Harley Quinn

  1. Episode 10 The Horse and the Sparrow
    Harley Quinn Season-Finale Recap: Inglourious Bat-sterds How do you make a relationship work if one person wants to be a hero and the other wants to be the leader of the Legion of Doom?
  2. Episode 9 Climax at Jazzapajizza
    Harley Quinn Recap: Jazz Night of the Living Dead A rushed penultimate entry sees Harley and Ivy fall out and make up during a zombie invasion.
  3. Episode 8 Batman Begins Forever
    Harley Quinn Recap: Memories of Murder Harley takes a trip through Batman’s past in one of the best Bat-stories since Mask of the Phantasm.
  4. Episode 7 Another Sharkley Adventure
    Harley Quinn Recap: Shark Tale Sadly, it’s not the “Sharkley” reunion we were all hoping for, as King Shark and Harley Quinn have their own plots to deal with.
  5. Episode 6 The Killing Vote
    Harley Quinn Recap: I’m Going to Become the Mayor This week’s Joker-centric spinoff is a roller coaster — at times literally.
  6. Episode 5 It’s a Swamp Thing
    Harley Quinn Recap: Swamp Cling It’s not easy being green … or, in Ivy’s case, accessing the green.
  7. Episode 4 A Thief, a Mole, an Orgy
    Harley Quinn Recap: Hootin’ and Hollerin’ Harley and Ivy go to an orgy in this one!
  8. Episode 3 The 83rd Annual Villy Awards
    Harley Quinn Recap: And the Award Goes To … Harley and Ivy run into their exes in tuxes.
  9. Episode 2 There’s No Ivy in Team
    Harley Quinn Recap: Escaping Failure Romantic tensions brew as fan-favorite Nightwing enters the picture.
  10. Episode 1 Harlivy
    Harley Quinn Season-Premiere Recap: Trouble in Paradise A fun, explosive romp and a much-needed chat.

The Latest HBO Max News

  1. close read
    Harley Quinn Grows Up The animated series’s third season excavated some deep emotional terrain, at the expense of its gonzo humor.
  2. coming soon
    Sarah Paulson to Play Big-Haired Cult Leader Gwen Shamblin in HBO Max Project David Zaslav better not be cheap with the wig budget like he was with the cartoons.
  3. chat room
    Rap Sh!t’s RJ Cyler Wants to Explore Lamont and Mia’s New Dynamic Next Season “Even if they don’t end up together, they’ll still end up being great co-parents.”
  4. streaming habits
    What’s Leaving HBO Max: (Some) Cigarettes The platform has edited smoking out of several movie posters.
  5. hbo axe’d
    Warner Bros. Discovery Isn’t Done With Layoffs Yet With every high (winning the most Emmys) comes low lows (losing a chunk of your ad-sales team).
  6. see you soon - a
    Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Renewed for Another Season of Mayhem Sin and sin again.
  7. trailer mix
    HBO Max’s Pennyworth Gets an SEO-Friendly Subtitle for Season 3 The spy who came in (to service) from the cold.
  8. same bat channel
    Harley Quinn Season 4 Survives the Warner Bros. Discovery Purges Harlivy 4-ever.
  9. hbo axe’d
    The HBO Max Layoffs Are Under Way Update: The European team is the latest to get pink slips.
  10. bat news
    Batgirl Directors Say Warner Bros. ‘Blocked’ the Unfinished Footage And would need a lot of work to be the next Snyder Cut.