Hayes.
  12. Episode 10 Help Me Through the Night
    Grey’s Anatomy Midseason Premiere Recap: What About Your Friends? Episodes like this are why Grey’s fans cherish the original characters so much.
  13. Episode 9 Let’s All Go to the Bar
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: The Package Meredith’s first day back features her being proven right about something and the introduction of another potential love interest. Classic Meredith!
  14. Episode 8 My Shot
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Where Does the Good Go? The long-awaited trial of Meredith Grey is just one gut-punch after another.
  15. Episode 7 Papa Don’t Preach
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: The Family Doctor When did Grey Sloan become the underdog hospital? All of the drama is going down at Pac-North this week!
  16. Episode 5 Breathe Again
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: 100 Percent P-R-E-G-O That hyperbaric chamber is just a drama incubator, isn’t it?
  17. Episode 4 It’s Raining Men
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Hospital Hell at Grey Sloan Memorial Grey Sloan is in complete disarray because Meredith Grey, freelance writer, doesn’t know how to pitch a story.
  18. Episode 3 Reunited
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered Our favorite witchy sisters pop into Grey Sloan for a story line that’s far from this episode’s most charmed.
  19. Episode 2 Back in the Saddle
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Sparking Joy Bailey gets her groove back (medically speaking), Meredith does the opposite of laying low, and Owen shocks Tom.
  20. Episode 1 Nothing Left to Cling To
    Grey’s Anatomy Season-Premiere Recap: Time Flies It’s kind of amazing that Grey’s is still firing off truly great episodes in season 16.
  1. Episode 17 Someone Saved My Life Tonight
    Grey’s Anatomy Season-Finale Recap: Fast Forward Too slow! Too fast! The pacing of this season was wild in every direction.
  2. Episode 16 I’m Still Standing
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: 6 Weeks of Separation Okay, let’s burn through several weeks’ worth of plot development before the finale!
  3. Episode 15 Tradition
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Comings and Goings Today is not a day for sadness at Grey Sloan! It is, however, a day for taking stock of how the pandemic has changed people.
  4. Episode 14 Look Up Child
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Endgame This is shaping up to be the sweetest of goodbyes.
  5. Episode 13 Good As Hell
  6. Episode 12 Sign O’ the Times
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Scarred With tension in Seattle at an all-time high after the killing of George Floyd, those at Grey Sloan wrestle with what it means to save a life.
  7. Episode 11 Sorry Doesn’t Always Make It Right
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Wakey, Wakey It’s past time to move this whole Meredith situation along, Grey’s.
  8. Episode 10 Breathe
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Grey Sloan Memorial What’s this? Some actual moments of joy amid this season’s ongoing trauma? That’s something worth dancing about.
  9. Episode 9 In My Life
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Running Down a Dream Not content with Meredith’s life-or-death limbo beach, Grey’s decides to spend an entire episode in a different character’s trippy dream sequence.
  10. Episode 8 It’s All Too Much
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Just a Little Closer Things are bleak as hell at Grey Sloan Memorial and people are coping — or not coping — in their own special ways.
  11. Episode 7 Helplessly Hoping
    Grey’s Anatomy Mid-Season Premiere Recap: Another One Bites the Dust The Major Character Death Toll at Grey Sloan is getting offensively long.
  12. Episode 6 No Time For Despair
    Grey’s Anatomy Winter Finale Recap: Everything Is Awful Here Things at Grey Sloan Memorial are bleak as hell, and we are all screaming into our pillows right now.
  13. Episode 5 Fight the Power
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: The Good Daughter Is any show handling the pandemic as well as Grey’s Anatomy is right now?
  14. Episode 4 You’ll Never Walk Alone
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: The Return of 007 Meredith’s dream beach is starting to get a bit crowded.
  15. Episode 3 My Happy Ending
    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Life’s a Beach You’d think we’d be used to seeing Meredith Grey hanging on for dear life, but watching her deteriorate after contracting COVID-19 hits differently.
  16. Episodes 1 and 2 All Tomorrow’s Parties; The Center Won’t Hold
    Grey’s Anatomy Season-Premiere Recap: To the Limit An intense look at how Grey Sloan Memorial is coping with COVID circa April 2020 offsets its emotional trauma with one hell of a guest appearance.

The Latest Grey’s Anatomy News

  1. alexa play chasing cars
    Sandra Oh on Whether She’d Return to Grey’s Anatomy: ‘No’ “While I understand and I love it, I have moved on.”
  2. alexa play chasing cars
    Death, Taxes, and Grey’s Anatomy Will Continue Into 2022 With Ellen Pompeo, of course.
  3. vulture lists
    Every Major Grey’s Anatomy Character Return, Ranked From a sweet, shaggy dog to McDreamy on a beach.
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    Jesse Williams to Exit Grey’s Anatomy After 12 Years How much more trauma will this season bring?
  5. alexa play chasing cars
    Eric Dane Steamed Up and Returned to Grey’s Anatomy Last Night Of course he still looks good.
  6. alexa play chasing cars
    Grey’s Anatomy to Resurrect Chyler Leigh’s Lexie Grey Watch the Grey sisters reunite in a new promo.
  7. guess who's back
    Grey’s Anatomy Pages Sarah Drew for a Season 17 Guest Appearance “Nbd. Not excited at all,” she captioned a pic with Jesse Williams.
  8. alexa play "chasing cars"
    Grey’s Anatomy Is Finally Back, So of Course They Killed Someone Off Spoiler alert: This news may devastate you.
  9. alexa play "chasing cars"
    Grey’s Anatomy Showrunner Says Season 17 Finale ‘Could’ Be a Series Finale “I’m planning for both contingencies and it’s hard and it’s not ideal.”
  10. mcstreamy
    Ellen Pompeo Says Grey’s Anatomy Has ‘Not Decided’ Whether It Will End “How do we do it? I just want to make sure we do this character and this show and the fans — I want to make sure we do it right.”