1. Episode 6 So This Is Christmas
    Hawkeye Finale Recap: A 30 Rock Christmas An overstuffed finale arrives at its preordained destination in a flurry of trick arrows, new purple costumes, and extended fight sequences.
  2. Episode 5 Ronin
    Hawkeye Recap: The Russian Assassin Would Like a Word (and Some Hot Sauce) With their enemies finally at last, Clint and Kate are on their way to the finale.
  3. Episode 4 Partners, Am I Right?
    Hawkeye Recap: Danger and Daiquiris The two Hawkeyes enjoy some holiday merriment together — or try to, at least.
  4. Episode 3 Echoes
    Hawkeye Recap: Bros and Arrows The forces of an unseen crime lord (hmmm …) cause a lot of trouble for our heroes this week.
  5. Episode 2 Hide and Seek
    Hawkeye Recap: Don’t Call Me, Maybe Hawkeye really kicks off with the Clint-Kate dynamic, a little bit of action, and a cliffhanger.
  6. Episode 1 Never Meet Your Heroes
    Hawkeye Series-Premiere Recap: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year? Hawkeye looks like it could be the MCU’s first mystery procedural.

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    The Bluey Method of Reducing Grown-ups to Tears In its most disarming episodes, child and adult experience blend into something beautiful — and sob-inducing — in under seven minutes.
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    Will Your Favorite Streaming Service Crack Down on Password Sharing? Netflix and Disney are doing it. We asked the rest if they’d follow suit.
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    Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (Disney+’s Version) Is Coming Soon Justice for “cardigan”!
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    You Need to Watch All of Echo The first Marvel series of the year is also the first one that can be binged right out of the gate. That’s a good thing.
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    Tesla Is Disappearing Disney+ From Its Cars It is now harder to watch Cars in cars.
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    How Jury Duty Helped Freevee Win the Year in (Free) Streaming And four other smart strategies that shaped 2023.
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    Hulu on Disney+ Is Finally Live Here’s how the beta works … and how it doesn’t work.
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    Inside Elemental’s Slow-burn Journey from Summer Flop to Year-end Hit How one of the year’s most crushing box-office failures redeemed itself as an under-the-radar triumph (and Oscar frontrunner) after all.
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    The 15 Best TV Shows on Disney+ Right Now Andor, Gravity Falls, The Muppet Show, and more.