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“Hacks is at its best in moments like that, when it highlights life at its most simultaneously hilarious and wrenching. It just takes a little while for it to reach those scenes this time around. Season one was carefully and thoughtfully constructed, with callbacks that added layers of foreshadowing and meaning to the comedy and a strong thematic focus on sexism and ageism in the entertainment industry and the career consequences faced by women deemed too outspoken. Season two is much looser and, like a stand-up tour, jumps from place to place without clearly addressing its broader ideas.” — Jen Chaney “Hacks Seems a Bit Lost

  1. Episode 8 The One and Only
    Hacks Season-Finale Recap: Are You Breaking Up With Me? Deborah finally puts someone else first.
  2. Episode 7 On The Market
    Hacks Recap: Los Angeles Chainsaw Massacre Deborah faces her white whale: Hollywood.
  3. Episode 6 The Click
    Hacks Recap: Sexual Awakening HacksRocky training montage episode is here, and she’s perfect.
  4. Episode 5 Retired
    Hacks Recap: Girlbosses Go to the Fair A warmer, fuzzier episode explores Deborah’s regrets about choosing her career over everything (and everyone) else.
  5. Episode 4 The Captain’s Wife
    Hacks Recap: Nice Chacos In Vegas, Ava was the fish out of water while Deborah was the queen of the desert. On the cruise, Ava is the superstar.
  6. Episode 3 Trust the Process
    Hacks Recap: Turn the Bus Around Ava is hanging by a thread as she navigates Deborah’s attempts at revenge.
  7. Episode 2 Quid Pro Quo
    Hacks Recap: Helen Mirren Chekhov’s email reveals Ava needs to grow more than Deborah does.
  8. Episode 1 There Will Be Blood
    Hacks Season-Premiere Recap: Good-bye, Las Vegas As Deborah plans to leave Vegas behind to reinvent herself on the road, Ava fears The Email will come back to ruin everything.

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    Hacks Seems a Bit Lost The Emmy-winning series hits the road in season two and needs some time to find its old rhythms.
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    Two New Characters to Torment Jean Smart in Hacks Season Two Susie Essman and Devon Sawa will join Martha Kelly, Laurie Metcalf, and a few other new guest characters.
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