1. Episode 6 So This Is Christmas
    Hawkeye Finale Recap: A 30 Rock Christmas An overstuffed finale arrives at its preordained destination in a flurry of trick arrows, new purple costumes, and extended fight sequences.
  2. Episode 5 Ronin
    Hawkeye Recap: The Russian Assassin Would Like a Word (and Some Hot Sauce) With their enemies finally at last, Clint and Kate are on their way to the finale.
  3. Episode 4 Partners, Am I Right?
    Hawkeye Recap: Danger and Daiquiris The two Hawkeyes enjoy some holiday merriment together — or try to, at least.
  4. Episode 3 Echoes
    Hawkeye Recap: Bros and Arrows The forces of an unseen crime lord (hmmm …) cause a lot of trouble for our heroes this week.
  5. Episode 2 Hide and Seek
    Hawkeye Recap: Don’t Call Me, Maybe Hawkeye really kicks off with the Clint-Kate dynamic, a little bit of action, and a cliffhanger.
  6. Episode 1 Never Meet Your Heroes
    Hawkeye Series-Premiere Recap: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year? Hawkeye looks like it could be the MCU’s first mystery procedural.

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    HSM’s Corbin Bleu and Hannah Montana’s Jason Earles Join HSM:TM:TS Former Disney Channel Stars are heading to theater camp.
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    Moon Knight Trailer: Oscar Isaac Is Marvel’s Tired, Confused New Superhero And Ethan Hawke wants him to embrace the chaos.
  3. deep dive
    Wait, Who Are the Eternals? The 2021 MCU entry is finally streaming on Disney+. Here’s what you need to know before hitting play.
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    The Proud Family Trailer Is Oscar (Proud)-Worthy TRUDYYYYYYYYY!
  5. now streaming
    New on Disney+: January 2022 Eternals, X-Men: First Class, The Sandlot, and more.
  6. predictions
    Did Patton Oswalt Manifest This Book of Boba Fett Moment? Pulled straight from his improvised Parks and Rec filibuster.
  7. canon fodder
    Ohhhh, So That’s How Boba Fett Escaped the Sarlacc Seems simple enough.
  8. meta analysis
    2021 Was the Year of Too Much Metaverse When everything is a part of something else and nothing ever ends, it all feels so much cheaper.
  9. rogers: the musical
    Some Questions About the Structure of Hawkeye’s Avengers Musical After a more complete glimpse of Rogers: The Musical in the show’s finale, we’re more confused than ever.
  10. spoilers
    It’s Been a Big Week for Daredevil Fans The MCU is pulling from its old Netflix universe left (Hawkeye) and right (Spider-man: No Way Home).